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Software, Windows
Plugin Alliance Brainworx Bx_glue v1.0.0 WiN-BUBBiX screenshot
BUBBiX | 8 May 2024 | 35 MB
Get the sound of the greatest British-made VCA compressors of the 1980s, the warmth, punch and cohesion of analog glue compression with all the power and control of a modern Brainworx feature set with multiband capabilities. For the pros in search of the perfect mixing glue and amateurs, whose mix never quite gels, this is the definitive VCA glue compressor. Brainworx bx_glue brings it all together.

(64-bit: VST3, VST2, AAX)

1a). Install .exe, & replace with patched files.

1b). In Reaper, you maybe need to force a re-scan (Preferences-> Plugins-> VST -> Re-scan)

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 6791 14104
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  Member 12.12.2023 284 1559
Rapidgator | KatFile | Nitroflare
  Member 21.06.2018 81 9987
  Member 14.12.2021 251
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 23.08.2015 1 322
Haven't heard of BUBBiX team before... Crack ok in this release?
  Resident 2.07.2015 101
Haven't used this paticular release however, BUBBiX stuff is legit.
PA stuff is also dropped by TCD and R2R. TCD versions are just install unlike this one which requires you to replace with the provided patch files.
R2R PA releases are Patched and Keygen. It seems R2R are on vacation right now. They usually take timeout mid year. They'll be back soon.
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  Resident 17.06.2023 38
Crack very powerful on this... watch out if you don't want to wake up at 3am in San Francisco with no shoes and a missing kidney.
  Member 28.12.2016 122
at least if I'm going to lose my kidney, I'd like it to go for more than half a month's rent
  Resident 2.03.2019 5 283
Seems the MAC version has issues already - but it's a v1.0 so it's a wait for on this one until a version fix.
  Resident 11.05.2013 7 272
Works fine windows 11 Ableton live 11 VST & VST3 also it's great plugin I'm probably going to buy .
Thank you heidra and BUBBiX
  Resident 4.12.2022 51
I tried it. Great compressor. A worthy addition to the ElRey and bx-townhouse bus compressor.
  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2635
I think it sounds bad for SSL G style comp, not pumping correctly, not aggressive at all, a lot of additional functions to cover its weakness. The old ancient simple Waves SSL Bus Comp owns this plugin in terms of how close they get to SSL G Bus. Like clean my shoes lil bro kinda owned.

Bx Glue has this some sort of low end artifact things going on because of the band crossover function even when the link set to 100%. I suspect it's a common 180degree phase shift caused by the band split but it shouldn't be there when the link is 100%. One more thing, assuming people will use this on Stereo Bus, a linear phase option should be available. The weird thing is that artifact, low end didnt get through the gain reduction circuit so highly likely it will ruin all your subs if you are the type that cut subs as short as possible to make them hit hard kinda guy. I will be a nightmare to mix through this plugin and get your low end right with how different elements interact and causing issues with the low end.

Try set the band link to 100% and change the crossover point, you'll hear the sound changing drastically. If you can't hear it, use Reaper's Delta. The Ambience mode in the plugin happens separately before the signals are summed in the chain (according to the manual's signal flow) so it is not that obvious. It's the delta of the low and high bands summed, not the delta of the summed signals if that makes any sense. Not sure if it's a bug or it was by design. Oh make sure you have good monitoring because it's kinda hard to listen on certain material. I checked the coder's name and couldn't find anything about that guy, well I didn't try hard enough I guess but as for now gonna assume bro is new to this field, at least not as capable as previous bx's coders.

That low end thingy makes the overall result weaker and smoother which is a bad thing for SSL style comp IMO. Funny thing is that it kinda cancelled the "glue" factor this compressor is famous for because transient isn't smacking hard enough, my guess those minimum phase split got something to do with it. Want to make things worse ? enable the band split.

Another thing, I couldn't find the feedback path on the gain reduction and detector chain in the signal flow which is kinda sus for a well known Feedback VCA style compressor they are trying to emulate, but maybe the signal path diagram didn't fully showing everything, just the basics.

I compared this to other 10 SSL style Bus comp and all of them react more or less the same with each other, has pretty much the same compression style but different from the bx glue. Okay let's just say it's not really a SSL Comp because it has a lot of other stuff nobody asked for, even for that it's still bad. A lot of things feels unnecessary, I mean jeez, nobody ever asked for a split band SSL style comp EVER, since the 80s. It's already perfect just the way it is, well maybe HPF so it could more suitable for modern production. Maybe it is targeted for modern Bass Heavy kinda production but I can't see it can be useful for those either idk.

