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The Mindblowingly Easy Guide to Playing Twenty Fingerpicking Patterns!

3 hours on-demand video
At the end of the course students will be able to play chords in twenty different ways

Learning to fingerpick was one of the best things I ever did as a guitar player. As soon as I learned these patterns, my guitar playing and songwriting vastly improved. Instead of just strumming the same chords over and over, I could now play these chords in twenty different ways. Instead of going Am-G-Am-G I now had many more options to make those two chords sound much better.

Breaking Up My Songwriting
It also meant I could use fingerpicking segments as breaks within songs. I could go from strumming to a middle eighth of fingerpicking back to strumming again. The fingerpicking patterns gave me an option of varying tempos within my songs. And this opened up my guitar playing and songwriting.

Don't Just Strum Chords
Instead of just strumming chords, which will make your songs sound like every other song, why not combine fingerpicking and strumming? This technique has given my songs a different melody.

You can find my music on Soundcloud: "Ashley Cowan: The Great North Escape." Check out songs 2 - 6.

"The Battle for Walter Tull" was played on BBC London. I started and ended the song with fingerpicking and I also made sure I varied the song's tempo.

In "Jean Charles de Menezes" I used a fingerpicking section in the middle.

Vary Your Tempos
If you play eight songs in a row that all have the same tempo, then your music is going to get boring fast. If you strum eight songs in a row, then your music is going to sound boring fast. If, however, you mix and match the tempo’s and mix strumming with fingerpicking, then you’re going to keep an audience’s attention

The first fingerpicking song I ever wrote was played on BBC radio.

What I loved most about learning to fingerpick was how it improved my songwriting. It gave me a new dimension as a songwriter. It even got me a Japanese girlfriend for 3 years! :) (Best of Friends :) And that's priceless!

So why not improve your guitar playing and songwriting by learning to fingerpick!

Learn Twenty Patterns
On “Fingerpicking for Guitar!” you’ll learn twenty different fingerpicking patterns that will turn your chords from being average into being amazing!

It’s fast; it’s easy, and you’ll be playing awesome sounding chords in under an hour!

More importantly, there's no blah blah blah on this course. All you do is memorize, watch, copy and play! Then you go and practice the patterns on different chords and be amazed at how these same chords now sound so different!

Beginners with little guitar playing experience will also benefit from this course.

If you’re ready to learn more, then go ahead and hit that Enroll button, or take a test drive by using the Free Preview feature. See you in the course!

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