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Software, Windows
Musik Hack Master Plan v1.5.5 WiN-MOCHA screenshot
MOCHA | VST3/AAX | 116.7 MB
Master Plan is a professional audio mastering workflow that gets you release-ready masters with simple controls: Crystal clear loudness, rich, analog saturation, phase-coherent imaging, physical tape emulation, and extra tools to fix and monitor your mix.

Powerful mastering packed into a fast workflow
Master Plan was made to mimic the painstaking steps taken by professional mastering engineers to provide polished, release ready masters.
Replace the endless amount of plugins on your master channel with one powerful tool.

Algorithmically superior loudness
Master Plan’s loud knob is a unique marriage of a clipper and limiter.
The loudness circuit can often add +4dB to a track without audible distortion.
It reacts to unique parameters in your mix, giving you total control of the algorithm’s risk tolerance.

Professionally-tuned ranges
We made the tough decisions for you so you can focus on the ones that matter.
Every control in Master Plan was carefully calibrated to ranges that won’t mess with your mix.
Enjoy the ability to push the controls wherever you want without damaging your mix.

Natural, dimensional width
Our critically acclaimed Wide knob increases the stereo depth and ambience while maintaining phase coherence.
Crank the wide knob up and listen to your mix surround you, give it just a touch to add some breathing room.

Beautiful subtlety that professionals charge for
Simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of creative control: make anything from a clean, loud mix to a warm, vibey record.
Many AI solutions and single-knob mastering plugins add audible distortion or impact the overall vibe of the track.
Master Plan’s subtle changes won’t ruin your mix - turn on Unity and hear for yourself!

Curated presets
Custom presets are designed by Stan Greene as a quick option to finish a project.
Choose from True Peak and Loud preset categories based on the project, client, or your own personal philosophy.
Save your own presets for later use.

Loved by professionals
Tracks mastered with Master Plan are consistently chosen by major-label records.
Master Plan has been lauded for its musicality and is used across all kinds of genres and projects.
Check out our testimonials and see what our users think!

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  Member 25.03.2014 8 1134
Thanks, Whats new? official web P. dont say
  Resident 18.08.2012 28 83
Major Update
* Gentle mid-range EQ with three different band options
* Much larger interface for hi-def displays
* Improved monitoring for phone and N-10
* Instead of on/off, LUFS targets are now adjustable on the settings screen from -18 (multichannel) -14 (streaming target), -8 (radio), and more on the settings screen
* Loudness metering for Peak, LUFS-M, or target-adjusted LUFS-M
* Clipping indicators, along with median and maximum clip metrics
* Better preset management and export to individual files (along with bug fixes for long names and names with special (non-latin) characters)
* < > Buttons to quickly scroll through presets
* Interface size is now on the settings screen only
* Disabling the loud circuit now also disables post-oversampling safety limiter
* Reordered settings
  Member 10.09.2023 2 64
anyone tried this? what can u say about it?
  Member 19.03.2014 387
Yes i gave it a go, great, same as before but with the Eq and better metering the mid eq is powerful can dip the mid in and shape a mix well, i like the new light GUI even though im normally for dark ones. Seems to sound the same other wise but not done any tests.
  Member 10.09.2023 2 64
can u say that "physical tape emulation" its good enough? i tried so many plugins im kinda tired x_x
  Member 19.03.2014 387
The tape part is not good with master plan, it makes it sort of muffled warmish, nothing really that good, i always keep it off, some like the muli comp, i dont, this plugin is about the main knob, I like the thick and clean used very lightly, like 15%, and wide is good about 9oclock. sometimes calm 1x is good just to keep some brightness down. I rarely use the eq but i think i might use this new mid section
  Member 10.09.2023 2 64
i appreciated ur comment!!! thanks!
  Member 31.01.2022 67
One of the best plugins I have.
I typically throw it on a mix while I'm working at -20db with tons of headroom.
You crank the knob, push your track to the max and it sounds as good as they say.

I want to hear how loud things will eventually sound, very early in the game.

So, not a replacement for doing all the proper eq'ing and hard work before hand.

I recommend giving a shot.
  Resident 24.01.2021 145
kontolatoz MOCHA 😍💕😘 🫶

Have only heard good things about this, thank you for the update.
I did not get to try the previous version because I am slow, but this I must demo.
  Member 26.07.2022 199
yes thank you this is wihout a doubt one of the best Master plugins going for the Main track bar in my opinion
  Member 1.03.2024 67
i heard about this, was waiting to try it. many thanks
  Member 27.02.2024 1 13
Is there a MACOS version?
  Resident 7.08.2021 354
do you see a Mac version here? No? Question answered.
  Moderator 4.06.2022 8 1205
If you submit a proper request there could be

INFO > rules / faq > HOW TO POST A REQUEST
Visit my profile page for Audioz related FAQ/PM, premium downloads, donations, how to supply etc...
  Member 21.09.2023 1 250
great plugin.
  Resident 5.08.2014 394
Unfortunately is crashing FL 24
  Member 10.09.2023 2 64
maybe are old files ?? remember to make a clean install !
  Resident 5.08.2014 394
Always cleaning up with Revo before each update.
Crashing Reaper too as i just tested this.

This one is named also different with 1.5 in name.
  Member 10.09.2023 2 64
so its real x_x
  Member 4.12.2023 1 181
It did not crash here on my end. I’m also using Reaper

How did you test it?
  Member 4.12.2023 1 181
Mocha did it again

Great plugin and great update
  Member 10.09.2023 2 64
hey mocha really loved ur logo at the final of the install!!
  Member 12.08.2019 99
Crashes bitwig whenever I click the gui
  Member 15.01.2014 22
Thank you so much MOCHA !!!!
I did not know this plugin, amazing!!!!
  Supplier 10.01.2021 2 82
I would only really consider the loud tool to use in my mastering session since i have other tools that do everything else, plus more tweakable. Ill check in plugin doctor and also compare this to izotope maximizer 11 irc 4 (modern) to see which can get louder more transparently.. brb!
Witches of the gods… for the people.
  Member 5.11.2023 81
Don't quite get the hype about this one?
  Moderator 4.06.2022 8 1205
Its actually not too bad IMO. I wouldn't use it on my master bus, but I tried it on groups and with some work and other plugins around it for creative sound design, I had some good results in the end. There are many far worse in this category.
Visit my profile page for Audioz related FAQ/PM, premium downloads, donations, how to supply etc...
  Member 23.04.2015 4 578
Masterdesk is better tho not as loud
Come here just to try the software and buy it afterwards.
If I don't like the software I will just DELETE it.
  Member 26.07.2022 199
This Master Plan and Masterdesk plugins are all of a muchness once you have tried both on your main bar say you used Master Plan first got your exact sound you wanted then turned that off and used Masterdesk instead got the right sound you wanted with that then if you turn one off and one on you will find the sounds are exactly the same. Yes Masterdesk has more controls but at the end both are on a par with very similar results
  Member 17.11.2020 137
bought this. sam, the developer is a really down to earth person who also might give you a discount if you write him a friendly mail. also not only for the master bus, try to use this on a mix bus or individual channel too if your cpu allows this.

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