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Software, Windows
Rhizomatic Plasmonic v1.2.0-NeBULA screenshot
Team NeBULA | 1.12.2022 | 59MB | Standalone/VST3

Beyond Physical Modeling

Plasmonic captures the complex acoustic resonances of Physical Modeling, expands on it with more familiar elements of Subtractive Synthesis, and adds a few unique twists.

From plucked strings with an acoustic presence, to vast imaginary soundscapes, to gnarly leads and complex rhythmic textures, Plasmonic will go wherever your imagination takes it.

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  Releaser 24.05.2013 19 971
This is the Successor of Native Instruments Absynth.
Thanks so much for this Release!

Btw. the NFO is from a Blue Cat release

Also thanks to Mocha for being involved ;)
  Banned 4.06.2022 105 757
Absynth is the first audio plugin ever here, over this way. Cool. cool. I will just say that the About page rules.
  Member 26.12.2017 52
Similar here , it was on an old Powermac , I remember the standalone . I was blown away , Wasn`t it free or donationware back then ?
  Member 13.10.2022 62
It is broken for me. :(.
  Member 22.10.2021 115
thanks. The .nfo is for Blue Cats Audio DP Meter Pro v4.01, so you know
  Member 15.10.2017 1196
... and from 2013 !!! KEWL
  Member 27.10.2022 35
NeBULA, you made my day. I've been waiting for this.

Big thanks.
  Member 12.11.2021 18 230
What a pleasure for my seaboard!
Thank you sooo much!
  Resident 10.07.2014 1265
Wow Nebula.. I thought it will never come out.
This is one of the few synths which Teams should consider releasing.
Let's see how it go against the similar synth by Applied Acoustics.
  Member 19.06.2020 21
Thanks, I was gutted when NI pulled the plug on Absynth . . let's see how this measures up
  Member 7.11.2014 9 41
Great synth, Brian is a genius
  Member 2.10.2013 5 227
Wow! Thanx a lot!
  Resident 16.03.2014 1481
Sounds amazing.
  Resident 4.05.2011 846
Great work! I bought Plasmodnic because it's a great piece of kit and too to support the Dev, but I haven't registered it to have a version that would save my presets because my machine is never on line so this is a gift from cracker heaven.
Music is always a commentary on society.
Frank Zappa
  Member 13.10.2022 62
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 26.07.2012 555
Oh yeah the développer of Absynth 5
I wanted buy it but found it overpriced for a v. 1
  Releaser 24.05.2013 19 971
It's on sale right now, you save 33%. I think I'll buy it.
The GUI is ugly but it produces such nice sounds.
  Member 6.03.2018 2 657
I prefer the current GUI to the one on Absynth. But yeah, the sounds are great. Nice to have a synth that doesn't sound like every single other synth out there.
  Resident 7.07.2021 587
I'm a legit user, and the up-to-date version is now 1.2.5 R1082. (EDIT: removed, completely useless!), normally the Krk should still be valid...

...Unless it is deeply integrated and packed into the NeBULA setup? In this case, only NeBULA could update the release.

Whatever, I didn't regret one second to have paid for the license, because I found it's a great tool for sound design and experimentations (to be absolutely clear: for me it's Pigment, but subjectively better, and far easier for me to handle -> better interface).

But of course I can be wrong, and seen from another side, there is many, many other interesting beasts to play with, it is not alone in this market, far from that.

I was just an ABSynth lover... So it's not really a rational choice, but more sentimental.
I'm alive!!! :D Isn't it astounding??? ;)
  Banned 4.06.2022 105 757
It's a demo only version with dozens of instances of " demo" and the paths have to be changed from having demo in them too. Likely, there are other differences. Even if possible, it is probably a good idea to do full installers only for this product. Good lookin' out, though.
  Resident 30.12.2017 1 1658
I was sad to hear NI discontinued Absynth, and I hope the dev can find success with this one.
  Member 14.09.2019 74
just beautiful!
  Member 8.01.2020 46
VST3 says please activate or try demo?

OMG!! OMG! I was looking for Absynth alternatives and was awaiting this software like The Messiah! :-ooOooo Thank You!!!
  Member 14.09.2019 74
quote by apadfaszaVST3 says please activate or try demo?

not if you patch it
  Member 13.10.2022 62
I patched it and it is still broken. Buttons reset when reopening GUI, have incorrect states when first opening the plugin. Sometimes i cannot toggle their states. :(.
  Member 14.09.2019 74
yeah, after further testing I noticed that too. it is really sad. I was jumping into the air when I saw the release, now it feels less euphoric. :(
  Member 22.10.2021 118
Thank you for the try of this, Absynth was a monster way back, speaking of so too was Refx Vanguard. I just knew the new Vanguard though would be vector flat as a pancake, no surprise there. In the end it's the sound that counts of course it's only cream on top when we also get arty graphical and creative animated GUI's.
  Member 24.10.2021 1 142
If Plasmonic is truly the successor to Absynth, then it's a triumph of size over substance. Absynth weighed in at over 1 GB while Plasmonic is 59 MB. Big difference.
  Resident 10.07.2014 1265
Some devs waste lots of data storage. Native Instruments is one of them.
  Resident 8.06.2021 515
I love the colors, and totally support the dev continuing Absynth's legacy. But damn, what an ugly UI. At least the color scheme is easy on the eyes. And it sounds great.

Thanks a million NeBULA!
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