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Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Surge XT v1.1.0 x32 x64 VST3 AU CLAP WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 04 August 2022 | 727 MB
Surge XT is a digital synth and makes no bones about it.
If you have used it in the past, it will be like welcoming an old friend back into your life. If you are new to Surge XT, welcome to the party. Come on in, the water is fine.

Synthesis method: Subtractive hybrid

• Each patch contain two scenes which are separate instances of the entire synthesis engine (except effects) that can be used to create layered or split patches.
• Quick category-based patch browser with textual search and favorites
• Runs on a variety of operating systems, plugin formats, and architectures

• 2779 patches
• 614 wavetables

• 3 oscillators per scene, with 12 versatile oscillator algorithms: Classic, Modern, Wavetable, Window, Sine, FM2, FM3, String, Twist, Alias, S&H Noise and Audio Input.
• Classic oscillator is a morphable pulse/saw/dual saw oscillator with a sub-oscillator and hard sync.
• Modern oscillator is a mixable saw/pulse/triangle oscillator with an optional sub-oscillator mode for triangle (which can also change to sine or square) and hard sync.
• FM2/FM3 oscillators consist of a carrier and 2 or 3 modulators and various options.
• String oscillator uses two filtered waveguides to emulate plucked or bowed string sounds.
• Twist oscillator is based on a very famous Eurorack macro oscillator, and it offers a myriad of synthesis options in a very simple and quick way.
• Most algorithms (except FM2, FM3, Twist and Audio Input) offer up to 16-voice unison at the oscillator level.
• Oscillator FM in 3 different configurations and ring modulation between oscillators 1-2 and 2-3.
• Most oscillator algorithms (except FM2, FM3, Sine and Alias) are strictly band-limited, yet still cover the entire audible spectrum, delivering a clear, punchy and clean sound.
• Noise generator with variable spectrum (available directly in the oscillator mixer).

• Two filter units in 8 different configurations.
• Feedback loop available in 7 of those configurations.
• Available filter algorithms: Lowpass (12 and 24 dB/oct, each with 3 variations), Legacy Ladder Lowpass (6-24 dB/oct), Vintage Ladder Lowpass (2 variations, each with and without gain compensation), Highpass (12 and 24 dB/oct, each with 3 variations), Bandpass (12 and 24 dB/oct, each with 3 variations), Notch (12 and 24 dB/oct, each with 2 variations), Allpass (3 variations), Comb (positive and negative), S&H.
• Open-source additions to our filter algorithms include: K35 and Diode Ladder filter types from Odin 2 synthesizer, 12 and 24 dB/oct multimode filters from OB-Xd, and weird but fascinating Cutoff Warp, Resonance Warp and Tri-Pole filters by Jatin Chowdhury!
• Filters can self-oscillate (with excitation) and respond amazingly fast to cutoff frequency changes.
• Waveshaper (43 shapes).

• 12 LFO units available, 6 are per voice and 6 are global for the whole scene.
• DAHDSR envelope generators on every LFO.
• LFO shapes consist of 7 deformable LFO waveforms, step sequencer, a fully-fledged multi-segment envelope generator (MSEG) with various curves and up to 128 nodes, and last but not the least - a formula modulator which utilizes Lua scripting language to provide completely custom modulator output.
• Voice LFOs allow envelope retriggering in step sequencer mode.
• Extremely fast and flexible modulation routing. Almost every continuous parameter can be modulated!

• 16 effect units arranged as 4 inserts per scene, 4 sends and 4 master effects.
• 27 effect algorithms:

• 3-band fully parametric EQ
• 11-band graphic EQ
• Exciter
• Resonator

• Distortion
• Neuron
• Tape (based on ChowTapeModel!)
• Waveshaper

• Combulator
• Frequency Shifter
• Nimbus
• Ring Modulator
• Treemonster
• Vocoder

• Chorus
• Ensemble
• Flanger
• Phaser
• Rotary Speaker

• Delay
• Reverb 1
• Reverb 2
• Spring Reverb

• Airwindows (itself containing 56 effects!)
• Conditioner
• Mid-Side Tool

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  Contributor 2.11.2014 2418 11378
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  Member 21.06.2018 14 3396
  Member 17.10.2013 1 410
This release is buggy and annoying. Every time you change an oscillator type it has a voice say OSCILLATOR TYPE IS SET TO SINE WAVE.

It defaults to "send announcements" so FYI everyone disable that :)
  Resident 4.02.2012 645
Wut?! Naaaw.
Are you being serious? I don't have that behaviour here.
  Resident 4.02.2012 645
Awesome synth! And it's free! I've used it since 2008, when it was commercial and cost money.

They (the coder/dev guys updating it) are going to dive into the ShortCircuit sampler, which is one of the best samplers in the world IMO (despite its beta state). It's gonna be exciting to see what they will come up with!
  Member 7.08.2018 8
No disrespect meant to the uploaders but was wondering if its free then why do we need those slow download links. Just go to the surge website. Hope this plugin isnt as bad as other freebies out there. About to give it a try.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1811 14117
Well, you are free to do it, home page is in the post, which is mandatory here.
Other people, depending of the freebie prefer to download from what you call slow links, I got 250 mb/s with Rapidgator ... That's not what I call slow.

Last but not least, these post about freeware have an informative function.
Many people discover good freebies thanks to these posts.
  Member 7.08.2018 8
Hi Olymoon.

Yeah I get all that but not everyone can afford to own premium to those links hence the 'Slow' links for free users, which by the sounds of it you aren't. People have a choice so that's good. Just s*cks with the bigger plugins as I often have to go on a search for a torrent to get them.

Have a good day
  Member 13.10.2014 106
quote by ShaggyHi Olymoon.

Yeah I get all that but not everyone can afford to own premium to those links hence the 'Slow' links for free users, which by the sounds of it you aren't. People have a choice so that's good. Just s*cks with the bigger plugins as I often have to go on a search for a torrent to get them.

Have a good day

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