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Fuse Audio Labs bundle 2020.11 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 16 November 2020 | 101.03 MB
Bucket-500 v2.1 - Analog Delay
DrumsSSX v2.1.1 - Drum Remixer
F-59 v2.0.2 - Classic Guitar Amp
Flywheel v1.0.0 - Reel-To-Reel Tape
RS-W2395C v1.0.1 - FREE Neo Classic Baxandall EQ
TCS-68 v2.1 - Cassette Tape Channel
VCL-25A v2.1 - Vintage Vari-MU Leveler
VCL-373 v2.1 - Vintage Comp/Limiter
VCL-4 v2.1 - Vintage Opto Leveler
VCL-515 v2.1 - Vintage Vari MU Limiter
VCL-864U v2.1 - Tube Limiter
VPB-Bundle v1.0 - Virtual Pedal Board Bundle
VPRE-2C v2.1 - Vintage Tube Amplifier
VPRE-376 v2.1 - Vintage Preamp
VPRE-562A v2.0.1 - Vintage Tube Amplifier
VQA-154 v2.0.1 - American Vintage EQ
VQP-258A & VQP-259A bundle v2.1 - Vintage Passive EQ

bonus developed by Fuse Audio Labs:
elysia Phil's Cascade v1.2.0 - Tube Saturator
NEOLD V76U73 v1.0.1 - Telefunken Tube Preamps & Compressor

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only difference from their last fuse bundle seems to be: VCL-25A v2.1 - Vintage Vari-MU Leveler and VQP-258A & VQP-259A bundle v2.1 (*correction- thanks audiozlover )
make music, not walls.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 1739

VQP-258A & VQP-259A bundle v2.1 - Vintage Passive EQ

which was v.2.01 before.
  Resident 24.07.2019 14 308
From all of their plug-ins, the one I use the most is the free RS-W2395C EQ! It's just so musical and great sounding for such a simple plug-in. Thanks V.R and deuces!
  Member 22.02.2014 1 56
I will ask once again why use the name of the product on the uploaded file?
It will show up on the download links, so rename it so that it's encoded

Fuse Audio Labs bundle 2020.11 CE-V.R
to "FALB20-11ce-vr.rar"

Once you head to links it will be in plain full name so if many people hit the links the systems who poll the download links could be checking for number of hits.

I wished that everyone who uploads on the free file server hosts would stop using the product name and instead encode it as short form as above example.

Some posts have the names encoded but others are not doing it.

Thanks for all the goodies to try it, sadly none of it ever stays installed more than 5 minutes, only run a few plugins the rest is just Reaper stock plugins and some of my own made with JS-script in Reaper.

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