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Software, Windows
Dada Life Endless Smile v1.3.1 WiN-MOCHA screenshot
MOCHA | VST2/VST3 | X86/X64 | 6.5 MB
Dada Life Endless smile
Finally! We made another plugin! It’s called Endless Smile. This plugin creates all the tension you need in your music. With our first plugin “Sausage Fattener” we created a simple way of getting our fat signature sound. But it’s not all about the drop – you need buildups too. With “Endless Smile” it’s easier than ever to create music that lifts you to space with a smile that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

===[ Special Thanks to Anonymous supplier ]===

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  Member 9.12.2023 3 74
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.11.2023 5 7
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 7.07.2016 11 974
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 14.11.2023 75
Obrigado Mocha. Alguém sabe informar o que há de novo?
  Member 2.02.2024 28
The cupcake man did not get me to put my hands up.
They are trying to top the first plugin.
have some fun
  Member 31.05.2021 92
the format VST3, i love this
  Member 27.10.2020 75 831
Is this the end of the rein of Ravi Kumar?
All the people streaming using the pirated software can now relax that Ravi wont' give them away? Can they now license to their own name?
  Member 28.10.2023 7
I tried installing this too but only the Ravi version shows up, I guess he reins longer for me
  Member 27.10.2020 75 831
All Hail RAVI KUMAR!!!! The real OG!!
  Member 3.11.2022 44 143
So much love to the supplier and of course Mocha.
Hoppe for see all this Nice little tools.
  Member 22.10.2021 252
They should have named this plugin "Out Of Your Face Drugged Up Disgrace"
  Member 15.10.2017 1372
"ENDLESS DERP", perhaps?
SymlinkTool: LSE - Firewall Control: WFC
  Member 20.05.2021 1 44
2024, hope in humanity is not lost entirely.
  Member 8.01.2020 94
Positive Mood Plugin. Immediate effect! If you are a musician and depressed, just load the track you're working on and activate Dada Life Endless Smile. You have one big control knob to yank here & there and you'll be happy! You'll also have something, as opposed to recent years' "You'll Have Nothing.." slogan. Probably the most involving part was to commission an artist to do the cartoon animation this plugin plays when you yank The One Knob That Rules Them All.
Uninstalled. Since for SFX creation this is an "Add Noise"-module at best.
  Member 30.04.2021 11 57
I still use this program to this day it's simply the bomb. I recommend trying it as a reverb wash out effect aswell works wonders!
  Member 14.07.2019 4 43
Endless yawn.

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