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BandLab Cakewalk v27.11.0.18 Update-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 07 Dec 2021 | 47.7MB
Fueled by over 30 years in the relentless pursuit of innovation, Cakewalk by BandLab is the new standard for the modern recording studio.

The most complete music production package

The creative experience only SONAR offered: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an interface that amplifies inspiration.

Easily compose complete songs and performances with creative songwriting tools and instruments

Capture inspired performances with pristine quality and unlimited audio and MIDI tracks

Fix mistakes, arrange parts, and manipulate pitch, time, and any other aspect of your recordings

Achieve pristine pro-studio sounds and create big, clear, dynamic mixes with advanced mixing tools

Polish your finished mixes to perfection with built-in mastering tools

Export and publish your songs directly to YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and more

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  Member 28.11.2016 777
"Cakewalk by BandLab is the new standard for the modern recording studio."

riiiiiiiiiight.. of course it is. LMAO
  Member 30.11.2021 1
Did cakewalk just renamed SONAR LE (by cakewalk (by Roland) to cakewalk (NOT SONAR) (by BandLab (by cakewalk)) or am I just mixing cake up?
  Member 10.09.2021 18
i don't know what sonar le included, but i don't think so. it's basically sonar premium, with a ton of later developments - there have been a few dozen updates since then - but without some of the instruments, more expensive plugins, and pc modules. initially, sonar was actually called cakewalk, so they just reverted to the initial name. it sounds great, it's got a ton of options and functions, and a few very smart things, but a few very dumb things, as well - in the workflow - and it crashes a lot. i don't know how others fare crash wise, but other than reason, which has only crashed twice in about 12 years - and that after the implementation of vsts - i hear all of them do. harrison certainly does.
  Member 9.02.2012 300
If you can export to YouTube and SoundCloud then I’m gonna try it????
  Member 2.05.2020 155
Can it make Mp3?
  Resident 6.04.2012 243
It does
As well as other usual formats like Ogg, Flac, Aif and so on
  Member 21.07.2021 22
Lord have mercy.
  Resident 16.10.2013 188
At least it is better then logic & Ableton
  Member 3.07.2016 1 47
Good its free! l like only cubase, ableton and this!
  Member 18.10.2021 7
It's always funny to see people disparaging 'gifts' when everything here is free. That said, I've been using Sonar 8.5 up until last year when I decided, alas, to change to Windows 10 x64 and jumped directly to Bandlab. Besides some initial frustration with user preferences and some quirkiness, I've already completed 4 different orchestral pieces for an upcoming project. I've never worked this quickly before. If you have good compositional skills, no software will make them better or worse. Cakewalk is great. And what's greater is that I don't need to be tacked on to the net with R2R's release.
  Member 23.08.2015 1 183
Agree, most kids still don´t get it that it's just a tool. If I could give one free advice for someone who is just starting or lost in software jungle. Choose ONE weapon and master it like no one else. Learn it's strengh and weak points. Be Proficient and quick.

My Journey from the 90´s. Atari 1040 STE and Cubase 1.0-->Emagic Logic-->Cubase SX-->Logic Audio-->FL Studio/Ableton-->Studio One-->Cubase Pro 11

The Circle is complete...
  Member 18.10.2021 7
Fantastic. That's one impressive journey!
  Member 31.12.2017 141
Very well said.
  Member 31.12.2017 141
Thank you R2R!

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