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Sonible SmartEQ4 v1.0.1-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2024.04.03 | 182.2 MB
smart:EQ 4 uses AI to correct spectral issues and achieve tonal balance. This equalizer empowers you to approach a project from a mix’ perspective: Intelligent cross-channel processing offers hierarchical control over multiple tracks and enables you to get spectral mixing done via drag and drop.

Intelligent cross-channel processing for spectral unmasking
AI-filter to automatically correct tonal imbalances
Dynamic EQing, mix profiles, reference track feature, auto gain,..

Keeping the mix context in mind – effortlessly
Unlike usual equalizers that leave the context of a mix out of any processing, smart:EQ 4 lets you take control over multi-track unmasking processes easily and get spectral mixing done by simple dragging and dropping up to 10 tracks. This set priorities for each smart:filter, bringing some elements to the forefront of the sonic stage, leaving some in the middle, and pushing some into the background. Switching back and forth between instances is a thing of the past in this innovative tool – any instance within the same group can be remotely controlled from any other instance.

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  Member 21.11.2018 9 24
How does it compare to Gullfoss? Better sound or performance?
  Resident 29.05.2012 639
Whether sonible's SmartEQ or Soundtheory's Gullfoss is better depends on your needs. SmartEQ excels in AI-driven, customizable equalization for quick, automated adjustments. Gullfoss focuses on dynamic, psychoacoustic-based enhancements for intuitive, minimal-effort mixing. Choose based on your preference .. with Gullfoss you get a result much faster.
  Resident 5.09.2017 73
They're different products. SmartEQ4 still functions like a traditional EQ after the AI processing. The best way to describe it is that it is some sort of AI-driven Gullfoss/Pro-Q hybrid. It takes some time and effort to fully realize the potential of this plugin, but once you do, I think there's nothing like it in the market. The closest right now is Oeksound's Bloom, but even that one still works on an algorithm instead of machine learning profiles.
  Resident 2.05.2012 164
Why does it say this is not a valid 64 bit axx plugin when loaded in protools? I've tried this version and also the other version and they both do the same thing.
  Member 14.04.2024 10
reupload link get dead, all plugines did not have download, please reupload limiter too
  Member 14.04.2024 10
re-upload All links are down =(
  Member 15.04.2024 6

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