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Software, Windows
Red Rock Sound Plugins Bundle 2023.09 WiN-MOCHA screenshot
MOCHA | VST2/VST3 | 125 MB
Red Rock Sound Plugins Bundle 2023.09 WiN [MOCHA]
RRS AQ550 | RRS AQ550b | RRS AQ560 | RRS Bass Enhancer | RRS BQ-A | RRS Comp 609 | RRS EQ3 | RRS EQP-1A | RRS Exciter | RRS Fuse Stereo Image | RRS SA360 | RRS uniQ | RRS Ivoks | RRS EQ302 | RRS EQ560 FREE | RRS HLF-3C | RRS SA60

The pack updated & includes:
---> FX
RRS AQ550 v3.0.0
RRS AQ550b v3.0.0
RRS AQ560 v3.0.0
RRS Bass Enhancer v1.0.3
RRS BQ-A v3.0.0
RRS Comp 609 v3.5.0
RRS EQ3 v2.0.0
RRS EQP-1A v1.5.1
RRS Exciter v1.0.2
RRS Fuse Stereo Image v1.0.0
RRS SA360 v1.0.0 (new)
RRS uniQ v1.0.3

---> VSTi
RRS Ivoks v1.0.0

---> FREE
RRS EQ302 v1.0.2
RRS EQ560 FREE v1.0.3
RRS HLF-3C v1.0.0
RRS SA60 v1.0.2

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