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The Usual Suspects Osirus (DSP56300 Emulator) 1.3.10 MultiOS + ROM's [FREE] screenshot
v1.3.10 | 185MB/380MB/704MB | (VST2/VST3/AU/CLAP/LV2)+FX | Win/macOS/LiN
Motorola DSP563xx Emulation.
Working Access Music Virus ROM's included!

Working Access Virus ROM's included:
Virus A (v2.80)
Virus B (4v9)
Virus B (Ver. T)
Virus C (6v5)
Virus C (6v6)
Virus Classic
Virus GmbH - Virus B & Virus C
Virus Rack XL (6v5)


TL;DR Changelog: updated Patch browser, LV2 and some other new features along with CPU usage reduction!

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  Member 21.06.2018 33 9537
Rapidgator | KatFile
  Contributor 11.10.2014 6669 13859
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  Member 30.04.2021 2 38
Osirus 1.3.10 (2024.04.07)

- [Fix] Part volume knob for part 1 was bound to selected part instead of part 1
- [Fix] Selecting a ROM preset via part drop down didn't work after switching to
        another ROM
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 2542
Nope. It is just a hotfix.
The most huge has been done in 1.3.9
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 2542
Changelog is on the website
  Member 12.10.2015 64
This thing really rocks. I mean seriously. I owned a Virus B. Had to sell it for various reasons and this just brings it all back to me. I am getting more mileage from this emulation than actually owning the real synth. Kudos to the devs. It's great and ever so close to original if not actually touching it. I choose this in my top 3 synths to reach for in all my current tunes. Have moved on from DnB & psytrance but I'm having a fascinating time applying it to undergound dub stylee. Many many thanks.
  Member 1.01.2018 4 239
In the previous version when you loaded a different ROM, presets unique to that ROM would appear.

How do we get those presets now?
  Resident 19.12.2018 104
When the TI???
  Member 2.10.2021 11
Honestly guys I really don't hear anything you couldn't do with a million other synths as well.
  Resident 1.04.2015 182
Even if it has all the base features virtual synths offer for the last decades, if you can't simply hear it has a sound of its own (waveform timbre, filters, modulation, in general a grittier sound and more identity than most of virtual synths), I don't really know what could be done for you .
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 3791
And that's OK, too. If it doesn't do it for you, just move on. There are thousands of lovely VAs now. An odd one I also love a lot is called Digits. Look it up, Phase Distortion synth (like Casio CZ-1000). Or Hrast Tranzistow and Diodow... Great times to be a synthesis nerd.

I'm as happy as pig in shyte with Osirus and Vavra.
Spot on, diznek. That's pretty much it.
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Resident 24.01.2021 129
quote by SineWave. . . An odd one I also love a lot is called Digits. Look it up, Phase Distortion synth (like Casio CZ-1000). Or Hrast Tranzistow and Diodow... Great times to be a synthesis nerd. . . .

These are some hidden gems! 😲😵‍💫🤯
Thank you very much for sharing, friend! 🤩
  Member 27.04.2022 383
They've ruined the preset browser. They made it into that new stupid browser that some people do, that only reads one preset directory, instead of browsable, and I dont even know where the directory is. I just wont be able to use any versions going forward that do that. That was unnecisary.
  Member 20.04.2024 26
I think to have Heard somewhere that the DJ Molella used an access virus indigo (a virus c basically) between his gear, and to have heard the classic M1 organ2 patch as secondary bass in "Surrender" by the band "The Soundlovers" where he plays as DJ, so he has also a Korg M1. As to Say that, with this software, the Korg Legacy M1, maybe the Roland Cloud Zenology, and some good samples (maybe the right ones, if you have Magix Doremix) you can do something similar (if not identical) to the original!
  Member 20.04.2024 26
Probably, as for now, the four virtual horsemen of the italo dance, may be this software alongside Korg Legacy M1, Korg Legacy Triton, and Roland Cloud Zenology... i think to have explained what i think to have known!
  Resident 29.11.2019 1 71
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 2.10.2021 181
Anyone else having a freeze with virus_rt_210x071.bin?
  Member 4.05.2024 20
the Comment has been Removed

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