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Techivation T-Exciter v. 1.0.2 [MOCHA] screenshot
AudioZ Exclusive | VST2 / VST3| 4.37 MB
Techivation T-Exciter is a plug-in designed to bring life and energy to sounds. It helps with brightening up the high frequencies in a very musical and smooth way. It also adds more width to sound without losing its power. Bring your sound to life quickly, and smartly. T-Exciter enhances the sound where EQ alone can’t seem to get it.

Here's what T-Exciter can help you with
Add instant richness and crispness to your mix
Spice up your vocals with more energy
Quickly bring any sounds to the front of the mix
Create a distinct character for your vocals
Quickly bring any sounds to the front of the mix
Add more excitement and energy to your guitar tracks
Make your mixes outstanding by making details sound more audible
Glue your instruments together nicely
Turn a lifeless track into a musical living sound

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Techivation T-Exciter v. 1.0.2 [MOCHA] screenshot

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by our member who wish to remain anonymous.

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  Member 27.10.2021 75
It's just a high-shelf EQ mixed with stereo widener.

It's not doing anything I can't do with other plugins.
  Resident 12.01.2021 154
As to my measurements this is not a high shelf, instead it's doing this with moving the high freqs up and down (Hz-wise)

In terms of Exciter, it's a high freq exciter which starts at 2-4kHz.
Additionally it's adding a whole lot of phase twist which sound like this in a nil test (Excitement and Width set to 0, all four modes, changing every bar) google drive
  Member 8.07.2017 17
there is something really weird when I listen to my mix in mono using this plugin, something is not right

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