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Windows, Mac OSX
Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio Edition v4.4.0 Incl Patched and Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 09 Oct 2019 | WIN: 409.7MB | OSX: 272.6MB
Reference 4 removes unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones.

Key features
DAW Plugin
Reference sound combined with true zero-latency processing. AU, AAX Native, RTAS and VST formats.

Systemwide calibration
Allows the use of calibrated sound for critical listening from any playback source. Works with Windows and Mac.

Step-by-step speaker measurements
For ultimate accuracy, software guides you through the process and automatically locates the microphone in your room.

See your actual frequency response
See your room/headphone sound before and after the correction, look at your left and right channel response individually.


While Reference app itself is protected by formal C&R keyfile with RSA
signature, its downloadable content is all encrypted by ComputerID, which
means you cannot simply share the profile to other users' computers.

This time, we provide keygen and content crypto tool.

* Generate valid license for Reference 4 (RSA key patched).
* Encrypt headphone profile your the computer, like legit server does.
All current pre-decrypted profiles are included and ready to go.
* Decrypt legit content. You can share decrypted content with other users.
This should be useful when new profile is available.

Detailed instruction is included, enjoy a deal :)

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audioz mirror
http:// Peeplink password: qmnvxCP


  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3427
Nice Thanks For Mac
  Member 8.04.2019 21
Could you tell us how you did it?
  Member 23.04.2015 5 255
What a nice surprise. Thank you!
Come here just to try the software and buy it afterwards.
If I don't like the software I will just DELETE it.
  Member 6.02.2014 1 72
R2R... Respect
  Member 19.12.2014 111
God bless you, DECiBELLE and R2R!
  Resident 30.12.2017 497
Whoa, does this mean that this includes all Headphone profiles, so the Headphone edition is included? Amazing work!
  Resident 23.06.2013 333
Fucking aced!

  Resident 1.08.2011 6 283
What a great tool! And what a kind gift!
Thanx a lot to let us trying this. I've been in many studios and saw this as an important tool for loads of mixing engineer/producer.
A must Have m2c

  Member 22.10.2013 7 521
Thanks R2R. I am a legitimate user of this software in Mac and it is amazing that others can enjoy it .
  Member 8.04.2019 21
You had to correct the permissons?
  Member 16.01.2014 161

Thank you R2R
Every Moment Of Life Is A Miracle
  Resident 12.04.2012 5 355
R2R Master of the universe! Great gift for Mac user!

Remixer, Producer, DJ and music lover, work on Mac.
Thanks for this beautiful community!
  Member 4.08.2019 5 29
We really do appreciate your efforts R2R. But, where are the speaker profiles? The entire point of this plugin is to reference other speakers also.
Stay Classy music lovers
  Member 24.04.2013 12
I have the original, it's not because of R2R, sonarworks removed it completely because of copyright.
  Resident 23.06.2013 333
can you unlock them and upload them?
  Member 24.04.2013 12
You sent me a message, but I will repeat again.
There's no longer speaker profiles, they removed it completely because of copyright problems. you can only create profile for your own speaker from scratch.
  Member 4.08.2019 5 29
Thank you
Stay Classy music lovers
  Member 16.04.2014 295
i was wondering why i havent seen the speaker files
  Resident 16.03.2013 383
R2R left the house!

Para-para-parAUDIOZ/SEX! Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh...
  Member 7.03.2017 17
  Member 11.01.2016 134
Didn't expect. to see this for Mac
Respect R2R
Many thanks DECiBELLE
  Member 5.09.2019 7
R2R are heroes.
  Resident 15.05.2011 1 73
Incredible job R2R! Thank you
  Resident 28.08.2016 1 416
What a lovely surprise, and for Mac too! R2R on top form recently
Buy the stuff you use from here
  Member 19.06.2019 14
You are Robin Hoods of this age.thank much love and respect.
  Member 15.04.2019 15
I have an expired headphone version already installed. Can I use the profiles that I have installed with this version? Nice job, thanks R2R!
  Member 28.01.2018 1 417
What do you mean by "expired"? It was a trial/demo?
Learn how to make tight, radio-ready mixes with the STOCK plugins in your DAW. After that, THEN you can horde out!
  Member 15.04.2019 15
I got a full headphone version free for 6 months through the Focusrite Plugin Collective, from April to October.
  Resident 27.09.2013 20 221
Thank you so much for the Mac version!

It is very useful plugin.
EDM is my life.
  Member 10.07.2014 232
Amazing! Thanks R2R and DECiBELLE!!

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