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Waves 10 Complete 27.06.2019 screenshot
P2P | 06.2019 | 4.2 GB
Featuring 64-bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Wαves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high performance plugin power. From essentials like reverb, compression, noise reduction, and EQ to modeled analog hardware, surround and post production tools, artist signature collections and beyond, Wαves Bundles feature the best of Wαves GRAMMY award-winning plugins.

Whats New:
Fixed: SoundGrid ASIO/CoreAudio driver v9.7.99.1079, Windows Only.
Under certain circumstances large MIDI SysEx messages were not transferred properly.

Without Sample Library!

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  Contributor 2.11.2014 1719 9428
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  Resident 1.10.2013 4687 9344
  Contributor 11.10.2014 716 4555
  Resident 5.12.2012 758 16471
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  Member 21.06.2018 13 586
  Member 22.02.2014 55
can we get the link to Bass Finger Sample libarary SD

  Resident 30.12.2013 127
you can download all of them from here
all you need is create an account with them and that's it!

Link are for AZ members only!

Don't believe 'em when they try to say it's over!
  Member 5.05.2019 9
Is there a way to update this when you have the old version? Each 10 days a new version of Waves is something heavy uninstall and reinstall all.
  Resident 19.11.2013 1 1621
Don't update, problem solved.
Just update every few months, I prefer to use R2R version.
  Member 23.01.2014 106
When was the last r2r version?
  Member 15.10.2017 481
The last one I have is Feb 14 2019.
That is the one I happen to be using.
Some prefer a particular release because they can install only some.
I installed all last time. It may be that it was not easy to figure how to only do some, or there was no option in that release, or I wanted to keep it "stock install" .... or I was just too lazy ....can't recall.
  Member 13.08.2017 21
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 9.03.2019 1 2
submarine and bass fingers included?
  Member 19.10.2018 216
SoundGrid fixed so does that mean StudioRack and OmniChannel plugin lists work?
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 456
I know Imac's version works. Haven't tried this one.
Waiting to get the word.
  Member 5.05.2019 9
What I did and appears work to avoid rars version is install the offline installer from waves page, download the libraries HD and SD from there also, and then just apply the patch and works. Just is needed the patch apparently.
  Member 23.12.2014 15
Hey Guys,
what I´ve found out: The only thing you need is the Waves_Complete_10.0.0.16_patch!
Download the Install Waves Central from Waves, do a online install (or create a offline installer), install what you need and then patch it. Done!

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