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H.G. Fortune STS-33 PRO VSTi Win 32 Bit [FREE] screenshot
Free | Date: 2023.11.04 | Size: 38,9 MB
Future Generation Space Transition Synthesizer
Set the controls for the heart of sound ... and PLAY!

This synthesizer is featuring Wave-Transition method for absolute unique atmospheres, soundscapes, pads & textures. A very straight userinterface with 10 "Lazy"-Buttons for randomizing different sets of parameters so programming this synthesizer is incredibly easy. The Transition method plus the new Super modulation X/Y control pad add a stunningnew dimension and motion for an evolving sound changing completely it's characteristics.

The basic features are:

New: Super Modulation X/Y Control Pad
New: Step Modulator
New: enhanced LFO Section with 6 LFO and SH&H
New: Frequency Split - lower fequencies to midposition (enhancing bass!) while the freqs. above can be panned- four digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 selectable waveforms (in Pro version 256 waveforms)

- two resonant filters (24db Lowpass and 12 db Highpass)
- three ADSR-style envelope generators
- two output channels (F & D) with LoBoost, Saturate, Delay and Pan each
- 10 dedicated Lazy buttons

The Pro version incorporates loading of soundfonts (SF2) & wavefiles (up to 24 Bit), and comes with a 2nd soundset comprising a 2nd waveset of 128 new waves plus further patchbank. The Pro lite version is basically the Pro version minus the 2nd soundset. The 2 voice free version does support only 64 patches per bank and is supplied with 3 banks. The waves of the free ver. are stored internally with no option to load different sf2 nor wave files - please consider to purchase the Pro or Lite version if You want these features thus You can show some gratitude and support my work too, thank You.

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