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iZotope Neutron Advanced v1.00 WiN X86 X64 NO iLOK screenshot
WiN X86 X64 NO iLOK | 163.53 MB
Introducing Neutron: A smarter way to mix

Achieve unprecedented focus and clarity in your mixes with Neutron. This new mixing plug-in combines the latest innovations in analysis and metering with award-winning audio processing.

Mix with confidence

With powerful new features like Track Assistant and Masking Meter, Neutron helps you quickly reach an optimal starting point, clearly identify perceptual frequency collisions, and fully wield creative control over all your mix decisions.

Meet your new assistant

An industry first, Neutron’s new Track Assistant lets you create a custom preset based on your audio to get you to a faster starting point so you can focus on what’s most important – your creative take on the mix.

Different instrument tracks — like vocals, dialogue, guitar, bass, and drums — are automatically detected. Neutron then applies the spectral shaping technology within Neutrino to provide subtle clarity and balance to each of your tracks.

Unmask your mix

Another industry first, Neutron's Masking Meter allows you to visually identify perceptual frequency collisions, which can result in guitars masking lead vocals, bass covering up drums, and other issues that can cause a "muddy" or overly crowded mix. Toggle seamlessly between any two tracks to carve out sonic space and ensure that each instrument has its own place to shine.

Our best processing yet

Neutron features some of the best audio processing we've ever created allowing you to achieve better sounding mixes inside your digital audio workstation. It includes five industry leading mixing processors, all zero-latency capable, including a static/dynamic Equalizer, two multiband Compressors, a multiband Exciter, and a multiband Transient Shaper, as well as an ultra low-latency BS.1770 True Peak Limiter – perfect for all your mixing needs.

The workhorse EQ features clean yet subtly warm processing and a pristine analog-style signal path. With 12 bands of powerful static and dynamic EQ, a range of new and vintage filter types, and flexible sidechain capabilities, it's your new go-to EQ for all your mixing tasks.

Perfect for audio post

Neutron Advanced is also a smarter way to mix for audio post production. Neutron's high-quality, CPU-efficient audio processing offers zero-latency processing across all mixing modules, an award-winning BS.1770 True Peak Limiter, dynamic EQ with sidechaining to sonically balance sub-mixes, an automatic dialogue-polishing Neutrino mode, and surround sound support in all 5 modules and individual plug-ins.

Note: when testing the x64 plugins bridged in fl-studio 12.3 x86
they would not open, so make sure to use the same version plugins
as your Daw, x64 plugins in 64 bit Daw and x86 plugins in a 32 bit Daw
This could just be a fl-studio 12.3 bug as they all work ok in fl-studio 11.

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  Resident 23.06.2013 319
Thanks PiRAT but i really do prefer, the Emulated version that R2R has provided us with, Thank you for your Effort Thought.
  Resident 25.09.2013 10 785
Not me. No AAX for me. And this version doesn't require installation of the iSuck driver. :)
  Member 28.02.2014 71
its the first time for you to hear: NO AAX CRACKED NOWHERE ANYTIME NEVER EVER?
  Resident 25.09.2013 10 785
Thanks a bunch buddy (you know who you are)!
  Member 15.10.2016 1
Thanks Pirat! :D Great release cant wait to see what all the hubbub is all about :D
  guest -- 0
Thanks "Pirat" , You Are Great
  Member 8.01.2015 154
Thank you Very Much!!!
  Resident 26.11.2015 606
thank you x∞ PiRAT!!
make music, not walls.
  Resident 2.02.2014 391
akkk.. f**in upload and rapidshite again.;..
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1236
be grateful and humble in life !
  Member 24.04.2013 2 53
yea, it's very humble telling people what to do.
  Resident 2.02.2014 391
touché! keyboard ninja...
  Resident 7.11.2008 7 346
It is actually useful when people are out of line. When people are oversensitive, they are willing to do anything but admit to being wrong.

Humbleness and humility are great attributes against pride. And replying with "yea, it's very humble telling people what to do", leans more towards pride.

