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Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Team AMPLiFY | 34.38 MB
The "Elevayta VST Plugins Pack" is a collection of 8 unique VST plug-ins intended for enhancing and simplifying your productivity.

Choir Boy v4.92d VST-AMPLiFY
Clone Boy v4.92d VST-AMPLiFY
Convo Boy v5.02 VST-AMPLiFY
Extra Boy Pro v4.91d VST-AMPLiFY
FreqEq Boy v4.90d VST-AMPLiFY
Space Boy v4.90d VST-AMPLiFY
Stream Boy v4.90d VST-AMPLiFY
Wider Boy Pro v4.92d VST-AMPLiFY

Choir Boy v4.92d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Choir Boy is a real-time multi-voice pitch shifting plug-in. From a single input (mono or stereo), Choir Boy generates 3 additional voices, which can be tailored to various pitches and controlled via Midi or host automation. Choir Boy also includes real-time, Stereo, Polyphonic Formant Correction! Now your vocal choirs need not sound like a chorus of bears and chipmunks! Choir Boy is absolutely unique in offering real time, high quality, Midi controllable, polyphonic pitch shifting at an exceptional low price.

Transformation is performed using a single instance of Choir Boy operating in real time. The original female voice (mono) is transformed to a polyphonic stereo male choir using the 'formant shifting' functionality. Reverb is added afterwards and is not part of Choir Boy functionality.

Note: The superior processing of Choir Boy results in smooth, convincing voice sounds with a total absence of any 'robotic' qualities.


Real-time, Stereo, Polyphonic Formant Correction!
'Smooth Formant' filter control for optimum results.
Stereo Pan sliders added for all voices.
'Auto-Gain' post Formant volume correction.
'CPU-Save' mode avoids processing on zero/low input.
'Hi-Res' mode for improved sound quality on certain material.
3 additional voices generated from a single audio/VSTi track.
Advanced high quality pitch shifting algorithm.
Stereo or Mono processing.
Midi control of each additional voice.
Fixed relative pitch shift mode.
Dynamic relative pitch shift mode (to a separate Midi track).
Polyphonic Midi note detection for chordal generation.
Preset configurations.
Instructions included.
System Requirements
Windows 98 or any later Windows OS.
About 1 MB of harddisk space.
1+ GHz processor.
Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.

Clone Boy v4.92d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Clone Boy is a real-time Spectral Cloning effect. Clone Boy is intended to be used in pairs. Two instances of Clone Boy communicate in real-time. The first instance when inserted, say, on audio track 1, acts as a transmitter and transmits the spectral signature of the audio on that track to the second instance of Clone Boy. The second instance of Clone Boy when inserted on, say, track 2, acts as a Receiver. The second instance receives the spectral signature from track 1 and applies it, in real-time, to the audio on track 2. Voila! The audio on track 2 now has the spectral characteristics of the audio on track 1, but with its original pitch, melody and dynamics.


Unique communicating Transmit/Receive context sensitive plug-in pair.
Multi-Channel capability (up to two independent channels).
Native assembler code audio processing to provide significantly reduced CPU load.
High resolution FFT (at reduced CPU load).
'Mute' button for Tx mode - Context dependent button.
'Smooth' filter provides low pass filter of Spectrum coefficients - useful when spectrums from Tx and Rx don't overlap.
'Squelch' control - The 'Squelch' slider provides the possibility to mute the output from the Rx channel when the input on the Tx channel goes below the preset level. This functionality is particularly useful in the case that the Tx channel provides only an intermittent signal and processing of the Rx channel is not desired during this time. Use of 'Squelch' can avoid the need to gate the Tx channel and also avoids possible noise contamination when there is no Tx input.
CPU saver - Automatic reduction on CPU usage when Tx channel goes below the preset threshold (works in conjunction with 'Squelch').
'Latency Fix' option.
Full latency compensation.
Miscellaneous additional refinements and optimizations.

Convo Boy v5.02 VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Convo Boy is an "easy to use" convolution engine that can load stereo or mono .wav based Impulse Response functions. In fact, any wave file up to 20 seconds in length can be loaded. This is not a new concept, but my approach has been to make it as simple as possible to use. There are, in addition, some unique features that are not found on any other convolution based plug-in.

