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Windows, Mac OSX
IK Multimedia Syntronik v1.0.0 Incl Keygen FIXED (WiN and OSX)-R2R screenshot
DATE : 2017.09.18 | NUMBER : R2R-6301/6302 | SiZE : 1.11 GB/1.35 GB

Syntronik is a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer that raises the bar in sound quality and flexibility thanks to the most advanced sampling techniques combined with a new hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine. Syntronik includes 17 amazing instruments, available as a collection or separately, with over 2,000 preset sounds covering a wide selection from 38 of the most iconic to ultra-rare and painstakingly multi-sampled vintage synthesizers.

Syntronik’s synthesis engine goes well beyond traditional sampling thanks to a brand new analog modeled filter section created with the utmost expertise from IK, the pioneer in virtual circuit modeling. This is coupled with exclusive DRIFT™ technology to accurately reproduce the behavior of oscillators from real hardware synths. All of this combined with an effects section that is unrivaled in the world of virtual instruments along with advanced features like 4-part layers, splits and arpeggiators make Syntronik the ultimate source of inspiration with the widest palette of synthesizer sounds ranging from exact reproductions of the originals to sounds never heard before that will stand out from the crowd in productions covering any genre and style.


17 powerful instruments with familiar panel designs and easy to use controls
A collection of 38 iconic synthesizers and string machines
Multi-sampled oscillators for ultimate authenticity
4 classic types of circuit-modeled filters to shape sounds
DRIFT™ technology for realism of subtle oscillator variations
Mix and match oscillators with filters for new original sounds
True 4-part synth to create rich sounds with layers and splits
4 dynamic arpeggiators for complex rhythmic textures
38 high-quality effects derived from AmpliTube and T-RackS
More than 50GB of sounds and over 2,000 presets
Browser search by category or keyword to find sounds in seconds
Optimized resizable interface
Load Syntronik sounds into SampleTank 3 for more expandability
Works as a 64-bit plug-in or standalone instrument for Mac/PC
Fully functional free version also available

download from free file storage


FIXED : Syntronik Free activation.
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.


  Resident 6.03.2016 10 116
Syntronik really Supports 32-bit?
  Resident 31.10.2014 143
Watched my calendar.for a minute i thought it's christmas..Thanks R2R
  Member 20.09.2012 214
Thank you so much R2R and Funtime
  Resident 20.07.2013 4 1477
It seems there was something to be fixed....thanks to be so fast, I didn't see it
Reputation is an idle and most false imposition, oft got without merit and lost without deserving
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1133 3493
Thank you so much R2R and funtime!
  Resident 16.11.2013 3 450
Cool - Thanks :)
I'm assuming that theres a 50GB library to follow (that's the size it says on the website) :)
  Resident 16.03.2014 982
It was too good to be true, I knew there was something fishy...
  Resident 24.02.2014 127
The Library is already posted. Just look.
Just one in 7 billion. Here and gone.
  Resident 30.01.2014 7 988
But the library came now...
  Member 21.05.2016 3 35
Wow, what a way to be ungrateful and impatient
  Member 9.12.2015 3 157
FIXED : Syntronik Free activation. Is this the free version?
I'm not sure what this could mean
I don't think you're what you seem
  Member 9.12.2015 3 157
nop, complete version.
I'm not sure what this could mean
I don't think you're what you seem
  Resident 23.12.2009 2 724
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1412
Damn. Now you got me wishing I didn't buy it for $149 back in July.
"Approach life with the same level of confidence as people who make requests for Nexus2 Expansions."
  Resident 16.08.2010 16 379
Why, didn't worth the money ?
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1412
Oh it was worth the money. I actually use this in every song lately. I was joking in the above comment. Hence the 3 "laughing" emojis lol.
"Approach life with the same level of confidence as people who make requests for Nexus2 Expansions."
  Member 14.05.2014 41 434
Thx for info.
Your avatar make me happy every time when I seeing it.
  Member 1.11.2011 168
one more rompler :)
  Member 22.12.2013 2 259
So what if it's a rompler? You can't create music with it eh?
  Member 14.05.2014 41 434
U know, your guitar is "rompler" too.
  Member 6.01.2015 1 115
ur mom is a rompler ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1412
"Approach life with the same level of confidence as people who make requests for Nexus2 Expansions."
  Member 10.10.2016 1 10
does this support 32 bit?? Has anyone found this out?
  Resident 27.08.2013 3 159
it says platform:win32/64 in the title so i'm guessing it does
  Member 18.10.2012 1 139
Windows® (64-bit)

Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested), Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10. 60 GB of hard drive space. Requires an ASIO compatible sound card.
Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Mac® (64-bit)

Minimal: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB suggested), Mac OS X 10.9 or later. 60 GB of hard drive space.
Supported Plug-in formats (64-bit): Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3, AAX.

Sadly nothing noted for 32 bit on the company site.
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1412
Proof: I start a lot of my songs in Garageband 6.0.5 which is a 32 bit DAW that hasn't been updated since 2010. I finish them in Logic Pro X.
This shows up in Logic X no problem... but does not show up in Garageband 6.

That's how I know
"Approach life with the same level of confidence as people who make requests for Nexus2 Expansions."
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3090
Awesome it is Grate To See IK Multimedia For Mac it is Encouraging Thank You R2R And Funtime Question are the FX VST So You Can Use Them By There Self ? Thanks
  Resident 3.01.2016 66
Funtime and Sir HM thank you.
  Resident 18.10.2008 269
the weekend is ending very well !
*since 2008, "i should know (...)"
-my DAW and stuff i produce is Waves, Izotope and T-Racks FREE, that's because i'm sold out to UAD.
  Member 18.04.2013 824
Thanks a lot

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