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Windows, Mac OSX
Klevgrand Haaze v2.0.0 Incl Keygen (WIN OSX)-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 11 Sep 2019 | WiN: 7.8MB | OSX: 13.4MB
Stereo Tool
Bring any mono signal to life with this stereo enhancer.

Widen your horizon.
The upgraded Haaze v2 from Klevgrand is an elegant solution for controlling stereo width and spatially positioning a sound in a stereo mix. Regular L-R panning is a weak tool that doesn't resemble real-world acoustics, which becomes clear when trying to place a mono sound naturally in a stereo mix (especially on headphones). The result still feels very "mono". Haaze is an audio plugin that makes the positioning feel more natural, understandable and pleasant for the ears. It splits the audio signal into 16 frequency bands. On each band, you can delay the left or right signal (which will make the listener believe the sound arrives from the side that’s reaching the ear first), pan it to the left or right, or adjust the overall width on that band (for example, make the lower frequencies more focused in the middle than the higher). Haaze can also diffuse a mono signal and make it wider.

If this sounds complicated, Haaze comes with many presets that will help you to get started. It sounds good both in headphones and loudspeakers, and it has great mono compatibility.

16 independent frequency bands
Haas: Control the delay between L/R on each band
Pan (Split EQ): Pan each band L/R
M/S: Control the width on each band
Gain: Compensate the gain level on each band
Draw mode, for easy plotting out the adjustment curve that you want
Lots of presets for helping you to get started
Stereo width meter + Level meter on each band

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  Member 5.09.2019 8
R2R, you guys are heroes, for real, can't emphasise that shit enough!!!!!!!
  Releaser 28.08.2016 16 458
great mono compatibility isn't very helpful, suggests it's not fully mono compatible just like the regular haas effect which kills a mono mix however something like ozone imager is perfectly mono compatible no matter what you do to it and also splits the frequency bands so not sure if this is worth the download unless it is fully mono compatible, maybe someone can test?
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  Resident 23.06.2013 347
your input is totally wrong and small minded (no offense).
  Releaser 28.08.2016 16 458
how is asking if it uses the mono compatible version of the haas effect wrong and small minded? lmao hope you don't use the normal haas effect you'll be laughed at by mix engineers
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  Member 15.10.2017 299
Unfortunately it is YOUR input that is wrong and small-minded, because you give NO helpful criticism or information and only an empty insult (no offense).
In what way(s) is he mistaken?
Tell us why he is wrong and we can all avoid the same mistake!
  Member 13.09.2012 19
im with you mate
  Member 23.06.2014 3 154
Holy cow, that was fast.
  Member 29.06.2016 1 111
Useful tool to work with the position of elements in a versatile way.
With more than enough functions to complement a solid but spacious mix, and with friendly CPU and interface usage.

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