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Windows, Mac OSX
Klanghelm VUMT deluxe 2.1.0 Echosound screenshot
Echosound | WIN/MAC VST, AAX, AU, Standalone, 32/64 | 32.1MB
In addition to all the features of the standard version VUMT deluxe offers more metering types (BBC, DIN, Nordic) plus various channel tools, such as Mute and Polarity reverse buttons, a monitor section and the following signal processing tools

HighPass and LowPass Filters, a single band dynamic EQ with various filter types, useful to remove resonances or for de-essing and a mono maker to narrow the stereo image below a certain frequency.

On top of that, each skin VUMT deluxe offers an additional contrasting GUI for the VU itself.

download from free file storage

download from Usenet - 14 days free access +300GB VUMT deluxe 2.1.0 Echosound
download from any file hoster with just one LinkSnappy account
download from more than 100 file hosters at once with LinkSnappy.
audioz mirror
http:// Peeplink password: chf6K2


  Resident 1.10.2013 4715 8391
.......:::::: UPLOADED / RAPIDGATOR ::::::........__________ROCKFILE / UPLOAD-ROCKET___________
  Resident 5.12.2012 756 8592
  Member 22.10.2014 1 802
  Member 3.08.2012 75 16457
  Member 19.01.2014 2 36
Klanghelm - VUMT deluxe 2.1.0 VST, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64 (INSTALL + NO INSTALL)
You Are Free To Be Stupid...
  Member 29.01.2015 37
Thanks. It is great. Thanks again
  Resident 9.02.2013 4 50
Wow! I just made a request 3 hours ago, went outside to get some fresh air and its already here. Nothing but love for this community. Even more reasons to give back to the community. If this will suit my workflow, I might support the dev anyway. Much appreciated!

Edit; Works fine in Cubase 9.0.1
  Resident 30.01.2010 1 1427
lol just for you
  Resident 9.02.2013 4 50
Not saying it was for me. My request post hasn't even been 'approved' yet, so to speak. But it sure is a fine ass coincidence. That I know
  Member 4.02.2015 7 187
I like the Creme color!!! haha \m/
  Member 13.04.2012 150
Very nice one!
  Resident 13.12.2015 91
thanks 4 sharing ¡¡¡ great
  Member 29.12.2011 62
Thanks! And thank you for the zippyshare link!
Hack It ALL or don't hack at all!
  Resident 16.10.2013 146
where does this end up in your workflow?

do you load it on some mixer channels to analyze it at that moment? or do you have it loaded on every mixer channel by default? or only on the master channel?
  Resident 29.05.2011 1 326
Very first plugin on every channel. I use this and Pro Tools' clip gain to gain stage as the first stage of every mix. Then of course make-up gain/ gain match as you add plugin to keep that same level.
  Member 5.11.2016 6
Personally I use this as the LAST plugin on my main output channel (well actually I use it in in the Control Room of Cubase) as overall meter level when mixing with the calibration set at -18 so I have a nice responsive pseudo K-Meter (-18). The VU meter is so mice to work with and really helps manage mix levels rather than standard peak style meters.
Whilst The World Mourns Its Inevitable Decay, I Choose To Write The Soundtrack...
  Resident 2.02.2014 312
thanks, i have used the VUMT duo plugin on almost everything i do. well interested to see this.. thx
  Resident 29.05.2011 1 326
Thank you! This is a valuable tool that I use on every mix! The biggest dilemma is neon or woody!
  Resident 9.02.2013 4 50
Aww man :( No one else likes sky? I guess I am the only one here.
  Resident 18.08.2014 113
sky here...
  Resident 11.01.2013 1 866
  Member 2.10.2013 3
Thanks so much
  Member 24.06.2016 41
Thank you Echosound!!
  Member 29.04.2015 33 973
Klanghelm VUMT deluxe 2.1.0 Echosound
download from free file storage
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  Resident 18.08.2014 113
NIce one! Finally a meter i can make tiny as a molecule and still readibly.
Drop it in the corner of screen and it doesnt bother.
Great thanx!
  Member 22.02.2015 141
Excellent plugin...and this is really cheap to buy...

Support the developer and buy it if u like/use it.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 971 9010
VUMT deluxe costs 22 €.
  Resident 15.01.2015 31
As with all of Klanghelms plugins, ridiculously cheap. Great support too, one of the best devs out there
  guest -- 0
One of the best DEV's out there. Wish more DEV's were like him or followed his example.
Makes quality products at an extremely reasonable price.
This guy also sorts any problems in seconds and amazing customer service.
Also hates protections and doesn't impose them on his customers.
Bought all his stuff and it some of the best value stuff on the market.
Nice share and deffo check this guy out if you haven't already coz it really is worth it.
Nice one :-)
  Member 30.01.2016 68
@EchoSound thx for zippyshare link
though this be madness, yet there is method in't

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