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Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro v5.1.1 UNLOCKED MacOSX screenshot
R2R | 20.12.2012 | 441.5 MB
GUITAR RIG 5 PRO is the ultimate software solution for perfect custom tone with more amps, more effects and more creative potential than ever before, all in a powerful and intuitive virtual effects rack.

AAX is cracked, you need cracked AAX host to use.


You can use addional modules without activation. See our other RAMMFIRE/TRAKTOR'S 12/REFLEKTOR/SOLID MIX SERIES releases.

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  Banned 14.05.2011 810 3879
UNLOCKED NOTE : You can use addional modules without activation. See our other RAMMFIRE/TRAKTOR'S 12/REFLEKTOR/SOLID MIX SERIES releases.

You can also use them with older 5.0.1 version of KONTAKT. wink
This version 5.1.1 is only for new MACs! damn

  Resident 2.02.2012 1 107
angry indeed due to the "GOD LIKE SDK FOR OS X LION" SDK Lion changes some plugins will not work with previous Mac versions.

Apple changed the SDK for Lion and Avid, Motu and even Apple with logic are having issues in Lion ( cpu spiking, graphics issues)

  Resident 13.07.2012 1 174
pc please yes
  Resident 30.11.2008 11 172
How can i have the presets again?? Thanks
  guest -- 0
standalone and plugin say licence full
but all the presets on standalone and plugin version are demo and can't load.
no previous version installed
original installer failed to install so had to use Pacifist.
logic 9.1.8 / 10.8.3

edit: got it working
download demo / install demo / install R2R release over it
  Member 3.12.2012 28
Does anybody test it on snow Leopard? Thanks
  Resident 14.11.2011 2 344
Does anybody test it on snow Leopard? Thanks

Yep ! Works perfect so far !
Without obsession, life is nothing.
John Waters
  Resident 30.11.2008 11 172
And the presets?? Are in demo mode folks!

Whats the fix?
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3691
No Demo Here it say's FULL version here 10.6.8 snow Leopard
  Member 10.04.2012 44
Haha! Just been looking for this for the occasional use of the Rammstein thing. Thanks mucho :) No more 30 minute time-out.

Yet another thing I hate about Native Instruments... a free thing is never a free thing.

I am most impressed by XLN Audio who offer Addictive Drums for FREE, forever. It's a stripped down but awesome-sounding kit. Big kudos to them. I used that for ages and eventually bought it. Way better than all the Toontrack stuff (bass drums are always weird), and BFD which is only good if you want to sound like Phil Collins done wrong.

Well, they used to offer it... Not checked recently.

Yup, still there :)

I'll try this on 10.6.8 on Logic 9.1.1 (later versions have gone all wrong - stick with something that works).

I'll report back.

I have the Guitar Rig 5 Free Player installed (and activated) at the moment, so I'm guessing I should totally remove that first... It comes with an uninstaller (hmm).

You guys who are still getting DEMO on the presets... did you have the free version installed first?

I remember something about this... You need to get rid of the NI 'FREE' player first, or something... I can't remember.

Okay... Success :)

I'm using osx 10.6.8 and Logic 9.1.0 (it works so I stick with it - tried 9.1.5 and got crashes every day. Basic computer rules... If you a stable system and it does what you need, LEAVE IT ALONE).

So I dragged the DEMO GTR5 app and folder from my apps to the trash and deleted it. Then trashed the plugins. I didn't bother with the plist files (lazy, yet curious to see if it mattered).

I then installed this version.

All good - everything is unlocked. Rammstein is no longer a 30 minute demo.

I made sure the Service Center app was not reporting my dubious activities back home by using our old fave, Little Snitch.

Hope this helps.

If you are on Lion 10.7 and having problems... that's why I don't want to upgrade to Lion - half my plugins will disappear.

Lots to explore in GTR5 but as far as I can see it's all the same but with a slightly less ridiculous interface. Still annoying and counter-intuitive to use (it's NI, after all). Still the best sounds if you be bothered working with it. I am finally ok with GTR2, yes, taken that long. That is what I use. GTR5 just for Rammstein.