Extra Boy Pro v4.91d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Extra Boy Pro (name derived from 'Extract') is a tool that can be used to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance ANY part of a stereo audio track! Extra Boy Pro operates in real-time and is not restricted to vocal processing only. Extra Boy Pro incorporates a unique 2D Spectral-Spatial editing mode by which individual instruments, having been visually identified by their Spectral-Spatial graphical signature, can simply be deleted from the mix! Alternatively, an instrument that needs a boost can be boosted by simply drawing a Region of Interest (ROI) around its Spectral-Spatial signature and increasing the gain in that part of the mix. Multiple ROIs can be drawn and deleted independently. This provides the capability to delete, isolate or boost multiple instruments. A scrolling Spectrograph mode provides a further powerful diagnostic tool by which to visually identify individual instruments and edit their audio properties.


Unique '2D Mode' Spectral-Spatial freehand audio signature editing functionality providing arbitrary manipulation of any part of a stereo mix. (Elevayta proprietary).
Real-time operation.
Twice the audio resolution (higher quality) compared to Extra Boy.
High quality isolation, removal, suppression or enhancement of ANY part of a stereo audio track!
Vertical scrolling high resolution Spectral-Spatial display.
Up to 200 independent Regions-of-Interest (ROI) can be selected or deleted. Provides incredible flexibility for fine tuning.
Isolate or Remove ROIs at the touch of a button.
Boost or suppress individual instruments using a single slider.
User configurable startup mode and latency (depending on maximum desired quality).
Five audio quality modes 'Lowest', 'Low', 'Medium', 'High', 'Highest'. Selectable in real-time with full scaling of ROIs. Plan on low quality and fine tune at higher quality!
Multi-resolution ROI planning with ROIs retained between sessions and presets.
Scrolling multi-resolution Spectrograph display with 'land-marking' tool for cross-correlation of features within the Spectral-Spatial display.
Flexible control of Spectral-Spatial display modes.
Full PDC Compensation (in compatible hosts).
20 Presets.

FreqEq Boy v4.90d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
FreEq Boy is a plug-in that provides the functionality to capture, store, merge and apply EQ curves from different audio sources. FreEq Boy also allows freehand drawing of stereo EQ curves and the possibility to import user defined stereo EQ curves from a simple text file description. So, if you are into designing your own EQ curves, this is the tool for you.


Capture, save and merge EQ curves from different audio sources.
Multiple EQ capture memories (4 Presets).
Draw EQ curves completely freely using the mouse.
Export and Import user defined EQ curves from ASCII text files.
Auto save and reload of last EQ curve.
Full Wavelab compatibility.
See/hear the audio signal conform in real-time.
Independent, or linked, left and right channel EQ curves.
User variable/high res. FFT convolution engine.
Store/retrieve individual EQ curves.
Fully latency compensated and PDC compliant.
Automatic gain adjustment, when capturing and merging EQ curves, prevents excessive volume levels.
Frequency probe function for isolating specific frequencies.
Compatible with any sample rate.
Optimized vector processing for reduced CPU load.

Space Boy v4.90d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
What do you need to do when you have two audio sources, with similar spectral content, and you would like to mix them in a balanced way so that each of the individual parts can be heard? Normally you may spend hours fiddling with the EQ of each source to find the dominant spectral components. Having done this you then need to tweak each EQ until a suitable balance is reached. All the time being sure that a constant volume is achieved. Using the similar, innovative, communicating plug-in technology used in Clone Boy, Space Boy makes it possible to perform this, normally complex, EQ process in a matter of minutes using just a few sliders. Space Boy, as the name suggests, provides the means to analyse, in real-time, the spectrum of one audio source and make a 'space' in the spectrum of another (target) audio source. Not only this, but the ever changing relationship between the different EQs of each source is automatically accommodated in real-time. This means that EQ adjustments are made only when needed.

This is the first time that 'Wormholes' detection mode is available on any audio plug-in. This unique feature will enable you to identify, in a fully automatic (and real-time) manner, the 4 most common frequencies between two different audio tracks. In addition to the real-time Space Boy effect (which uses knowledge of these frequencies) you can now determine, very quickly, values for adjusting other EQ plug-ins you may have. Just load up your Tx and Rx instances of Space Boy, run the tracks and click 'Wormholes' to see the 4 most common competing frequencies identified and tracked in real-time. Even if you don't want to use 'Space Boy' all the time, this functionality enables you to identify essential settings for your other EQ tools - at the click of a single button. Choose any moment in time and capture or track the frequencies for as long as you like!


