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Windows, Mac OSX
SoundSpot Ravage v1.0.1 Regged (WiN and OSX)-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2019.02.17 | NUMBER : R2R-7705/7706 | SiZE : 5.7 MB/38.4 MB

Get heated overdrive with added life and movement – choose from six types of distortion, shape your signal with filtering and gain, and modulate the results with custom-drawn LFO shapes.

Select from six modelled distortion algorithms: Tube, Digital, Diode, Linear Fold, Zero Sq and Rectify, each with a different personality for adding grit and dirt to audio. Use the Drive control to push the signal harder, and use the Destroy parameter to fully smash up any audio. There are high- and low-pass filters onboard, as well as a Dark/Bright slider to weight the distortion’s energy.

- Heat things up with 6 distortion types: Digital, Tube, Diode, Lin Fold, Zero Sq and Rectify
- Add movement to parameters using custom-drawn modulation shapes
- Destroy parameter pushes the signal even harder through the distortion processor
- Pan the distortion across the stereo field
- Tailor the distortion response with filtering, input/output gain, and dark/bright weighting
- Reverse, Smooth and adjust Pulse Width for modulator signals
- Auto output control compensates level when Drive is increased
- Oversampling is set intelligently behind the scenes to ensure the best sound quality

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  Member 2.04.2014 42
Takes a special plugin these days to make me buy something. A plugin like this. Simple, easy to use and a very creative pkugin. I dont need compressors or eqs or even another distortion... But this distortion has a drawable lfo... And those linkable filters i can do alot with. And right now its 82% off.. Instant buy. Thanks audioz! Would have never heard about this thing.
  Resident 11.12.2010 305
VST3 installs but, is ignored by Reaper & Samplitude. Tried installing x86 & swapping (not the issue).

Loaded one VST2 instance of all 4 new releases. Somewhat CPU heavy.

Not ready for prime time sadly...
  Resident 10.10.2013 8 120
On Cubase Pro Win, VST3 goes to the black list: in any event it install the 32-bit VST3, even if it is not selected, but not the 64-bit VST3 version.
VST2 64 works properly.
  Resident 8.08.2017 207
Wish someone with clear instructions on how to install for mac users.
  Member 10.02.2015 302
Rockfile links are inverted, and there's no way of telling until you start downloading, ;(

Uploaded: Win/Mac
Rockfile: Mac/Win (wrong order)
Rapidgator: Win/Mac

Edit: In a way it doesn't matter because it seems Rockfile doesn't penalize you
an hour after downloading a file.

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