Good luck, peeps...


oh and mucho thanks for the upload :)
  Resident 13.03.2012 214
Error that it failed at end of installation here with either AAX or RTAS on OSX 10.8.2 and Pro Tools 10.3.2. There is no previous version installed either. :(
  Resident 5.02.2012 749
Working great with AU version, on:

Mountain Lion 10.8.2
Logic Pro 9.1.8

Thanks for sharing!
  Member 3.12.2012 28
Thankyou for the advice.

Thanks funtime and co.
  Resident 5.08.2011 855
Yep, same working setup here;

Mountain Lion 10.8.2
Logic Pro 9.1.8

AU is all good to go, thank you :-)
Kiss my big fat umbrella!!
  Banned 14.05.2011 810 3879
Basic computer rules... If you a stable system and it does what you need, LEAVE IT ALONE.

yes That's exactly why i don't upgrade to a newer MAC OS - regardless what developers + people think about it. tongue

  Resident 12.04.2012 6 409
Work like full version but factory presets remain in DEMO mode and don't load. Need a FIX

Thank you.
Remixer, Producer, DJ and music lover.
Thanks for this beautiful community!
  Resident 13.03.2012 214
Question? Does GR v5.1.1 still have a separate crack pkg that gets applied like version v5.1.0 by R2R had or is the crack now embedded in just the one installer pkg? Interesting, since v5.1.0 by R2R installs fine here, but not v5.1.1. And yes, the sfv checks out fine.
  Resident 7.10.2011 705
I've had no problems with loading presets on 10.8.2 but having said that I deeply regret updating from 10.6.8.... in fact I may start hurling rocks at my mac.
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  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3691
The Only Thing I See that happened to me is that it bumped out the vintage compressors they are not there now the old version they were there dunno
  Resident 13.03.2012 214
Clearly something is not right with this release! I just did a virgin test install of 10.8.2 on my 27" iMac i5 Quad Core. Installed Pro Tools 10.3.3. Just tried installing GR5 v5.1.1 by R2R (downloaded it twice from 2 different locations) and it still bombs out every time with an unspecified error at the end of the install. This is not the case with GR v5.1.0 from R2R which installs just fine here!

Here's my fix for this install issue specific for use with Pro Tools:
a) Install 5.1.1 version from R2R and disregard install error at end of installation. Note the aax doesn't validate so just make sure you only select RTAS.
b) Now go to /Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins and pull the Guitar Rig 5.dpm from this directory onto your desktop. Now go to /Applications and delete the Native Instruments folder.
c) Proceed to download the v5.1.1 Mac installer from Native Instruments website and install it.
d) Now overwrite the same location I showed you above with the cracked Guitar Rig 5.dpm that you copied to your desktop.
e) Start up the installer from v5.1.1 again from R2R and only choose to install Standalone.

You should now have a full working version of GR v5.1.1 with all presets.
  guest -- 0

your fix also works with Audio Unit. Thx.
  Member 20.02.2013 13
Installed on Mountain Lion 10.8.2, and though it claims it's fully authorized, I, too, have the problem of all the presets showing "DEMO" and not being able to be loaded. If everyone were having the same problem, I'd say it was a really lousy krack, but since only half are, I guess it's just a run-of-the-mill lousy krack.
  Member 7.09.2012 22
I did exactly what you said. I have other NI stuff tho. When I finally started GR5, the screen popped up to chose from demo, purchase or validate. So that didn't work. the DEMO word is next to the title. Is it demo or actually working full?
  guest -- 0
Thank you!
i did like you wrote it and for me works like charm.
OS: 10.6.8
Pro Tools: 9.0.3
  Resident 17.06.2013 162
Working 10.8.4 Logic 9.1.8.


1) After downloading this R2R installer, download Guitar Rig Player from NI.
2) Install Player onto you mac.
3) Extract the standalone App, and components from this R2R installer using pacifist.
4) Replace the player app and components with the R2R [k]s.
5) All Done!

  Releaser 21.07.2012 11724 1714
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro v5.1.1 UNLOCKED MacOSX

Download link:
  Contributor 29.06.2010 1032 1295

DOWNLOAD: @ Uploaded | Rapidgator | Extabit
  Resident 6.01.2011 566 2645


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or Click HERE for DOWNLOAD
  Resident 15.10.2010 50
demo mode
on mavericks
no components found

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