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Software » Mac OSX
XLN Audio Addictive Trigger Complete v1.1.7 macOS screenshot

02.11.2021 | AU/VST 32/64 | 1.18 GB
The world’s first intelligent drum replacer
When creating Addictive Trigger, we developed smart new technologies (Audio Fingerprint™ and SuperStart™) to make drum replacement easy and painless. Then, we combined these new technologies with some of the best sounds and features from Addictive Drums 2. The result is a fast, accurate and fun way to raise your live-recorded drums to a whole new level.

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audioz mirror
http://http://peeplink.in/0fc1c25a6186 Peeplink password: d5*ZVs


  Member 21.01.2021 149
OMG !!! Thanks and thanks... ...
  Resident 9.11.2020 40 149
certi4real thanks for the surprises
  Resident 25.08.2010 300
Thanks soooo much
  Member 16.04.2020 1 25
Thank YOU so much !!!! Works great!
  Member 16.01.2014 108
I only got it to work as a standalone. Not showing up in Logic pro 10.6.3 Catalina. I followed the instructions
  Member 30.10.2021 4 4
Uploaded links in my PEEPLink have wrong format ("/file" part is missing) and therefore they are not working.

Here's the fixed PEEPLink. If a mod can edit the post it would be great.

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  Member 21.10.2021 3
Hi, thank you very much, your work is highly appreciated. Due to a problem of the original products by XLN Audio themselves, on Monterey the plugins and programs appear with black screen, and we'll have to wait for them to release a working version. A crack of the new release, as soon as it's out, would be the best. Again, great job, if you don't have the intention to work on next versions of these products then no problem :)
  Member 30.11.2016 14 551
When I try to launch the Standalone version I get this message:

'Addictive Trigger

Wrong resources

The program resources have the wrong version.
Please make sure that the installation is up to date.'

Nobody happens to same thing? Solutions to solve?


EDIT: EVERYTHING solved ... my setting error. Thanks anyway to everyone!
  Member 15.11.2018 38
so... as per txt instructions "
2. Copy patched files from "K'ed" folder to:

.component > /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
.vst > /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
.app > /Applications/XLN Audio

however in the K'ed folder there is no .app
only the component and the vet so ?
where is the .app ?

when launching I get a GUID error ...
Big Sur ....

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