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Software, Windows
Crave DSP Crave EQ v2.0.33 CE-V.R screenshot
Team V.R | 19 November 2021 | 7 MB
Crave EQ was built with one purpose: uncompromising sound quality. To that end, we have created 3 highly accurate EQ models based on an ideal analog equalizer. Each model is aimed at delivering the best possible sound for a specific task.

What's New in Version 2
Precise Stereo Positioning (Directional EQ)

Peaking and shelving filters can be precisely placed in the stereo field. Use the new M/S and L/R filter knobs in combination to apply width to adjust focus followed by panning to change direction. A new direction bar around each band shows the amount of focus and direction.

Improved Spectrum Analyzer
The new spectrum analyzer supports higher frequency resolutions, features improved ballistics and can be configured to display any of the M, S, L, R (and combined L/R) channels of the input and output signal. The analyzer can be zoomed up to 4x by dragging up/down on the frequency axis. Dedicated preset management for saving/loading analyzer presets.

Linearly Spaced Frequency Lines
Option to switch from logarithmically spaced frequency lines to a new linearly spaced frequency display. Enabled by right clicking the editor background and choosing Lines -> Linear from the context menu.

Sample Accurate Automation
Supports sample accurate automation for offline bounces with compatible hosts and plugin formats.

Phase Inversion
The phase of the signal can be inverted by clicking the Φ button.

Up to 4x Lighter on GPU
The new graphics engine uses 8x less GPU memory and is up to 4x lighter on the GPU processor.

Unique Transparent Phase Processing
Crave EQ provides four high fidelity phase models: digital (zero latency), analog, linear and transparent. Transparent phase uses a proprietary low latency phase suppression technique developed by Crave DSP that combines the best of both the analog and digital worlds. It is ideal for low latency mixing, delivering linear phase transparency at higher frequencies and analog phase filtering at lower frequencies.

The diagram below shows the four phase models in Crave EQ (analog, digital, transparent and linear) for a peaking filter at 5kHz. In this example, the transparent phase model is set to a latency of 5ms.

Key Features
Four beautifully smooth, lovingly crafted EQ models for mixing and mastering
32 parametric bands with a choice of peaking, high/low shelf, high/low cut, notch, band pass and tilt filters
Directional EQ for peaking and shelving filters
Combined M/S and L/R channel processing for all filters
Solo listen (double-click a band to activate)
Configurable high-resolution spectrum analyzer (M/S, L/R and stereo input/output)
Adjustable frequency, filter and meter axes
Resizable interface
macOS Retina and Windows high-DPI support
Velocity sensitive knobs
Automatic gain compensation
GPU accelerated graphics
Light on CPU
Piano keyboard input
Presets and user defined defaults

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Support me:
  Resident 5.12.2012 822 21151
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  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1557
Crave EQ 2.vst3 only, no install drag`n`drop
  Member 21.06.2018 14 2355
  Member 14.01.2021 28
Thank You very much !
Great eq
  Member 1.04.2021 2 16
whats different in this? what are its unique features that Pro Q3 doesnt offer?
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 2303
Very accurate when you work with lows, surgical adjustment.
I like its high frequency processing.
Transparent phase.
More detailed analyser.

This is what I like in CraveEQ v1 over ProQ3.

V2 has bit more
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  Member 1.04.2021 2 16
there is no aliasing in ProQ3. just do the NULL test.
all surgical adjustments are there in pro-q3
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 2303
I don't say anything about aliasing. Oversampling for highs in digitally clean eqs is not about aliasing.
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  Resident 2.02.2014 1 2303
Also, as I remember, this works in 64 bit float double precision or so. ProQ3 is 32 bit float. Both are fine, but 64 bit float usually doesn't introduce thd/imd distortions. Difference is subtle, innoticeable, but 64 bit less digital, so less problems, and cleaner.
32bit float stuff may appear but noticeable if you use too much upward compression. So why we need extra digital noise and distortions if there are plugins which are better and cleaner?
Stay at home. Protect yourself and stay healthy. Keep your loved ones safe. Do not endanger others. Bless you all. Please...
  Resident 6.09.2012 645
The price…
  Resident 7.04.2013 128
This is an EQ specially designed for people who don't think music is a problem to which there is a singularly unique best solution.
  Resident 29.09.2012 4 874
Tested and works well in FL studio thanks!
Dream Trance
  Member 14.01.2021 28
Windows 10 Ableton live works perfect
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1557
wooow thanks man, was looking for a great digi eq
  Member 24.02.2016 1 92
Should I wait for R2R version or is this 'legit'?
  Resident 26.09.2012 3 1557
i think YOU should wait
  Resident 7.04.2013 128
Oh that's tricky. On the one hand there's disabling your virus protection, running the keygen, editing your hosts files, worshiping at the altar and abject grovelling gratitude.


Just install.

  Resident 28.05.2012 568
Fiiiiiiiinnnnnaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy. Thank you so much. My GPU says thank you as well ;)
  Member 23.12.2017 1 198
The long awaited beloved EQ, Thank You
  Member 2.11.2021 70
Thanks a lot for sharing with us!
  Member 22.12.2018 485
This EQ is all about clarity. THD and IMD figures are extremely low.
There are not any harmonics present on Hammerstein test, meaning practically no coloration of sound or saturation artefacts at all.
The wave shape is almost ideally flat (depending on intensity of filtering), but there are some slight short overshoots on dynamics att./rel. test.
The filtering is very interesting, giving the choice of four types of filtering.
Filters are of Butterworth type. IIR is covered by 'analog' and 'digital' (has zero latency) versions, FIR by 'linear phase', and there is a hybrid one named 'transparent' which starts with min. phase filter, and somewhere around 5k turns into a linear phase. One can choose between several fixed latency times, with higher latency giving better IR which improves sound quality, especially in the low end.
Filtering shapes displayed when using different filtering types are a bit idealized, not always precisely representing the actual filtering curve.
All in all, from technical point of view. this is a very high quality product.
  Member 11.05.2014 149
Very helpful. Thanks for this comment.
  Resident 10.09.2010 1 144
One of the best EQs, sonically. Worth purchasing to support dev, if possible.
  Member 3.05.2017 3 60
crave or fab pro q ?
  Member 10.11.2017 37
It is actually comparable in behaviour. While reaEQ and similar EQs are squashing bell curves at nyquist, pro q3 and crave both do not. But the analyzer of crave is much better detailled at low frequencies while still fast enough in visual update frequency, compared to pro q3.
  Member 24.02.2016 1 92
Good points about the analyzer being very useful in Crave EQ, it's very easy to visually identify the crucial problems. However, there are some functions in Pro-Q that don't seem to be present in Crave, eg dynamic EQ.
  Member 25.05.2021 11
It 's Work. Thanks V.R
  Member 24.02.2016 1 92
Anyone else experiencing strange issues in Windows ever since installing this?

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