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Rob Papen Blade2 v1.0.0a Incl Cracked and Keygen-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 12 Nov 2020 | 143.4MB
The original BLADE synthesizer released in 2012 had a unique concept in controlling the waveform harmonics (Harmolator) by using an XY pad. On top of that, the XY pad movement could also be recorded, edited, and played back tempo-based.This concept of BLADE meant that you could generate some very different sounds, compared to regular subtractive and even additive synthesizers. With BLADE-2 we have expanded the features of BLADE even further again making it a dream synthesizer for synth lovers who like to think out of the box and love to experiment!

Next to the Harmolator mode, we have now included an Additive mode which allows you to morph or mix between 4 additive waveforms using the XY pad. Of course, in addition to using these additive waves, you can also create and edit your own!

Another new addition is a dedicated wave-analyze section that allows to analyze of sample data into a waveform, which then again can be used in the Harmolator or Additive section.

To expand the sound options, even more, BLADE-2 also includes an additional analog-type oscillator plus a noise oscillator. However, it doesn’t stop there, because it now has 32 different Filter types to help shape your sound further!

The Arpeggiator section inside BLADE-2 has also received a huge update with some very cool new features.

There are now two additional rows for controlling the X and Y position of the XY pad. Also new is the ‘ratcheting’ feature including different ratcheting modes.

Last but not least, BLADE-2 has 3 Multi-FX processors with the high-quality top-notch – Rob Papen - FX.

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  Member 29.07.2018 119
Not included in the eXplorer bundle! Big tx!

Seems to be working fine in Reason 11, and also seems to be pre-activated if you got the eXplorer Bundle installed.
Why do we build the wall?
  Member 15.10.2017 1009
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 8.01.2020 41
The far future of this concept..
The original BLADE synthesizer released in 2012 had a unique concept in controlling the waveform harmonics (Harmolator) by using an XY pad. On top of that, the XY pad movement could also be recorded, edited, and played back tempo-based.

.. The far future of this concept is a Terahertz synth with all-in-one analog, VA, FM, hybrid-AI etc.. functions with hundreds of oscillators capable of fully sampling then re-modeling of any orchestral instrument and at the same time capable emulating all of the major current analog synths as "retro function". Inputs: Keyboards router, guitar, any currently known digital instrument. All traditional analog, natural wind, etc.. instruments can be recorded, this Thz machine then rebuilds an AI-model of the recorded wind, percussion, or string orchestra instrument and is capable of playing all with natural nuances as if they were played in an orchestra.

This machine looks like a large pillow shaped "soft rubber" mound. When played alone, as a home user musician, you place all your fingers and toes (pedal-tablet combo) on its many control surfaces - all of them serving as Pressure Sensitive, XY pads, with aftertouch and body heat sensor replay.

As a hardware expansion for this far future machine, You can wear a haptic suit, where if you move your head to the beat, you can further generate any patched effect, driving any parameter with any envelope, etc.. You can generate music, while you dance in your haptic suit (a suit of the type that olympic ski jumpers wear ). It follows you can generate music with any movement, also while making love in this haptic suit.

This Terahertz system has very near zero latency and rarely goes over 11% CPU usage at home. 60% if multiple people are providing input to it: an entire crowd playing one such machine sending all their foot-tap / keyboard / guitar / pad / haptic / breath-sensor input all clustered together and sent to various processing parts of just one such machine, during a company-financed crowd performance.

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