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An FL Studio Plugin For Using Piano Roll Bends/Panning/Etc In Third Party VST Plugins

BENDY is a free FL Studio native plugin meant to allow piano roll note bends/panning/effects to control third party VST instruments and external synthesizers, something that is not normally possible in FL. It also comes with some simple automatable MIDI controls that can be assigned to note controls allowing each individual note to send messages to a VST to control some arbitrary parameter (per note frequency cutoff, or per note reverb for example).

As BENDY is still in it’s beta stages, you can probably expect a few hiccups. Make sure you back up projects that you’re using BENDY in, and if you run into any issues please send me a message either on Twitter ( or via the e-mail listed at the end of BENDY’s readme file- or leave a comment here.

BENDY 0.96 – July 28th 2023
-Rebuilt using older toolset for improved compatibility and to remove VC++ runtime requirement.
BENDY 0.95 – May 28th 2023
-Fixed issue with note releases cutting off note triggers in newer versions of FL.
-Upgraded to newest SDK allowing the plugin to work in newer versions of FL.
BENDY 0.92 – December 13th 2021
-Fixed issue where note pitch would reset to neutral at the end of notes, causing notes with long release
envelopes to bend unexpectedly. This change may affect Nexus users, along with users of any other plugins
that have pitch bend speed settings. Make sure to always set your VST’s pitch bend speed to it’s maximum!
-Fixed issue where BENDY wasn’t being affected by the master pitch setting. To fix this, FPF_MIDIOut was
removed from the plugin parameters, as it seemed to have the plugin ignore master pitch as it’s only effect.
-Note Controls can now be assigned as either Full, Upper, or Lower. Full uses the whole note control value
range, Upper just uses the top half and Lower uses the lower half. This means you can assign up to 4 custom controls
to the piano roll, but you can only have two active at the same time.
-Added vibrato knobs, which can be linked to piano roll controls to enable piano roll vibrato control.
-Improved performance.
BENDY 0.91 – December 4th 2021
-Fixed issue where CC-0 was being sent from knobs with uninitialized CC numbers, which caused
random bank changes.
-Fixed issue where changing the channel setting would cause a bank change
-Fixed issue where automating the patch selector would lag out FL with the number of messages sent
-Fixed patch selector automation not updating UI

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  Supplier 18.01.2014 131 285
I use this nice Tool since first release and its a must Have for any FL Studio User . But it's a shame that something like this is not implemented yet native into FL Studio.
  Member 12.02.2023 9
it s a shame that I.L. developers still not include real updates like mpe, real time step probability and randomness, workflow improvement, better midi fx link management and better automation management (in FL when projects start to became big everything get messy and unmanageable) and plenty of stuff other daws have improved over year... they just focus on keep adding useless stuff over and over....
  Member 27.08.2023 10 123
you should try requesting those features on their site and subreddit. The biggest game changer would be if Image Line added a MPE keyboard like the Seaboard 5D app to their Image-Line Remote app that connects phones and tablets to the PC FL Studio DAW.
  Member 21.06.2018 15 6493
  Member 12.03.2019 1 48
Very nice, didnΒ΄t know that it exists.
  Member 9.11.2016 69 386
only for fl studio
  Resident 5.04.2017 390
Why have I never heard of this? This is a total game changer for me. Being able to do slide notes with VSTs was something I always dreamed about in FL.

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