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Sonible Pureunmask v1.0.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.04.03 | 18.8 MB
pure:unmask effortlessly tidies up your mix and prevents, thanks to spectral unmasking, any audio interference in the frequency spectrum between two tracks.

Creating space within one track for another
Intelligent sidechain profiles for well-defined sounds
Achieve pro-grade results without any fuss
pure:unmask makes short work of one of mixing’s most vital components – finding space within one track for another – with minimal setup. All you have to do is load pure:unmask on the channel that needs to make space, route a sidechain input from the prioritized channel and then select a profile that fits the sidechain signal.

Spectral unmasking for incredible audio clarity
Clear as a bell, quick as a flash
AI-powered processing and spectral unmasking are the driving forces behind pure:unmask. Together, these technologies are able to perfectly combine two competing elements of a mix without any pumping artifacts.

Reuploaded 🏴‍☠️. PiRAT

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  Resident 5.08.2014 376
I ve read somewhere that this is not going to the channel you want to duck, but the trigger. Make sure to RTFM first!

Thanks witches!
  Member 4.05.2021 312

it just works like a normal compressor sidechained to the triggering track, like Trackspacer or Soothe or whatever

just some of the "famous youtube smart engineers" been spreading fake news as usual
  Resident 5.08.2014 376
Alright, good to know
RTFM anyway
  Member 4.05.2021 312
100% sure thing
  Member 15.09.2013 9
As far as I see, this plugin additionally uses the features of the frequency spectrum for the selected profile. For example, for vocals, more attention may be paid to the high-middle area. It's like Soothe with special presets))
  Member 17.04.2015 1 356
Nothig new . . . its a bored tool.
(for me, of course)
I know exactly wat i want in each track and know how unmask tracks (is not only freqs and comp, good balance panning most of the times is the best tool and this tool not make pannings and do not know what i want . .. i do not need this, sorry . . .

thans for the try
  Member 6.09.2023 24
Is it really just EQ? I hoped it was more like sidechaining into Gullfoss but better
  Resident 24.07.2019 15 855
It is. It's a spectral sidechain ducker.
  Member 6.09.2023 24
yea, it's smart:comp
  Resident 5.09.2017 74
It is an interesting tool, but I think they missed the chance of adding mid/side for fitting vocals into pre-mixed instrumentals. This kind of job pops up all the time if you mix vocals into pre-mixed beats (and some others too). It's still trackspacer or soothe for me in that regard, though I still use the group function on SmartEQ4 all the time (that's where they got this plugin from).
  Member 10.08.2013 92
It's possible to have the bundle,plz?
  Member 22.01.2022 18
Thanks R2R!

The Rapidgator link seems to be down.
Just a casual user, don't mind me
  Member 15.03.2016 54
Please reup
  Member 27.05.2023 7
could we do another Reupload, please?
Thank you! :)

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