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Fanan Team Kitton 2 x64 x86 VST VST3 WiN [FREE] screenshot
10/05/2023 | x64 x86 VST VST3 WiN | 70 MB
Kitton 2 is general midi compatible drum machine. It lumps 20 top crafted full featured drumkits that will make your GM compatible drum midi file \ track sound amazingly realistic.

The Kits

2 Standard kits
2 Power kits
2 Analog kits
2 Modern kits
2 Jazz kits
2 Rock kits
2 Pop kits
2 Hip hop kits
2 Soul kits
2 Room kits

Edit every drum element separately

Kitton 2 allows editing with ease every drum element in the kit straight from the main pannel. You can easily set the gain and the pitch of each element, apply an innovative round-robin system and lo-pass\hi pass filters. control the length and even morph the elements with other elements of the same cathegoty.

Beautiful master effects

Spice your drums with built-in eq, saturator. our unique Zelda filter. compressor, beautiful hall reverb and delay

Main features

20 top crafted full GM compatible drumkits
6 built-in top notch zero latency effects including Zelda filter, Eq, saturation, compressor, reverb, delay and stereo widener
Dedicated pitch shifter per drum element
Innovative round-robin with 3 modes
Hi- pass \ lo pass per element
Morphing elements with other elements in the categoty
Midi learning for every significant knob\button
Individual volume per element
Individual pitch-shfter per element

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  Member 2.08.2022 76
Never heard of that the look somehow...let's see how it sounds... THX LDVN
  Member 11.05.2023 1
  Member 2.08.2022 76
After using it for a song I have to say I like it pretty much - awesome that such good stuff is available for free these days...
  Member 15.10.2017 1381
Unfortunate that is creates a folder in the root of C drive with some sort of .wav file.
Serious "no-no".
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  Resident 26.08.2011 11 172
why is it a serious no-no?

genuinely curious
  Member 15.10.2017 1381
It's just bad practice. There are other locations suited for program data / application data.
But devs often ignore the rules.
That is why "My Documents" was NEVER "my" documents, but a place where some devs put THEIR stuff, and other devs put folders for my stuff.
I realized back then that the only folders that were MINE were ones I created, preferably on other drives..
That holds true even now, although I allow most programs to assign my files to "Documents", those that I care about i move and symlink.

As far as creating folders in the root of C drive....
There are many devs who do it, and it has been for the most part despised by people who like to manage their own computers.

System builders like Dell, etc have done it as a way of keeping their files seperate from all others, and for good reason, as they often contained important files to restore systems, etc.
Other cases are not so forgivable.
Intel has done it for a long time (as a hidden folder), but also some backup utility devs (EASEUS, for example)..

But even Ret, a hacker who ought to respect peoples' "C:\<root>", placed a folder there for Gullfoss.

Well, a lot of people don't care. A lot of people have no idea where the root of their C drive IS to begin with...
But for some of us ... perhaps a bit OCD ... it's an unnecessary intrusion.
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