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Toontrack EZkeys Cinematic Pads v1.3.0 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 11 June 2021 | 281 MB
A new hybrid instrument for EZkeys, literally as diverse as the universe.
For most of us, the anatomy of sound and its inner workings as a creative catalyst is a peculiar thing. The moment we hear something we can’t define – a new instrument – our minds inevitably open up to interpretations beyond the convention. Sound becomes visuals that in turn transform into tangible ideas. This library of sounds for EZkeys is a prime example of just that.

EZkeys Cinematic Pads is based around several analogue and modular synths as well as a vintage grand piano and an electric bowed guitar. Together, these components form a never-before-heard hybrid instrument of reverberant, peculiar, fluttering, ominous, visceral, fluid and literally out-of-this-world audio landscapes. With this at hand, you’re an intrepid explorer at the helm of an audio vessel headed straight into the unknown – weightlessly drifting through an interstellar cosmos en route to uncharted sonic frontiers. If you let yourself go, you’ll enter a realm where the divide between reality and dream is nothing but a lucid gradient ready for you to pierce though.

Welcome to a new source of sound and ideas – literally as diverse as the universe. Climb in, start the engine and head straight for the great unknown.


•A hybrid instrument of never-before-heard textures of sound
•Based on several analogue and modular synths as well as a grand piano and an electric bowed guitar
•In excess of 70 mix-ready presets offering a widely creative panorama of ambient sounds
•Ideal for anything from soundscapes, scores and sound design to modern pop and electronic

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  Member 21.06.2018 14 1772
  Member 29.05.2015 55
Thanks for V.R. Can we use folder without installation for mac users.
  Member 17.11.2014 1 94
Work nice, win 10, Studio one, any uninstall needed
  Member 27.07.2017 64
amazing sound!! thanks!
  Member 30.11.2016 13 425
quote by TanerongunyzbCan we use folder without installation for mac users.

Only .exe file! No good for mac users...We must wait for an appropriate release! No folder containing the expansion files. I believe we also need an updated version of EZkeys.
  Member 15.11.2020 18
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.04.2018 27
working on win 10, but the installer created a new version of EZ keys.
So you have to move the files to your existing Ezkeys library folder and then locate your directory again.
After that, it works fine and it shows up will all the other libraries.
  Member 25.05.2020 3 56
quote by tfmcworking on win 10, but the installer created a new version of EZ keys.
So you have to move the files to your existing Ezkeys library folder and then locate your directory again.
After that, it works fine and it shows up will all the other libraries.

I had this issue. Thanks for posting the solution :)
  Resident 23.07.2014 2 166
Thanks for the workaround tfmc...I lost all my existing libraries too. Can you explain your workaround a bit more for idiots like me? I'm still doing something wrong I think as I can't get my old libraries to show up... thanks :-)

Update: Worked it out finally..I was just being an idiot as I suspected!
  Member 21.04.2018 27
Glad you got it to work.
  Member 19.08.2019 81
Thanks tfmc .
  Member 25.10.2014 5 296
Thanks tfmc for a solution. Would it be possible for you to elaborate more on this for people who have never done it or do not understand what happens in this instance? For example you state "you have to move the files" Can you tell us what files? From an earlier ezkeys install? From the new installation to someplace else? Can you tell us where those places are? For people who have not run into this problem, can you explain what is going on and know that we do not understand the concept of what is happening. Thank you so much for your efforts and this request has no complaining in it, but just a request for help from someone who doesn't understand the details of the problem. Cheers.
  Member 20.10.2017 18
I´ve installed this version and works great on Reaper, But all my other Packs are now not showing :( Any sugestions ? Or I need now to install all over again ? I mean the other Ezkeys Packs
  Member 18.05.2020 2 15
It's happened since 1.2.5. That's why I don't install Hybrid Harp as well. We need a package again.
  Member 17.02.2016 1 89
For me it works in standalone, but in vst mode it asks for authorization.
Also, no uninstaller.
Bitwig Win10 64bit
Anyone with the same problem?

Edit: After I found the uninstaller (it's in Program Data folder), I uninstalled & reinstalled it. Everything is fine now.
  Member 18.05.2020 2 15
I faced the same problem and it still asks for authorization. How could you solve the problem?
  Member 17.02.2016 1 89
I'm sorry for not replying, but I just saw your post.
I hope you figured it out. If not, here's how I done it:
VR's installer creates an extra folder which is not visible in the installation settings tab. That means, if your installation folder for the ezkeys libraries is D:\mylibraries\ezkeys and you set it this way, the library will be installed in D:\mylibraries\ezkeys\ezkeys. So you must set it to D:\mylibraries.
Same with the standalone file. If you set the path to: C:\Program Files\Toontrack\Ezkeys, it will be installed in C:\Program Files\Toontrack\Ezkeys\Ezkeys. You must set it to C:\Program Files\Toontrack.
So keep that in mind when you set the paths.
After I located the uninstaller in the Program Data folder and uninstalled it, the only different thing I did, was to set the paths the way I described above.
  Member 21.04.2018 27
guys use my workaround if your other libraries don't show up.
Also no problems in Reaper or with authorization.
  Resident 31.05.2010 1832
You can POINT to all your previous directorys in the installer
  Member 12.10.2019 18
Ezkeys registry needs a proper solution if you ask me , I'm still struggling with the last one xD
  Member 25.03.2014 2 487
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 12.11.2014 6 146
Thanks Sunny! Sounds awesome! My OCD side couldn't take this one library being listed in ALL CAPS... I had to go in and change the name file to match the spelling format of the other libraries. That would've driven me crazy having to see that every time I opened up the libraries tab!
  Member 10.01.2016 51 216
When I install this library, all the other ezkeys expansions that I had now no longer appear, how do I make them appear again?

cuando instale esta biblioteca todas las demás expansiones de ezkeys que tenia ahora ya no me aparecen, como hago para que me vuelvan a aparecer?
  Member 17.02.2016 1 89
Check in the previous posts, tfmc's solution.
  Member 18.05.2020 2 15
Works fine in Reaper, but it requires authorization on other DAWs. Win 10 64bit.

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