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Jam software TreeSize (Disk Space) screenshot Treesize is a small freeware utility that is a real must to discover how your system (stupidly) allocates your files and where you're wasting space with your libraries. It's incredibly small, light and fast and integrates without problems with explorer.
Also a Professional version exists, I'm sure you can find it if you want.
Here's the download page:
TreeSize Free

Note: I don't think to waste your time by posting here small freeware utilities because they're really useful you want to make a well working system that you can make music on. Some one can complain: "hey, this is just downloadable and freeware", but trust me, many of the commercial products are not good as these small gems, at least because they have to justificate their price adding huge headers, enormous menus, a lot of useless functions and registry enters. Don't ever trust these products!
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  Resident 1.11.2010 3 342
I use this Treesize for about 12 years, when we try to read a big volume it breaks or shutdown. The free version works fine for small folder volumes, but when it finds a big folder it prompts a nag screen for an upgrade for the Professional Free Size. Why do you think that there is a Pro Version? Nothing is free when it sucks your nerves, patience and time to click "no thanks".
  Resident 3.05.2011 1 7
I'm sorry for that, I currently use it for my 2T disks and never crashed in many years of usage, and maybe yes, sometimes it happens that I have to press "OK", that happens very rarely.
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