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Coronal Audio Arcade Tech Preview v2.0.0 VST AAX MAC [FREE] screenshot
VST AAX MAC /// 30Mb
ARCADE is a patented spatial audio codec that allows encoding scene-based 3D audio over stereo with no additional metadata required. It allows encoding sources with height in a fully spherical manner. Its decoder is virtually able to decode to any 3D or 2D audio format, for example first-order or higher-order spherical harmonics (
FOA, HOA), VBAP, Surround, Binaural with or without head-tracking etc. The decoder also works as an upmixer for any stereo content, to any of the formats it can decode to.

We are very pleased to announce the update of Tech Preview DAW plugins to version 2.0.0, with improved encoding and binaural rendering quality. Consisting of three VST/AAX plugins for macOS, the ARCADE Tech Preview suite is still available for free!

Key ARCADE features:

Transmits full 3D audio scenes over stereo channels
Supports most input formats:
Channel-based: Auro-3D, Surround
Scene-based: Ambisonics
Supports further stereo compression codecs: MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis, OGG Opus…
Supports multiple, simultaneous decoding formats:
Binaural (personalised, head tracked)
Auro-3D, Auro-Max, Atmos, NHK 22.2, all surround formats (not included in this tech preview)
Stereo-compatibility: ARCADE-encoded audio can still be played back on standard stereo devices and compressed with audio compression algorithms.

ARCADE is backward compatible

with supports: CD, Cassette, Vinyl…
with compression formats: Ogg Vorbis / Opus, MP3, AAC…
with stereo hardware: Jack, optical…
with stereo broadcast systems: TV, FM Radio…
ARCADE is content compatible

Stereo compatibility
Partial matrixed-surround compatibility
Upmix any stereo content to 3D or 2D formats
ARCADE is suitable for a wide range of applications

Rendering multiple 3D formats from the same audio asset: home-theater, personalized binaural with headtracking etc.
Embedded decoding for headphone: head-tracked, personalized binaural rendering from a stereo analog stream
360 video or audio distribution
VR/AR game engines: sound asset storage, 3D rendering…
Telecom, Telepresence, Teleconference
Car audio systems

What’s new in 2.0.0?
Previously missing low frequencies are now handled by the codec
Encoded stereo stream: more balanced diffuseness
Decoded stream: deeper and more balanced diffuseness
Binaural rendering HRTF database updated
Binaural rendering spatial resolution improved
Binaural rendering hemispherical mode added

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