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Software, Windows
Sound Particles SkyDust 3D v1.1.1-TeamCubeadooby screenshot
TeamCubeadooby | 17 June 2023 | 154 MB
What is SkyDust?
SkyDust 3D is the first spatial synthesizer plugin in the world, which allows you to play a note and get instant 3D sound in any immersive format. It’s fantastic for stereo and exceptional in 3D.

Easy to use presets, with the power and flexibility of sub-presets.

Multiple Presets
No time to program a synth? No problem, simply use one of the hundreds of presets that we have available.

Random Presets
Looking for happy accidents, or endless combinations? Use the dice to create random presets, for infinite sounds.

With sub-presets, you can save/load only parts of the synth, and reuse them a lot: sequences, pitch effects, FM settings, spatial movements...

Easy Preset Selection
Large preset buttons on the main panel, allowing you to easily pick the right preset under the pressure of live concerts.

Filter Presets
Sometimes is hard to find that preset that you like. Filter presets by artist or sound type, to find them more quickly.

Random Lock
With random presets, sometimes you simply want to change a part of it. Lock the modules that you want to keep unchanged.

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 6256 13059
Rapidgator | KatFile | Nitroflare
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  Member 21.06.2018 15 7836
  Member 24.10.2021 3 158
I used to think Pigments 3 took the cake on bringing your CPU to its knees. This thing, however, makes Pigments look like a VSTi from 2002.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2374 16076
What's your cpu and system?
  Member 10.05.2021 1 280
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  Member 22.10.2021 252
Thank you. Cannot imagine what this synth would have been like before update with him specifically saying in this video the latest version has new performance optimisations with optimised code Youtube. I can see why it costs so much, as it would take us all hours going through so many parameters to design just one sound preset.
  Member 22.02.2019 2 53
Working well (Windows 11, I7 13700K) in Ambisonics 3rd order with Nuendo 12 decoder and regular phone, great technology. A little CPU intensive but not much more than some newer vst instruments.Great share, thanks!
  Member 30.08.2019 70
After extensive testing, I can't determine a high cpu load for the given. you have to keep in mind that there are up to 8 oscillators here. the sound is clean and warm without artefacts. the fm function sounds incredibly good. the best I've heard in years. i love fm synths but most of them sound harsh and sterile. all in all the synth sounds very tidy, seems to have few disturbing resonances. for me personally a next generation plugin. Thanks a lot for this
  Moderator 21.01.2012 2374 16076
Thank you for your interesting comment, based on experience.
Now I want to try it.
  Resident 4.06.2022 18 692
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  Member 17.06.2023 3
Hey, the install tells me : error while copying a file: out of memory...

Would be awesome if someone helps me, thanks a lot!
  Member 17.06.2023 3
Nobody can help me rn? =(
  Member 26.09.2022 21 20
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 19.12.2018 99
This thing is amazing.. Thanks for sharing it.

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