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Software, Windows
Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022.11 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 13 November 2022 | 7.42 GB
Release notes:
In addition to the two left hands of architecture with a million small pictures, the Arturia plugins
also have a paranoid flaw in checking the license of protected presets - is checked by legitimate
each of more than 10,000 protected presets, which greatly increases the initialization time of
plugins :( Therefore, to accelerate loads all protected presets, were cleared and unlocked. Now
these purified presets can be used even with third-party imperfect releases (eg R2R) that did not
support protected presets

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do these include NKS ?
  Resident 8.06.2021 695
No. To my knowledge, most of these expansions do not offer NKS files, though. You're better off using Analog Lab's browser imo.
I was drunk when I wrote this
  Member 18.01.2020 22 78
quote by itsjustepicbcan someone make an extracted version for mac users?

would be nice
  Member 7.04.2021 4 35
anyone else missing "Speakeasy Hip Hop" and "Dark Grime" packs? Or was my file download incomplete?
  Resident 6.02.2018 692
how many arturia banks and third party banks in the package comparing previous release...thx
  Member 21.04.2018 109
First, let me say Thanx for this.
Before I installed this and analog lab v 5.6, I had over 29k presets in AL5.5.
Now they only show about 17.5k presets. What happened to the rest of them?
Btw, I never installed the separate synth and keys collection.
  Member 10.11.2017 79
Same here. I had to start each and every standalone synth and wait half a minute each time before closing to get finally 31k presets into analog lab. Additionally many presets from augemnted string and augmented voice were missing, so I had to copy the old files (presets and samples) from the older July install, which I still had on another .vhd
  Resident 18.08.2018 445
31,747 Presets in Analog Lab.
Thank you!
  Contributor 14.12.2010 1314 224
Hi Mud
did you update the whole arturia content in the same way than last time

With the addition of augmented piano it would be this way :

- Analog Lab installed to default location (Arturia Analog Lab V v5.6.0)

- Pigments in default location (last non updated version)

- Synths V to any drive (Arturia Synth V-Collection 2022.11)

- Keyboards Piano V to any drive (Arturia Keyboards & Piano V-Collection 2022.11)

- Augmented Strings/Voices and piano to any drive (Arturia Augmented Bundle 2022.11)

- SoundBanks 2022.11 Bundle install to default location(Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022.11)

- last FX collection to any drive (last non updated version)

Am i right or is there any changes ?
  Resident 18.08.2018 445
quote by satchHi Mud
did you update the whole arturia content in the same way than last time
Am i right or is there any changes ?

hey Satch, so in the latest V.R releases in Analog Lab I noticed an issue where as soon as I clicked on the first CS-80 preset within Analog Lab it would crash, this was with a fresh install using all the latest V.R releases.

So I started all over but this time installed all the latest R2R releases again on a *clean machine* and then added this latest V.R soundbank bundle and have no crashes at all and everything is fast, I did see an error message at the end of installing this soundbank bundle but haven't encountered a single error switching through many many presets, I deleted the db.db3 file so it would rebuild the database and everything is perfect So Far, of course the first time running it you have to right click and select Run as Administrator even if you're logged on as administrator otherwise you can't clear the favorites etc. I installed everything in default location and then dragged the whole folder located at C/ProgramData/Arturia to my D drive and used the easy symlink tool so I could take back that space on C, the size of the folder is about 37GB with everything installed including Aug Piano and Arturia FX plus this latest preset bundle, everything that's available on this site for arturia all latest R2R versions.

Soooo I installed everything from R2R starting with ASCEMU2 v1.1 then V collection then analog update 5.5.2 then Augmented Grand then V.R soundbanks bundle and finally FX Collection R2R. I may experiment more later but that's what I have so far 31,747 and everything is working perfect, the only issue was the presets were all appearing double but it was fixed when I deleted the db file and let it rebuild, haven't seen an issue since, only messed around for a few hours so far so we'll see.
  Member 10.11.2017 79
Thanks a lot, following this mixed approach helped me curing the crashes I also suffered from.
  Contributor 14.12.2010 1314 224
As always i thank you Mud for your well described method. I noticed that you avoided to install the last analog lab V 5.6.0 from VR but if it doesn't affect the whole process with bugs, i'm ok with that. I'll follow your method in a while as i'm changing my PC setup.

