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Dawesome Novum Basic Pack v1.0.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 15 Aug 2022 | 1.78GB
Ushering in the next generation of creative sampling, Novum opens the door to a universe of sonic possibilities. Create fascinating instruments from a single sample - from delicate pads to massive walls of resonating synths - Novum's sonic range is only limited by your imagination.

Sound Clay
We are used to summing audio layers into a single audio file. But how about the other way round? At the heart of Novum lies the possibility to "decompose" a single sample into 6 independent layers. This gives you disentangled access to the timbral characteristic on the one hand and the temporal dynamics on the other hand. And that makes all the difference, turning your static sample into flexible sound-clay.

Want to take a flute sample, but hear it with the timbre of piano? Or trigger a classic filter sweep, but with the tonecolours of a church bell? Novum makes this easy - with a simple drag and drop you can combine sonic elements with each other freely. To make this process even simpler: import your sample, then lock its tone colours and envelopes. Now you can browse through the presets keeping your sample in place: dozens of truly unique variations are at your fingertips in seconds.

Advanced Granular Synthesis
Shimmering sound particles, sonic glitter and a good measure of acoustic fairy dust - granular synthesis renders even the mundane beautiful. Speed and pitch are independent, plus you can sync the grains to your DAWs tempo to create pulsing rhythms. Novum's unique HOMOGENIZE feature allows for smooth, velvet-like textures that are hard to create with classical granular synths. Add to this the immense power of six granular layers and you have sounds bigger than life.

Unique algorithm breaks samples into layers.
Granular Synthesis with up to 6 layers.
Disentangled editing of timbre and temporal evolution.
Timbre flower allows spectral modification of timbres.
Cross synthesis via drag and drop.

Advanced subtractive with SYNTIFY, analog filter and comb filter.
Powerful and intuitive modulation system.
Full MPE support.
Highly optimised for CPU efficiency.
300+ factory patches.

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  Resident 28.12.2016 383
Is it possible to install this content on another HD ?
  Member 17.10.2016 33 447
Yes. That's exactly how I use it
  Member 1.09.2013 453
Thank You

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