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Toontrack Gospel EZX v1.0.1 WiN macOS (SOUNDBANK) screenshot
P2P | 11 May 2022 | WiN : 4.66 GB / macOS : 3.76 GB
A journey in gospel drums – from the ’40s through to today.


A journey in gospel drums – from the ’40s through to today.

Up until today and ever since the early days, when makeshift kits, foot stomps and handclaps served as rhythm sections in churches, the beat has been central in every syllable, bar and phrase of worship music. Simply put: rhythm is instilled in each fiber of gospel as we know it.

The Gospel EZX celebrates just that: the power of rhythm and the legacy of a genre whose DNA over the course of history has seeped through to almost any facet of music imaginable. With branches arching into anything from R&B and soul to rock, hip-hop and fusion, gospel is the literal definition of width. With its four fundamentally different sets of tonal characteristics, this EZX covers the entire scope and paints an impressive sonic image – from the open-sounding tones of the early 1940s and the dry, muffled and tight ones of the 1960s to the punchy, distinct and crystal clear sound of today.

Add to that the ear and craftsmanship of Danny Duncan – seven-time Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer with a longstanding gospel merit – the breathtaking aura of the Paragon Studios A-room, the magic stroke of drummer Calvin Rodgers as well as custom presets, MIDI, percussion, handclaps, snaps and foot stomps and you have the ultimate gospel battery.

If words are the lifeblood of gospel music, rhythm is the heartbeat upon which they thrive. Welcome to a collection of drums that encapsulates the essence of one of the most powerful and uniting forms of musical expression: gospel.

•Drum tones inspired by gospel music from the 1940s through to today
•Engineered and produced by seven-time Grammy Award-winner Danny Duncan
•Sampled by noted gospel drummer Calvin Rodgers
•Recorded at Paragon Studios in Nashville, TN
•Three complete drum sets, one dampened kit configuration and a wide range of cymbals
•Handclaps, foot stomps, snaps, shakers and tambourines
•Includes custom presets engineered by Danny Duncan
•Comes with MIDI performed by Calvin Rodgers


Meet the team behind the Gospel EZX and get a glimpse of what happened behind the
scenes during the session. Welcome to the Paragon Studios!


This video walks you through all of the kits, facts and features of the Gospel EZX.


In this video, Danny walks you through his microphone positioning philosophy for this session. Learn about the different mics, how he placed them and more!

The collection of presets include both those engineered by Danny Duncan himself as well as presets by the Toontrack sound design team. The idea with this bank of presets is to not only bring out all the unique qualities of the kits but also to provide the broadest possible sonic palette of drums for gospel music.

The included MIDI was performed by Calvin Rodgers. It covers a wealth of playing styles suitable for anything from traditional gospel to modern gospel, soul, R&B and any pocket-style beat. Each ‘song’ is organized in common song structures, making it easy for you to build a foundation to a track in no time. The MIDI library also covers a section of fundamental rhythms intended for the included percussion, handclaps, foot stomps and snaps.

6 GB free disk space, 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended).
A working EZdrummer 2.2.1 (or above) or a Superior Drummer 3.2.4 (or above) installation.

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Wow! Thanks for making my day
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Yessss! Thank You!
  Resident 26.01.2019 15 1132
Calvin is THE guy for this library ! I'm stoked.
This marriage with TT cannot possibly fail as a product, already sounds great to me and I just can't wait to get my hands on his MIDI files ! (That 12/8 in the second vid ! )
Soz 4 gassing !
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Been waiting for this ever since announced and published by TT
Now it's here and loving it.
Thanx for sharing
Too old to make a difference.
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Superior drummer 3.3.0 requires activation. Thanks for sharing
  Member 4.02.2021 12
Does anyone have the link via uploaded
  Member 29.12.2015 17
Does It works with a Legit SD3 ?
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Thankssss !!! Just Upvoted the previous day and got it today...!!! So Happiie!!
  Member 20.06.2021 132
Fantastic Library ! Thank you
  Member 6.06.2013 145
It is only an EZX but this one is a little gem on par with the bigger libraries. Very well recorded!
“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell”
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Clear sound, Nice!. Thanks!!
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