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H.E. Audio Poetic Guitar Rainlotus v2.2.0 Incl Keygen screenshot
H.E. Audio Poetic Guitar Rainlotus v2.2.0 Incl Keygen
R2R | 5.9.2012 | 1.21 GB

Poetic Guitar-Rainlotus (PGR) is part of H.E. Audio's Poetic Guitar series of three guitar plug-ins - PGR is the one of Acoustic guitars.

-1.3 GB samples without any processing.
-Guitar used is Ryan Guitar-Nightingale Grand Soloist, and the recording studio is 480m2 CCTV Studio - One of the best studios in China.
-Rhombic sampling design, velocity levels are up to 12.
-Various guitar playing techniques: Harmonic, Hammer On, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide -Down, Slide In, Slide Out, Chord, Mute, Bending, Strum etc. The legato notes at random time-length and random pitch can be achieved.
-Real guitar GUI.
-Legato techniques, more convenient for live performance.
-New sampling circulation techniques: KeyCount and OctCount.
-Vibrato system, Special-made for acoustic guitar.
-With Start Time technique, special features of string instrument have been authentically realized.
-Seven guitar FX: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Transposition, Compression, EQ and Overdrive.
-Two groups of samples: Pick & Finger.

Equipments of Sample Recording:
-Lead Mic:AKG-C12VR.
-Front Mic:Sony 800G.
-Stereo Mic:Schoeps mk4.
-Back Mic:Neumann u87.
-Acoustic Field Mic:Schoeps mk4.
-ADDA:Prism Sound ADA – 8XR.
-MIX:Studer 963.
-Recording Bit Depth & Resolution:24Bit 96Khz Stereo.
-Guitar Used:Ryan Guitar-Nightingale Grand Soloist.
-Recording Environment:CCTV 480m2 Studio.


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PGR supports only Windoes VST2 32bit.
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  Resident 16.09.2010 1404
Nice indeed.. headbang
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1850 14269
Chie chie
  guest -- 0
As most guitar libraries, in the demos arpeggios sound midish...
  Resident 16.07.2012 278
great great great release, I hope to see the other one in the collection released as well.
now we just miss adagio violins from 8Dio and the stuff from Eduardo Tarilonte at Best Service and we don't need more :)
  guest -- 0
Thanks a lot. Sadly it doesn't work correct for me:

Programm S1 (Standard 1) only loads noise samples and the pick samples but not the finger samples.
Chordstrumming only noise samples get loaded (but no pick or finger samples).
Can't get that missing samples loaded (not with VSTi Version or with the Standalone App).
Oh and yes it crashes Studio One (not a worse crash just a report message).

Everything else working fine. This Plugin seems to be real cool..

Could someone tell if it's working for him?

Oh and i reinstalled it different times.. run the app directly after installation and not.. but allways with the same result. After looking what i might have done wrong.. i found the basic.hui is only about some KB small where all the others even the noise.hui has MB.
  Resident 8.10.2010 159

Same problems here on Studio One, uninstalled and waiting for a solution......

  Resident 11.05.2012 150

i would perhaps suggest you to read the manual or to have a search before you say that it is not working or something like that ! it works here !

above there is a Pick Button near the register Button just try , its called Instrument switch and all is working fine here ! dont even have the Studio One Error here !

for the finger mode its developer error ! i have it legit !

idd its a very good Guitar Instrument !
  guest -- 0
@rascacio: thanks for the information

@taschentuch: What is the problem?

Does the manual tell us that finger mode doesn't work?
Maybe i missed a word - it doesn't work completly - but if you had read my text correctly, you would found out i already know how to switch the different modes and that everything else is working - except of the chordstrumming too. Does this work with your version?

And the developer havn't fix it yet?

Thanks to you, too.
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Jack & Rascacio,

Works fine here within 'Studio One Pro' v2.0.6 (Team AiR) as well as
with others common DAWs : 'Cubase 5' v5.1.2, 'LIVE' v8.3.4, 'FL Studio' v10.0.8, 'Reaper' v4.2.6,... so, and as written by 'Taschentuch' :

i would perhaps suggest you to read the manual

About the 'Instrument Switch' button, I don't even have to switch it to get all the several 'mini-libraries' available (Standard 1-3, Chords 1-3, Noises, Slides, Harmonics,... ).
When you have the GUI opened, either in the Standalone Mode, or as VSTi Plug-In, within the own Keyboard, you have on the left side, Keys that are colored in 'blue'. By selecting these Keys, you get the several styles : Standards, Chords, Noises, Slides,... available along the Keyboard.
By default, it will not load all these 'mini-libraries' at the same time,
you must to select (tick) it yourself (in the Menu). When done, simply select the desired mode along these 'famous' blue Keys and voila...
simply play the desired notes either within the provided Keyboard,
or with you own MIDI Keyboard.