If you PA die hard, Cenozoix sounds way way better on the SSL G Bus mode. Townhouse is kinda okay but a little too slow for my needs. For my taste (4,10,Auto, smash to more than 4db on meter but total GR is 2.5db, CLA style) the Bettermaker Bus Comp is sonically better.
It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Member 21.07.2019 84
Thanks for your thorough insight Dude!
  Member 28.07.2020 6 137
That should be his new name; Insight Dude.
  Member 20.10.2016 124
"Insight" is his middle name. Born as Stevie Insight Dude.
  Member 15.02.2023 10 138
Thanks for phase shift alert, thats always my first test case and red flag.
  Resident 25.12.2017 6 1934
quote by Stevie DudeI suspect it's a common 180degree phase shift caused by the band split but it shouldn't be there when the link is 100%

I'm not an audio scientist, but my initial thought was that this seemed improbable since since that'd be a pretty glaringly obvious thing to overlook, even from a scripting standpoint, but PA's been dropping the ball more and more often lately, in various ways, so you may be spot-on there. Honestly, I'm disappointed that they haven't gone back and overhauled their line of older Brainworx plugins and added QoL perks like PSPaudioware have been doing. (For once, I'm not gonna dive into a long-ass diatribe, ranting about the bx_console AMEK 200 and the ridiculous back-'n-forth me, and others, have had with PA about its performance. That's partially on me for getting my hopes up. I've come to terms with it... mostly. )
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  Member 31.07.2021 31 53
Cytomic The Glue
  Resident 25.12.2017 6 1934
... is the Glue now Dual/Multi-band? If it is, it's news to me.
"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the Hip Hop, The Culture." ~ Method Man ~
  Member 31.07.2021 31 53
The king doesnt need those.
  Member 14.04.2015 176
low key, only waves and acustica get close to the real thing. If you know You know. honourable mention is the sonimus one also
  Resident 25.12.2017 6 1934
High-key? Out of the three, I'll give you the Sonimus, that's it. The other two must have flashed you phony credentials... but that's their style.
(Incidentally, in that list of SSL-esque comps... where was BussPressor?)
"Rap is a gimmick, but I'm for the Hip Hop, The Culture." ~ Method Man ~
  Resident 4.12.2022 51
There doesn't seem to be a single real sound engineer present here. Learn to listen to sound and not analyze different curves and test plugins using mathematical methods.
The compressor is very good if we speak without pretentious expressions and catching fleas.
  Member 19.12.2022 1 160
If you can't hear phase shift I don't think you're a real sound engineer if I'm being honest

It's baffling how so many people get annoyed when people use analysis software on plugins. Is it not wise to visually confirm what you audibly suspect is wrong?
  Member 13.07.2017 18
this plugins are so-so in my opinion, thought I keep using my tim petherick L-Bus instead. nice share, BUBBiX!
  Resident 4.12.2022 51
But contrary to the claims of the Stevie Dude, Cenozoix compressor is complete crap. Terrible aliasing and a million other problems.
Here's who else agrees with me -
  Resident 29.11.2020 29 2635
ah, still at the v1.0.0 are we. bad bad TBTech/PA for not fixing nor updating the plugin.

Version 1.0.1 (Feb 21, 2024)
Bug Fixes
- Oversampling now works correctly. Fixed the issue that some internal DSP codes remain at the original sample rate instead of being initialized to a higher sample rate when oversampling is enabled, which may cause the missing low end.
- Fixed an issue with latency compensation which causes phase issues when mixing dry and wet signals.
- Undo in Logic now works correctly.
- Fixed the incorrect display of Hold parameter when reopening the GUI.
- Now knob fine tuning with Shift works correctly on macOS.
- New oversampling IR kernel that improves the sound quality while slightly increasing the latency.
- Now supports the gain reduction meter display in Studio One.

Version 1.1.0 (Apr 19, 2024)

- Implemented "Drive" modelling: Extra harmonic distortions for each of 24 vintage and modern compressor styles with adjustable drive levels. Enables you to mix and match a compressor style with a different drive style.

- Implemented "Post-Makeup Dry Mix" that allows to mix dry and wet signals after makeup processing.

- Implemented compact mode with hidden waveform and threshold panels.

Also already figured that all out the 1st hour of the release :

check the comment.

It makes no sense to say you’re not good at it. It’s like saying, “I’m not good at being a monk.” You are either living as a monk or you’re not.
  Member 19.12.2022 1 160
Either way Fircomp 2 is still king in terms of transparency/aliasing imo. Much less bloated of a plugin too, no DRM bullshit

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