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u-he Hive v2.0.0.9033 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 03 September 2019 | 271 MB
Hive: lightweight synth, heavyweight sound. Sleek, streamlined and super fast. Hive was built for speed. An effortless workflow, low cpu use and a single page interface means you can build your tracks in no time. Being ‘fast and simple’ does not mean sacrificing sound quality or creative control. Hive is packed with features, controls and enough flexibility to deliver stunning sounds. A lightweight synth with a heavyweight sound.

cpu-friendly va synthesizer
Single page design
Each panel offers presets in a drop-down menu
Solo buttons for each oscillator and filter panel
Skinnable ui
Over 2700 factory presets
On-screen keyboard

Hive is not a standalone product, it requires host software. Hive is compatible with nearly all daws.
Avaliable as Audio Units (au), vst2, aax (Pro Tools 10.3.7 or later) plug-ins with 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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  Resident 18.08.2018 218
will these latest u-he releases timebomb?
  Member 1.11.2018 199
Only Zebra 2 and Hive 2 seems to timebomb, Diva and Hive 1 have never failed me.
  Resident 17.04.2012 446
no bombs to me, just many glitches in daw.
  Resident 18.10.2017 6 304
Demo timebomb when reloading a saved project in S1 (VST2). This was not tested very much and happened already with the 8791

Edit: S1 saves count on how often Hive is used so duplicating the track can work as a workaround, but Hive seems to check the S1 project file and looks how often the UI was opened and how often the project was saved, so it could bomb again..

Have not tested any other DAW atm at least not more than 20 times, as it seems to bomb only when used that much..
  Resident 18.08.2018 218
quote by ZartfleischDemo timebomb when reloading a saved project in S1 (VST2). This was not tested very much

Damn. I knew it was too good to be true, thanks for reporting.
  Resident 7.01.2008 1101
BEST THANK team V.R for your work ++++
  Resident 12.03.2014 551
The new function algos...
Oh.... Arturia Pigments already had those.....
...and look who copied it...

Hive was a quick release to try to steal some sales from Sylenth1...
So 'simple', that it came with 2400 presets... and now, for v2, 2700.
they knew the people who would be buying it would want something simple, with a ton of presets , and won't be buying new commercial soundsets.

Now, Let's see if Zebra 3 also comes with 2700 presets. ..
Let's see if each big sound designers will 'dump' hundreds and hundreds of presets...

...or instead, zebra 3 will be released with all the zebra2 presets, + 400 or 500 new ones. .. and there will be 10 new commercial soundsets, in the first week. ..

By the way. .. why is zebra 3 taking so long. ..?
Any chance for it to be out in 2020 ?....
  Resident 17.04.2012 446
u-he are the top leaders in soft synth, especially the bazille the sound other synth can never made! the much of presets there only for marketing, who needs that? the power users always delete them at first encounter.
  Member 22.09.2018 18
This is great! Happy to see this one, good work.

But the 1 million dollar question is, has the timebomb issue been fixed?
The prior 2 releases both timebombed, so its kinda useless if this problem has not been addressed.

Anyways, thanks you for this realease.
  Member 28.01.2018 1 545
quote by Mud Joneswill these latest u-he releases timebomb?

Did the last ones? I'm getting these u-he VI's for a computer music production/piano student who uses them and he's not savvy about dealing with issues related to reverse engineering. I wouldn't want to give him these and then they only function correctly for three months rendering his most recent trax compromised.
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  Resident 28.01.2016 3 525
Never bombed on me.
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  Member 21.05.2018 6 48
Maybe its a DAW Problem ?
But in Studio One v4.5.1 from R2R i never have timebomb...
So, i think Ableton (and other DAW) sncks ?
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  Member 3.06.2018 11
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 28.01.2016 3 525
Make a request post, comment section is not the right place for requests.
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  Member 2.08.2019 112
One small school in Dublin one note on a notice board and 4 stranger 's meet up.
  Member 1.04.2018 80
So I need someone knowledgeable to set the record for me please about timebombs, etc..

I'll start by saying (knock on wood) never, and I mean NEVER had or use any VST that fail on me like unauthenticated itself, timebombed, etc..

But I'm very meticulous with my procedure when installing a new vst. All downloads go to one folder directory which is un-firewall, pure open.

Then I start my unRAR and installation. When I say meticulous, I mean it. After I unRAR my wares, I firewall the installer file, the EXE one.

Then after following all instructions in the read me.txt from my wares, I go to every folder that was recently extracted from the wares and :

1. FIREWALL EVERY SINGLE *. EXE from every folder that was installed by the wares.

2. YES EVEN THE UNINSTALL.EXE. When I told you I was meticulous, I ain't fucking around son.

In conclusion, by following this formula, I have not one problem with any wares I DL EVER. That unauthenticated itself or revert to demo of whatever.

That's why you see me have so much respect for V.R. releases. Cause it works for me as well as my R2R ones, that work as well as my AiR releases.

My only question, please answer me.. Am I just a lucky fucker who vsts gonna timebombed soon??

OR.. By being meticulous with your ware installations, there is a way around this??
  Resident 18.10.2017 6 304
To answer your only question:
That depends on the VST's you use because they all use different protection mechanisms. You're a pretty lucky [email protected] and it could be that you have not used Hive long enough. It'll likely bomb soon

Being careful when installing warez is a good thing and in some cases it helps to firewall software from phoning home, so that the activation can't be verified through the internet.

But there are bombs that will trigger after some time executing the software, after changing some settings, saving a project and reloading it or by some specific date..

Often there is no way around the bomb other than patching or keygenning
  Member 15.10.2017 407
I think the "use" aspect is something that prevents me from testing for timebombs- lol
As a hobbyist I may use something in a project but not come back to work on it for a while, then get into doing a lot with it later and get smacked :)
That's ok if it can be reset by reinstalling the plugin etc, but if it means reinstalling the OS, that SuX!
At least my life does not depend on it !
  Resident 18.10.2017 6 304
There is usually no need to reset the system, I think it hasn't occured to me while using Audio Warez. Had a strange hiccup with Adobe Acrobat a while ago and was lucky to have a backup from a few hours ago, but it could be that if I'd knew what went wrong, that the problem could have been fixed without that.

With patched u-he plugins there was no need to reset the system as well to keep them running or update to a newer version to keep trying before buying. At least if you knew where the hidden files where or knew about Program Data folder at all..

You still can't be sure if they work when opening the GUI next time (see my edit above)
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2623
I just use a VirtualBox W7 in Debian Linux for all installations and testing, then move them manually to my dedicated and clean W7 just for audio. No need to ruin or do anything special to your working OS that way.
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  Resident 12.03.2014 551
This is not a request,
But just wondering if there is a working version of zebra available, that can handle the latest presets, and doesn't timebomb after x days/weeks/instances ?
  Member 25.10.2019 77
Just had a DEMO EXPIRED on this version out of nothing.

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