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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
BLEASS Dragonfly v1.0.4 [WIN MacOSX]-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 24 October 2021 | WiN: 1.90 MB | MacOSX: 3.85 MB

BLEASS Dragonfly is a completely new approach to tremolo effect which brings new sonic possibilities to all music producers. Make your synths, voices or any melody “vibrate” in correspondence with its own frequencies, or with external basses and leads! Just like in Billie Eilish’s song “Xanny”, Dragonfly helps you achieve the same effect as when the voice gets modulated by a heavy bass

BLEASS Dragonfly automatically syncs the tremolo effect applied on a track using various triggers:

First, you can use the pitch tracking module on either the input audio track (“self mode”) or a sidechained audio track (“sidechain mode”). You also can use the midi input to trigger Dragonfly with accuracy: the tremolo will automatically sync with the notes’ frequencies. Finally, a manual mode allows you to set a fixed frequency.

Then you can finetune your settings by adjusting the fine, factor, smoothness, stereo, attack & release. The “Wild” mode applies a waveshaper to the signal to produce a subtle saturation. The final tremolo effect rate is mirrored by the flapping wings of the Dragonfly.

Thanks Team R2R for the cracking tip!

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  Member 21.05.2018 4 170
Thank you FLARE and R2R! You guy's release is the best safe and stable on this planet!
  Member 10.01.2018 62
Mac it crashes on all app for Audio units and VST 3. Please help.
  Resident 27.10.2011 322
Agreed... None of these BLEASS plugs from Flare are working on my system. Mac/Mojave/LogicX. Applied the terminal command + rebooting. Crashes Logic validation.
  Member 16.07.2020 5
Same here. Any fix worth trying?
  Member 26.11.2021 2
r2r, da goats!!

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