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Acustica Audio Snow 2023-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 04 Dec 2023 | 160.0MB
Snow is a suite of 4 plugins emulating modern British-style, high-end gear. The original sampled units were artfully designed by the most celebrated personality in the history of professional audio and represent the culmination of his extensive knowledge of analog circuits.

The plugin includes several world-class units, including one of the most expensive studio consoles currently on the market (entirely discrete, with custom-designed input and output transformers), which is also a favorite of one of the most famous electronic music producers in the world.

Thanks to the quality of its source material combined with our extreme care in sampling and
adapting it, the Snow plugin is texturally perfect.

What You Get
Snow EQ encapsulates that “console” flavor that separates the toys from the serious tools. It offers incredible transparency, embodying half a century of experience in high-end audio equipment design by one of the best electronic engineers who ever lived. And as if that weren’t enough, it offers additional unique features such as the Texture circuit, which can breathe life into even the dullest of recordings.

Snow Preamp: this juicy plugin comprises of 3 separate banks (line, mic, and custom), packing a total of 52 “British-style” preamplifiers.

Snow compressor is a dual-mono plugin equipped with two powerful dynamics processors that will fill your tracks with so much character that it’s practically illegal. It also includes a versatile Texture
circuit that allows you adjust the amount of drive pre-output

053 is derived from a British-style dynamic processor, input and output transformers, and almost entirely discrete component amplifiers.
CH2 is derived from a very famous compressor-limiter module with fully controllable feed-forward/feedback modes and a Peak/RMS detection combo. The manufacturing of this cool little machine has unfortunately been discontinued, which makes our plugin the only way to easily gain access to this unit’s unique sound.

Snow MB (Master Bus) is our take on a stereo dynamic processor derived from a revered modern hardware unit. Its manufacturer described it as being able to “enhance, reconstruct, and smooth out your sound to perfection.”

This remarkable unit is capable of adding the finishing touches to your master bus like nothing else. You’ll get compression, limiting, stereo field control, and precise harmonic content manipulation — all in a single plugin!

A witch says,

Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.

Like some other products, preset in EQ is missing. Nice quality control AA.

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  Member 14.09.2021 1 6
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 19.11.2013 42
R2R are true gods only
  Member 14.11.2023 75
Salvo engano, é baseado no neve portico. O som desse eq até que é bom
  Member 31.05.2020 1 218
After all those eye-opening R2R revelations, its pretty clear that Acustica Audio is a CUSTOMER SCAM.
Keith Don't Go!
  Resident 5.08.2014 364
Snow (17) - Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console EQ and preamps.
RND Portico II Master Buss Processor
Comp 053: RND 5043 Dual Compressor-Limiter
Comp CH2: RND Portico II Channel
  Member 25.03.2014 9 1096
thanks only 44\96Khz?
  Member 25.11.2023 1 56
The LMF on the EQ module doesn't seem to be working. When you click to engage it the blue light doesn't stay on, and the knobs revert back to the default positions. The other filters seem to work fine. I'm on Reaper 7.

I've trialled this plugin before and for my style of music it didn't quite work for me anyway, and the GUI is a bit too busy and hard to focus on - that's just me. Otherwise, very grateful for these releases. Thanks to the R2R and the whole community.
  Member 15.09.2023 15 14
I had the same problem don't know why
  Member 3.11.2022 44 143
If You are using other samplerate that's not 44.1 or 96, those things happend.
  Member 25.11.2023 1 56
I'm using 44.1
  Member 23.11.2021 128
Reporting the same issue, win 11 FL studio 21 44.1khz. LMF freq not working properly.
  Member 4.12.2023 130
I'm having the same issue on Studio One Win 11 on 44.1khz
  Member 29.11.2020 29 2512
someone shared a temporary fix but it's not 100% working. The problem is likely have to do with xml path, same as the one happened to Diamond Dynamic Saturator and hopefully the witches will post a repack soon. Check out the thread at the ISSUES & FIXES section. Cheers.

AA Thread
It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Member 4.12.2023 130
On the Snow Comp module the 043 Pre option seemed to really muffle the sound and there's also a drop in gain for some reason is this fixed in this version?
  Resident 2.06.2014 12 227
quote by Razielthanks only 44\96Khz?

Looks like it, yes.
  Resident 14.11.2011 583
yes ,here too on cubase 12 pro and wavelab 11,The LMF on the EQ module doesn't work.

the sound is warm and pleasant.but slightly thin.
Software is like sex,it's better when it's free!
  Member 4.05.2021 289
sample rate?
  Member 25.11.2023 1 56
Having the same issue using 44.1 on Reaper 7
  Member 10.12.2016 92
Thank You R2R.
  Resident 19.10.2016 265
Quality Junkontrol! :)
  Resident 13.08.2020 5 167
How many console emulations can one company make?! I think they have more console emus than Spitfire has string libraries!
  Member 28.11.2016 908
They make shovelware with 'nice' GUIs. It's been their marketing trick for years and people lapped it up. After this hopefully they'll go bust and stop ripping off both customers and hardware makers.
  Member 10.05.2021 1 282
The mor I try these apps the more I ask to myself who can have bought a second AA apps after having tried one😂
I feel bad for Giancarlo but this was the time.
AA has to seriously rethink all his lineup to survive this wave.
  Resident 14.11.2011 583
it's like we are using a vintage car ....with its mecanic issues!
Software is like sex,it's better when it's free!
  Resident 5.05.2019 1 243
I like it.. definitely sounds different.. but I can definitely find some uses for it
  Member 4.12.2023 130
Can confirm the LMF on the EQ module doesn't seem to be working properly. Doesn't turn on and the knobs resets itself. Studio One Win 11 on 44.1khz.
  Member 6.04.2014 66
All of my AA plugins suddenly won't load. I tried it in blue cat to see if there was something I missed. It asked me to make sure these plugins are 64 bit compatible.

Any suggestions?
  Member 4.12.2023 130
On the previous release on the Snow Comp module the 043 Pre option seemed to really muffle the sound and there's also a drop in gain for some reason is this fixed in this version?.. On the other hand this plugin sounds warm and pleasant and hi fi ish but very thin compared to other AA plugins i would only use it on sources that were already "thin" to begin with things like hi hats maybe?

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