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Sonible Smartreverb v1.1.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2022.05.24 | 22.47 MB
smart:reverb delivers custom-tailored reverb by adjusting its processing to the individual characteristics of the input material and creates a navigable range of styles from scratch.

Reverb that meets the uniqueness of every creation

No disturbing resonances or muddy tails
Reverb that truly fits – powered by A.I.
With just one click, smart:reverb analyzes the source material quickly to create every reverb from scratch. By custom-fitting the reverb to the spectral and temporal characteristics of the input signal, typical problems such as disturbing resonances or muddy reverb tails are avoided from the very beginning.

Rich, artificial, intimate, natural – and every style in between
Explore characteristics, not presets
smart:reverb creates reverb based on the source signal rather than working with presets or pre-recorded impulse responses. To find the reverb style you envision, browse through its reverb matrix, in which all possibilities fit to your input signal. Guided by descriptive properties, you'll find what you are looking for – intuitively and efficiently.

The best of both worlds
Stay in control
For maximum control, smart:reverb provides you with an interactive view of the reverb's anatomy. Its detailed interface makes it easy for you to manipulate the deep-structure of the reverb by modifying its frequency and time-dependent decay rate as well as the reverb’s spread or density evolvement over time.

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A witch says,

Sonible stopped using WrapWarden (PACE Wrapper). Legit users should have better performance than before, it almost works like R2R edition :)

It should be easy to crack Mac version now. It does not require you to unpack and rebuild Mach-O executables.
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  Resident 2.09.2011 1 542
Thanks funtime and R2R

always amazing from the wizards of bit's and byte's
Make Smallest Mess,,,Kill Fewest Things,,Hurt No One
  Resident 14.05.2017 376
I'm uninstalling the previous versions before installing these new Sonible versions, while searching for leftovers i found two dll files with Sonible name on it but i'm not 100% sure if it's related to that, anyone knows? Can i remove those two dlls? I found absolutely nothing online. Files are "sonible_onnxruntime.dll" and "sonible_custom_op_library.dll",
both are on C:\Windows\System32, i uninstalled the apps properly so it's strange that i still find leftovers especially on this directory.
  Member 7.10.2015 34
Can someone put everything into one file? Thx. These are like 8 new Sonible Plugins.
  Member 22.12.2015 198
Quick question guys,
I try lately to install VST3 only plugins even if the company is offering VST2. Does these Sonible come with built-in PRESETS or all come with no presets at all? Just curious.
  Contributor 3.05.2011 595 3963
quote by R2RSonible stopped using WrapWarden (PACE Wrapper).

thanks sonible.

Thanks R2R!
If you want to supply something, you can. PM is open for that.

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