The trick is to not reply in defensiveness, that gives you away, but if you suppress it instead of address it, that just makes you express that in an explosive way somewhere else.

Jesus was humble and he very much told people what to do. When you understand the correct way to do things, you can tell others, because your telling them does not come from an intent of controlling them, but from compassion, care and love.

Humans easily misinterpret the intention of others, in this case only pro tools 10 knows what his core intention was.
Without faith nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.
  Member 28.09.2016 10
Wow, what a great analysis of an answer!

"The trick is to not reply in defensiveness, that gives you away, but if you suppress it instead of address it, that just makes you express that in an explosive way somewhere else."

Care to be more specific?
As long as we disagree, there remains a chance that someone is right
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1110 10479
Please guys, let's keep into post subject: iZotope Neutron Advanced v1.00 WiN X86 X64 NO iLOK
  Resident 7.11.2008 7 346
Thank you brother and sorry for the late reply.

This "The trick is to not reply in defensiveness, that gives you away, but if you suppress it instead of address it, that just makes you express that in an explosive way somewhere else." means this:

If you are constantly bottling up things, and merely pretending to be nice, to be loving, you are not actually being nice and loving. You are approaching everything from a mental space/perspective, not from your heart, not from your soul.

From a mental space, everything is only skin deep/superficial and is not as genuine as people think. It is definitely temporal, not eternal. Thus it is created and perishable, rather than uncreated and imperishable.

In other words, you constantly have to tolerate things and people, if you approach them from your mind. When a person operates solely from the mind, they are loving and nice only up to a certain point, beyond which they break and basically become as vindictive as the other person. The point I was making, is that there is a higher way. What everyone has always sought. But it must be understood and then sought out by the individual, in order to become that person, one who is not merely tolerating others, but is truly not defensive (or triggered egoically), even in the face of most oppressive darkness!

From your heart, you do not have to tolerate them, rather you finally understand them and their suffering, or their nature. Instead of being self-righteous or trying to help from what you think is right, you approach the person/situation with empathy. And in that moment, even if they were to attack you or were defensive, you would find yourself not being filled with retribution or ego based games like one-up-manship. Rather you would be able to emanate God's love through yourself, into the situation and to the other individual. That would have the effect of dissolving whatever negative thing was occurring within that other individual or around them. God's love has the effect of dissolving all conflict (as if it never was) and introducing true peace.

Peace from the mind is false, because it is just a concept. But true peace is truly felt and it's like a blanket that resolves all turmoil within ourselves and interpersonally.

You will find a lot of people who base their life philosophy in the philosophies of men or in false religions, even though they claim to be spiritual and advanced (spiritually and mentally), they fall apart when tough situations arise. That's because their approach to life is based on a mental approach. Sometimes such people will understand the need for an open heart, but they would have mixed that truth with much false wisdom, on how to do that, how to be such an individual. And thus not succeeded.

No such thing occurs when someone is connected to the living God. Yes there are challenges still, but in contrast, the peace inside of you simply cannot be taken away, no matter what. And the love comes effortlessly, you do not have to try. You do not have to think about it. You do not have to put on a front of being loving. It just is. And that love is nurturing and healing, not only to you, but to all situations which you encounter in life.

Psychologically speaking, suppressing unaddressed emotions or unhealed hurts accumulates as a poison inside the self, and manifests in different ways, in different people. In some it manifests as mental instability/disease in others as body diseases, including cancer.

A person may be hurt in one place or with one individual but may express that hurt in other places with other individuals, but because they held that hurt inside them, it erupts like a volcano, being far more toxic and doing far more damage, to the third party. There is a very wise saying that applies well to all life: Hurt people hurt people.

Therefore to come back to the original point, you will not be defensive if you are not operating from your ego mind, and to do that, you have to operate from your heart, through which your soul emanates. And the soul itself is directly connected to God, so through your soul God emanates His love into this world, into your life, and into any situation.
And that is utterly transformative of and healing to anything in existence.

