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Software, Mac OSX
Boz Digital Labs Mongoose 2 v2.0.2 [U2B] macOS-TRAZOR screenshot
TRAZOR | Jun 24 2022 | 6.1 MB
Panning is one of our most powerful tools as mixing engineers, but due to the fact that we have to create our mixes for multiple environments (headphones, speakers, etc) we are bound by how we can pan our instruments while still sounding natural on all of these playback systems. Have you ever noticed that panning an instrument to one side sounds fine on loudspeakers but hurts your brain on headphones? This is because in real life, no sound goes into just one ear unless it’s coming from your ear (like headphones).

Mongoose fixes this problem by summing low frequencies to mono so that no matter how far you pan your instruments, they will sound equally natural on both headphones and speakers.

Mongoose—Just the Facts:
• Sums low-frequencies to mono with adjustable crossover.
• Very low CPU impact.
• Focus and tighten low end while ensuring mix translation.
• Create contrast with high-frequency widening.
• Sculpt the width and depth of a mix.
• No phase issues when summing to mono.

Take on Mongoose
Keep in mind that our job as mixers is essentially the same as that of a magician: to create a satisfying illusion in the mind of the audience. So while left and right is all we have in stereo, mono bass summing focuses the center image while creating the illusion of greater space in the stereo field, which in turn simplifies the mixing process. Mongoose makes it easy to achieve a focused and punchy center image with as much width on the sides as you like.

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  Member 27.01.2022 50
Thanx again TRAZOR. This is such a useful plug, I use it on every mix & have been doing for years

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