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Ohanaware Permissions Reset 2 Mac OSX FREE screenshot
Mac OSX | 5.9 MB
Permissions Problems be Gone

Are there files, folders or apps that cannot be opened? Files that refuse to have changes saved to them?

Any one of these issues might be a permissions problem1, Simply drag your file, folder or application into Permissions Reset, select all the options and click on "Reset".

If everything works after a Permissions Reset, Congratulations, it was a permissions issue and is now fixed.
Ohanaware Permissions Reset 2 Mac OSX FREE screenshot
Meet Permissions Reset

Permissions Reset can reset the owner, group, access permissions, Access Control Lists (ACLS), Extended Attributes (including Quarantine) to default settings, simply by dragging an app, folder or file into Permissions Reset, selecting what you'd like reset, then clicking on "Reset".

Permissions Reset uses the same permissions resetting engine as our premium post-build processor App Wrapper. Permissions Reset uses a prototype of our next generation file system cartographer, for more efficient scans of folders and apps, whilst setting the correct permissions for each file.

Version 2.0 - Friday, April 30th 2021
Requires macOS 10.10 or newer

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Great Little App
" You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough "
  Resident 9.06.2013 3 941
Is that any different from Batchmod app?
  Resident 21.06.2011 4 839
I use them both -- sometimes, you actually have to run an app or file through them both to get it to open. Also, this is a pretty great update. I'm on Mojave, but there's stuff in this version that seems to be geared to Catalina and up.
  Member 28.01.2021 211
usually one works when the other doesn't :)

Codesigner is equally awesome. pm me if you cannot find it, they screwed up their website.
  Resident 21.06.2011 4 839
That's pretty much what I mean -- one of 'em has attributes that the other doesn't. It really looks like they've updated Permissions Reset quite a bit this time around, though.

I've considered getting Codesigner for a while now. It works on a different issue than BatChmod or Permissions Reset, though, right?
  Member 1.05.2019 4 95
Exactly, it allows for the code to be executed properly on your mac i believe.

There are 2 Codesign types:
- Simple : which you should try before "deep" codesigning
-Deep : Which can mess with larger code but works in case of a missed "simple" codesign
  Member 21.07.2019 283 1916
Which one is Simple and which one is Deep? Ohanaware is Deep or Simple?

In which order do you guys recommend applying Batchmod and Ohanaware?

I didn't know about this app until now, I've always been using Batchmod so far.
  Member 1.05.2019 4 95
Codesigning applications is different from Apple Quarantines or Permissions management
  Member 21.07.2019 283 1916
Is it possible to apply sudo codesign --force --deep --sign to many .vst at once? Or the entire VST folder/a dedicated sub-group of .vst files?

Because it's really exhausting to go through Terminal each time and codesign each .vst one by one, like Ozone, Rx 9, Neutron etc. (it's 10 AU + 10 VST + 10 VST3 files to codesign each time...)

Hopefully CodeSigner will help me out here because I've tried every other program - BatchMod, Ohana Permissions Reset 2, and DeQuarantine without success for this purpose.

DeQuarantine doesn't seem to be using the sudo codesign --force --deep --sign command because when I tried on a .vst it didn't work, but then I applied it in Terminal and it worked.

Hopefully CodeSigner 0.9.4 works on Big Sur/M1, that would be our last chance to make our lives easier...
  Member 21.07.2019 283 1916
Would be great if you could upload Codesginer on Audioz! Didn't know about it until now, is this the same thing as terminal command I guess, but more user-friendly? Cheers.
  Member 1.05.2019 4 95
Yes, it is a GUI which is nice for people who do not want to mess up with terminal commands, it's kind of "hassle-free". You can find Codesigner and Dequarantine programs on MacBB.
  Member 27.07.2019 55
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.07.2019 283 1916
I found DeQuarantine by luck but Codesigner is nowhere to be found, on MacBB or anywhere else. Actually version 0.9.3 (beta4) can be found but stopped working in July according to TNT. Would be nice if Audioz could upload the latest working version 0.9.4.

DeQuarantine doesn't seem to be using the sudo codesign --force --deep --sign command because when I tried on a .vst it didn't work, but then I applied it in Terminal and it worked.
  Member 28.01.2021 211
Codesigner requires no Terminal work. It is great, especially when you get a big batch of plugins to install. You just leave it open and drag them into Codesigner one at a time.

I always click the "Deep" option, because it takes no additional time and I have never had it not work correctly. It saves a lot of typing in Terminal.
  Member 20.11.2020 138
This software is great! Fixed all my freestanding apps that wouldn't open. Mojave

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