Unique communicating Transmit/Receive context sensitive plug-in pair.
Elevayta proprietary Real-time Adaptive Spectral Processing (RASP) technology ensures real-time compensation of competeing frequencies between multiple audio tracks.
Unique 'Wormholes' function shows the frequencies that compete.
The 'Wormholes' detection mode - Automatic spectral peak analysis (cross-correlation) for detecting and displaying common dominant frequencies between different tracks.
Export of 'Wormhole' peaks for import to Voxengo GlissEQ available from www.voxengo.com.
Manual spectral peak analysis (up to 5 cursors with frequency display) in both Tx and Rx mode.
'Deep Space' mode - Overdrive the 'Space Boy' effect up to 200%.
Native assembler code audio processing to provide significantly reduced CPU load.

Stream Boy v4.90d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Stream Boy is a real-time host bridge! As such, Stream Boy enables the real-time streaming of audio data from a track, or tracks, within one host application to a track, or tracks, within another host application (or even multiple hosts).

NEW FEATURE! Stream Boy now also provides the functionality to record the composite audio stream from within any Rx instance within any host!

Note: Both host applications must be able to host VST effects plug-ins.

Attention: Stream Boy should be compatible with most host applications. However, given the variety of hosts available, and the differences between the way in which hosts work, full compatibility under all circumstances cannot be guaranteed. So, please be sure to fully test Stream Boy with the applications you intend to use - before committing to a license! License fees cannot be refunded on the basis of changes in compatibility.


Stream individual audio tracks from one host application to another - and back!
Use all your hosts (CPU allowing) in an audio network and record the result, at high quality, to disc.
Supports multiple streams and multiple hosts!
Stream one track to another track within the same or different host or hosts.
Stream the master output from your working host directly into your mastering application - no need to repeatedly render your work to disc.
Use one host for arranging and another as an effects engine!
Access dedicated (non-VST) effects from one host in your other hosts - and vice versa!
It is as easy to use as any VST plug-in.
It utilizes Elevayta's proprietary Tx/Rx communicating VST plug-in technology.
Auto detection of available audio streams.
Auto audio sync between different hosts.
Auto detection of new instances, Tx/Rx state and host sample rate compatibility.
Auto detection of a terminated stream.
Record to disc (.wav format) the composite audio stream from any Rx instance.
Configurable latency (depending on hosts).
It is fully PDC (Plug-in Delay Compensation) compatible.
Recording formats include 16-Bit and 32-Bit floating point stereo .wav output.

Wider Boy Pro v4.92d VST-AMPLiFY
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY screenshot
Wider Boy Pro is a stereo enhancer insert and mastering effect. Unlike most other stereo enhancers, Wider Boy Pro uses the fact that low frequencies are less directional than higher frequencies. By separating out the two frequency bands, and selectively applying different processing to Bass and Treble, Wider Boy Pro realizes a wider stereo sound without losing the punch of the bass. The parameter range and flexibility also provides the possibility to generate a number of interesting additional effects.


Full parameter automation capabilities within compliant host applications
Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) design.
32-Bit processing throughout.
'Midi Sync' option enables 'Note-On' control of High and Bass pan.
'Bounce Mode' provides 4 different 'Midi Sync' modes for 'Stereo-Basis' panning:

Bounce High Only.
Bounce Bass Only.
Bass and High in-phase.
Bass and High anti-phase.

'Bounce Slope' for complete control of Midi transitions in 'Bounce Mode' (prevents audio clicks).
The all new 'Wider Boy Pro' algorithm.
Auto-detect host sample rate.
Panning functionality for High frequencies independent of Bass.
Humidity control:- A Dry to Wet slider. 100% Wet is the processed signal only.
Mode:- Provides 5 output modes:

Classic - The original 'Wide Boy' sound.
Toast - Even warmer and richer (my favorite).
Boost C - 'Wide Boy' with boosted high frequency.
Desert - A flatter restrained mix.
Thru Pan - Passes the input to output via the High Pan slider (for Midi features).

'Spectral Pivot' frequency extended to a maximum of 2 kHz.
'High' button:- switch everything above the spectral pivot frequency on/off. Great for effects and checking spectral content.
'Bass' button:- switch everything below the spectral pivot frequency on/off. Great for effects and checking spectral content.
'Boost Wide':- provides further widening of the soundstage under any mode.
'Mono Bass':- enables to collapse everything below the pivot frequency to mono.
'Pivot Mode':- determines the transition width between Bass and High frequencies.

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  Member 29.03.2014 43
these look pretty sweet cant wait to try them out
  Contributor 31.03.2014 716 6723
Elevayta Plugins Bundle WiN-AMPLiFY | 34.38 MB

  Resident 16.09.2010 1416
They forgot silly boy.. that slaps the piss out of u when u stay up drinking all night and miss work.

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