All who solely base their lives, and the truth of reality upon mental concepts or man-made concepts find that as soon as they are challenged, disintegrate and become rather aggressive in their speech, which could lead to other kinds of aggression... They also have rather disharmonious ideology towards life, in general, and tend to be hypocritical. Favouring ideas and concepts when they serve the self, but not when they serve other people, whom they perceive as unworthy or below themselves.

If you are defensive, you give yourself away, that you are merely pretending to be loving and caring, that you are doing it from your mind, as some kind of abstract concept.

True love works completely differently.

True love comes from God. All who have experienced His love, can attest to that. Because their entire lives were changed when they felt that love. Therefore, one has to work on oneself, in order to remain an open doorway for that love. And by "working on oneself", I mean doing it in concert with God, for no spiritual practice devoid of Him, is truly spiritual, rather it is a practice of the mind, meant to reprogram the mind.

It is only God's love which transforms people, situations, and reality from lower orders into higher orders, from conflict to peace, from human (conditional) love, to unconditional love, from love as a mere emotion, to a palpable and undeniable reality that goes far beyond human body chemical processes. From discrimination, to all-acceptance. Human love is in many cases based on fear and biased concepts, but true love has no such reality within it. Just as it is said, "God is light and in him there is no darkness at all."

One can go far without God, but that distance is as if one had not moved at all, in comparison to the distance one can go with God.
Without faith nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1110 10479
Very interesting, Very long, and completely out of topic.
Please go PM for private philosophic conversations.
  Member 17.02.2015 660
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.02.2015 660
Eager to test this ,acc just ran out so im im countin the minutes down he he...
Am i missing something about the emulator vertions of izotope stuff ...
"for me its a constant headache" and only when the "no ilok" vertions became available did the headache get taken out from the equation when installing iz stuff alongside their product range,
Maybe its just me......Cheers pirat i was just looking into this one n baam here it is btw pro tools was saying be humble obtaining something worth quite a bit for absolutley nothing and i quite agree ,i had to wait coz my acc ran out.....So what you gotta wait 15 minutes big deal Nuff said!!!!
  Member 5.10.2016 35
Wow, that was fast! I been sitting here this entire time trying to get the iLok to work and then this one pops up. THANK YOU SO MUCH PiRAT!!!!!!!!!!

I just got done testing it in Fl Studio 12. It works, no demo, but for some reason, the track assistant isn't working.
If you ain't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  Member 17.02.2015 660
Ok so just tested it in fl12.3 and 12.31 beta win 7 64 bit
!Emulator version No thanx>/No ilok all the way!
If your like me and have a 64 bit system and plugs ,dont bother erasing the path/folder for the 32 bit dlls as the plugin manager in fl just wont tolerate it ... but with both 32 and 64 installed the plugin manager doesnt come up with errors and>" all seems to run fine my end plus track assist "Thanx again"
  Member 7.04.2016 19
Incredible work, that was so fast after release. Many thanks you don't know how much this website means to my life right now haha. Now the only thing I could even wish for is Spectrasonics Keyscape
  Member 20.11.2014 38
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 22.01.2014 46 1436
Only in your dreams.
Please do not send me requests. This includes reupload requests.
Thank you :)
  Member 7.02.2015 4 102

[Drops head in lament.]
  Resident 30.01.2012 2067
Mac version is already out. You just to know where you can get it. So no dreams in here.
  Member 20.12.2015 15
where can we get it? :)
  Resident 30.01.2012 2067
From Mac section
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1110 10479
oc23 You are not new here, so you should know that no requests are allowed as comment in a post.

You should comment only matters related to the content of each post.

On an other hand, there is a request section where you can create a post with your own requests.

You can access it using the menu at left:
>> submit new post
Once creating your post you'll see a list of categories on the right side, select "Request"
You're done.

I strongly recommend that you read our rules (click) so you can take advantage of this fantastic place.
  Member 10.04.2016 1 150
The emulator crack is hit or miss for me. Worked with ozone7 but not with vocalsynth or this. I had to use the non ilok versions

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