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[dead] AcmeBarGig iFace for RedWirez VST v1.05 screenshot
AcmeBarGig iFace for RedWirez VST v1.05-ASSiGN | 7.4MB

iFace is here to change the way you interact with your RedWirez impulse response libraries. Be done with the manual navigation methods of the past, and discover the best interface for one of the best IR libraries around!

Release Info:

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  Resident 31.05.2010 2 2205
Quote: JR
How are you supposed to use this? Does it reads any IR or only it's own?

I tried to get it to recognize my Red Wire IR folder but no luck i read on the Redwirez website that it should have a special folder structure maybe thats why it didnt recignize my Ir:s beacurse my folder structure looks not like the one on the website
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Hi Guitarmaniac64, I'm Ken McLaren from AcmeBarGig. First I'd like to say thanks to everyone for checking iFace out, and we'll do our best to support it and you. iFace is a commercial product, so I guess it would seem to you that our first reaction would be one of whining and the typical BS you get from developers...Not gonna happen from us. We released iFace unhindered with only a nag screen, so it was basically like it was free anyways...I am also pleased to announce there will be the new iFace 1.07 coming out very shortly. It has the built in ability to save your selections as a new IR file, and a few more goodies added to it. It just sort of made sense to us because iFace has some over head that if you can do without, then you should. I mean the thing handles 209,000 IR files, of course its going to have overhead. However, with the new IR save feature, you can use iFace to make your selections and then save those selections as a single IR that you can then load into a low overhead convolver like KEFIR...Anyways, we sold enough copies to continue the development to 1.07, so we all gotta be happy about that. I know a lot of the torrent users have bought copies, so its all good..:)

Now about your not being able to get it to load the library. When we developed iFace we had to have a baseline path structure to follow, that baseline was the original Redwirez path structure. So, it has to have a path structure identical to how the libraries were shipped from Redwirez. The top folder must contain, BigBox, Speakerbox, or both. Like in this image. copy.png

Hope that helps and if you have any questions guys, feel free to pop by our forums and ask...
Once again, thanks for checking it out..
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Anyone got any ideas for the new iFace 1.08 interface?

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