I don't know if the developer has done some errors, but the 3 'Standard' modes (1-3) don't have the same range !?! dunno

Now for my own opinion : well, I'm not really convinced by this 'Poetic Guitar'. Maybe it's a 'poetic' one, but not really efficient in my humble opinion, above all for the 1.3 GB required to get it fully functional !
It exists some 'Kontakt' Instruments (or similar Sampler Engines),
either done by 'pro' developers, or by 'hobbyists' that sound as well that this one and that don't need to use 1.3 GB to really well emulate
an Acoustic Guitar. Even some 'light' VSTi Plug-Ins sound better, once again in my humble opinion. One of the better example that comes to my mind right now is : 'Applied Acoustic Systems Strum Acoustic GS-1' and which size must to be of about 20 MB !!! yes
  guest -- 0
@Studio 555:

Thanks for extended feedback. So finger samples/mode works fine for you?
Yes if you select for example only S1 Porgramm and maybe the Noise Programm - it wouldn't load the whole 1.3GB. Much RAM it needs yes but it seems to be very CPU friendly.
I got no problem switching to the different modes or programms - but 1.) fingersamples only start 2 octaves later as the used to start 2.) Chordstrumming doesn't work

Oh and i don't think that this 3 Standard Programms are an error - if you look to the bottom of keys you see something like "keyzone" S1 has the biggest range.. S2 has a smaller range.

I would like to write some more also about you comparison but have to go off now.

  Resident 8.10.2010 159
After trying several times, I think the installer does not work properly,,,, It doesnt extract the programs/samples the way it should...

Besides this issue, and after a brief overview, I think this soft is a step back comparing to amplesound solid modules (AGP, AGF,,,,)
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Rascacio,

After trying several times, I think the installer does not work properly,,,, It doesnt extract the programs/samples the way it should...

Sorry to know that, because as written previously, for me all is working fine...

By cons, have you copied the '.dll' (VSTi Plug-In) to your 'VST Plugins'
folder too ?
Because, if you follow the strict installation procedure, it will install all
the stuff in C:\Program Files\Poetic Guitar - Rainlotus solely.
In this case, simply copy the '.dll' Plug-In : 'PGR.dll' within your 'VST Plugins' folder (in my case, I created an empty 'H.E.Audio' folder)
where I placed this '.dll'. Then when it will be launched for the first time within your DAW, the application will create within this folder a 'PGR' folder fulfilled with plenty of '.SEP' files as it was made with 'Synth Edit'
(103 objects to be exact !). The same '.SEP' files are also created within the 'PGR' folder (where is also located the 'Instruments' folder) inside
the Main 'Poetic Guitar - Rainlotus' folder (in C:\Program Files),
when launched for the first time.

Maybe this could be one of the reason why you can't to get this 'Poetic Guitar' to work properly within your DAW(s) ?
  Resident 8.10.2010 159
Thanks Studio 555 for your help,

The strange thing about this is that I tried it IN STANDALONE MODE too , so the right location of the .dll has nothing to do with the proper solution.........

please, could you check your "basic.hui" and tell me if it is only some KB??
  Resident 16.12.2010 12 1158
@ Rascacio,

I just saw that this 'Poetic Guitar Rainlotus' has jumped to the 'Blacklisted' section and fortunately I'm logged (not always the case !).

About this 'Basic.hui', the only similar file (by the name) that I have
is rather named : 'AGSR-Basic.hei', and its size is exactly of 22 KB
(21'786 bytes), whereas all the others files within this folder have sizes between 2 MB through 180 MB for the bigger.

If I well understand the function of this file, this 'AGSR-Basic.hei' acts as
a 'starter' to indicate to the program where are located all the 'Instruments' (mini-libraries) needed to be loaded and thus make the program working properly.

The first time that you select the desired 'Instruments' to be loaded
(2nd Tab - upper left in the GUI), if a location is not clearly indicated
at the bottom of this small window, the program will ask you for this file, simply 'navigate' within the provided small window till you find this needed 'AGSR-Basic.hei', then click on it... From now, each time that you'll launch the program (or select the 'Instruments' that you need to be loaded),
it will exactly know where to directly find all these mini-libraries
(Standard 1-3, Chords 1-3, Harmonics, Slides, Noises,... ).
It's what I've done since the start, and for me all is working fine...

This 'AGSR-Basic.hei' is exactly located in :
C:\Program Files\Poetic Guitar - Rainlotus\PGR\Instruments <--
(if you don't have changed the 'default' installation path and name
[under 'XP Pro SP3 - x86-32bit]).

Hope it help ! wink
  Resident 8.10.2010 159
Thanks a lot studio 555 , but I gave up! the last installation I swear!! ,I followed your instructions but all the samples belonging to S1 group (PICKED) (simple notes and chords) are missing, the rest of the groups load correctly (FINGERS load completely)

Thank again anyway
  Contributor 29.06.2010 1091 1365

DOWNLOAD: 01 LiNK @ Uploaded | Rapidgator | Extabit
  Resident 14.12.2010 483 274
H.E. Audio Poetic Guitar Rainlotus v2.2.0 Incl Keygen-R2R | 1.21 GB

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