Last question about analog v : On a new pc setup, do i have to install just "analog update 5.5.2" or do i have to install a previous version (which one) before this update ?
  Member 11.11.2022 5
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the Comment has been Removed
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the Comment has been Removed
  Member 21.04.2018 109
after getting all the presets into ALV5.6
can I delete all the synth, keyboard, and the V collection 9 programs?
or do I just backup the preset and sample folders before the uninstall?
  Resident 18.08.2018 445
quote by satch
Last question about analog v : On a new pc setup, do i have to install just "analog update 5.5.2" or do i have to install a previous version (which one) before this update ?

The R2R V collection includes every instrument except aug piano which is available separately, after installing V collection install 552 update, I didn’t use anything by VR this time except the sound banks bundle. Keep in mind aug piano works well loaded as separate instrument but doesn’t show up in analog lab yet so there will eventually be an update, and when that happens it will change the number of available presets inside analog lab to a higher number. I think that’s why I get the error after installation of the sandbanks bundle, but so far everything’s working perfect, haven’t had a single crash or hiccup yet.
  Contributor 14.12.2010 1314 224
Thanks Mud for this further answer. Now things are crystal clear :)
  Resident 29.01.2015 718
i get a error when i install this bundle at the end is that because i have R2R on my pc
  Resident 15.11.2013 3 1438
quote by deejay2how many arturia banks and third party banks in the package comparing previous release...thx

With regards to official Arturia Banks, there are 15 New ones since last time there is EVERY ONE ON THE ARTURIA WEBSITE (EXCEPT THE BANK House Hooks - If I know how to crack them I would buy and upload it to complete the full website preset list) I do a list for myself from the site when new presets are released, so when a new V.R pack is released, so I can check if they are included. Usually ALL are included but this time 1 BANK IS MISSING (from the official presets - House Hooks -) These are the NEW Arturia Preset Releases (in reverse order of release - Newest First)
- JSPA - Analog Lab V 65 Presets
- Bass Dimension - Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Synthwave Voyager - Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Organic Soundscapes - Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Lo-fi Cartridge Vol 2 - Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Future Soul Keys - Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Jigsaw - Analog Lab V 34 Presets
- Wuthering Heights - Analog Lab V 35 Presets
- Techno Emotive - Analog Lab V 32 Presets
- Futuristic Pads - Pigments & Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Hadra Trance Signature - Analog Lab V 140 Presets
- Desert Mystique - Analog Lab V 32 Presets
- Bonobo Tribute - Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Indie Sunset - Pigments & Analog Lab V 64 Presets
- Tropical House - Pigments & Analog Lab V 64 Presets
Edit - Looks like I lost my tabs :)
If anyone has the missing 'House Hooks' then please upload it, I'm sure someone can crack it :)
  Member 7.07.2018 56
Is there a way to grab just a few banks, installing the whole thing massively slows down my installation. I think the cracking isn't perfect either (heard some say there's some delay because it needs to fake authentification)
  Member 26.10.2016 55
Can someone upload the Wuthering Heights pack only?
  Member 11.11.2022 5
Thank you for this release, but there is some problems
1-some samples are missing , for example in Memory Tape bank most of the presets have missing samples , i fixed it a bit by reinstalling that specific bank but there is more
for example :
C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/CMI V/User/Hysteria/@simbooooooooo_7.wav
C:/ProgramData/Arturia/Samples/CMI V/User/Hysteria/data0.bin

It's even very difficult to find presets that have missing sample but it's very disappointing to see some presets are not working
2-some presets are dupliucated, for example in Arturia\Presets\Jup-8 V3 and Arturia\Presets\Jup-8 V4, there are many duplicated presets but I cleaned it a little bit
also people are getting an error at the end of the installing process but seems like it's making no problems

it would be really great and useful if you guys fix these problems and give us a cleaner version without errors, missing samples and duplicated presets
also sorry if my english is not that good

Thank you so much

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