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SAM Broadcaster STUDIO 4.9.8 Incl. Patch Happy New Year-REPT screenshot
Team REPT | 06/01/2013 | 23.3 MB
Powerful automated solution to implement streaming systems, developed over five years specifically to meet special requests to the systems of online broadcasting. The program supports the formats: MP3, mp3PRO, Windows Media 9 and streaming Ogg.

The interface contains two control panels, advanced system of rotation playlists, full support "drag & drop", statistics on listeners displayed in real-time, automated requests, voice over / microphone input (output), sound FX module, automated requests, zvukkovye RIAA / DMCA features output to HTML, full 24-bit PCM output, support for multiple servers, including - Live365, Shoutcast, Icecast, Windows Media.

Listening supports virtually any modern software mp3 player that has a chance to open a URL lookup station. Simply put, if your mp3 player has the opportunity to Open URL, or Add URL, then that player can easily take the network streaming.

What's new in this version:

DE1425: Fix Icecast2 XML Pulldown crash.
DE1474: SpacialNet Relay now supports Pull mode.
DE1418: Fix Delete Song from Category Bug.
TA9362: More robust GET and POST Code.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Member 23.02.2012 1 129
cool,thanks :-)
and i wish you a very good 2013 ;-)

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