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Waves MultiRack Native And SoundGrid v9r12-R2R screenshot
Waves MultiRack Native And SoundGrid v9r12 | 106.69 MB
Team R2R 2014.01.09

A true Live sound breakthrough, MultiRack SoundGrid is a software host that lets FOH and Monitor engineers run multiple simultaneous instances of the same Waves plugins used in recording studios and mixing rooms the world over in real time.

MultiRack SoundGrid application is Ideal for live sound, broadcast, post production facilities, and more. SoundGrid provides an extremely low latency environment for high precision Waves audio processing.

Together with a SoundGrid DSP Server, SoundGrid-compatible Waves plugins, a Mac or PC control computer, and an I/O, MultiRack SoundGrid lets you run a multitude of Waves award-winning reverbs, equalizers, compressors, mix tools, and more.


•Extremely low latency platform for Waves SoundGrid-compatible plugins
•Simple Routing: No Cabling, No Trucking
•Full Recall, Full Control
•Set and Save Presets and Snapshots per Song and Song Sections
•Provides a complete Redundancy & Recovery system
•Recording capabilities
•Advanced side-chaining capabilities
•Network infrastructure for sound installations
•Windows & OS X Compatible

home page:

DOWNLOAD:UploadedRapidgator • BitsharehulkfileJunocloudFileom

Waves MultiRack Native And SoundGrid v9r12-R2R screenshot
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  Banned 13.07.2012 336
THX Sunny THX R2R keys
  Resident 8.03.2013 562
Thankss Sunny!! wink
Gouda I miss you...
  Member 9.01.2014 11
Nyze Sunny! Have you this Version for Mac too?
  Resident 12.09.2012 290
waooow thanks
  Resident 20.02.2011 1025
Nyze Sunny! Have you this Version for Mac too?

This is not the Mac section mr.(whatever)beatm265! Its a Win release - period!

Please stay from Mac-beggins (in a PC section) like this in the future .......!

I see you are new member, so I guess thats why you didnt knew this already!
You can't have everything; where would you put it?
  Member 9.11.2013 4
So is it possible to use this in the studio with your old PC and an Ethernet switch - like a kind of Waves only alternative to UAD? Does anyone know how to put this to good use? It looks freaking awesome but there is a severe lack of useful information regarding it's application. If anyone can shed some informed light on this subject it would be very much appreciated! Thanks a bundle to the poster!
  Member 23.04.2012 42
you write:Windows & OS X Compatible,but no for OSX, only for Windows!

for OSX it will be?
  Member 20.09.2012 274
Thx ! wink
  Member 10.01.2014 10
Thanks but when I put a plugin in the plugin chain it says " has missing authorization" or something like that I Have v9r14 installed and cracked and multirack cracked too but I don't know if there is a specific installation process, maybe uninstall all waves software or what?
  Member 4.03.2012 233

Thanks heaps for this

Not quite sure what to do with it but................................


  Resident 28.05.2013 676 2850
MultiRack Native And SoundGrid v9r12 PLUGINS
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  Resident 6.01.2011 566 2646


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  Resident 24.07.2012 338 492
Waves MultiRack Native And SoundGrid v9r12-R2R
  Cleaner 22.01.2012 5501 2675
Waves MultiRack Native And SoundGrid v9r12-R2R | 106.69 MB


I will reupload any links. Write in PM

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