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Software, Mac OSX
Dada Life Sausage Fattener v1.1.5 VST AU MacOSX x86 x64 screenshot
Mac|Vst/Au|8 MB
The Sausage Fattener only has two knobs. But don’t be fooled. With those seemingly simple parameters you can create loads of different sounds. Use the Sausage Fattener on a single channel with moderate settings as a musical compressor. Turn it up and you have a dirty bastard of distortion. But you can also use the plugin on a bus (for example all the drums and the bass) or the whole track as a mastering plugin.

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  Resident 3.01.2016 441
Thank you, Highly rated plugin for Bass tone, by engineers in the music industry.
  Resident 5.12.2012 748 12313
Uploaded | Rockfile | Rapidgator | Douploads
  Member 5.06.2017 17 2274
SUPPORT for new soundbanks,plugins and more:
  Contributor 2.11.2014 1477 7118
Uploaded | Rapidgator | Rockfile | Uploadboy | Katfile | Douploads
Support me at:
  Member 4.05.2019 56
Nitroflare | FileCat
  Member 20.04.2012 1 209
Gotta put dat 4x Sosig on masterr to sound liek Martin Garriks
  Resident 3.01.2011 1 3393
This is a surprise to see Mac VST version thank you

And No Install To
  Resident 6.09.2012 447
A relict of the loudness war era. Obsolete in 2019.
  Resident 7.02.2014 13 1743
so a slammed 80's style, 505-snare and it's compressed and slammed reverb send now sounds bad?
those fricking little hats
  Resident 14.01.2014 6 603
i like a bit of sausage,cheers 4 mac version:)
  Member 1.05.2013 51
Ableton 10 does not see the plugin in AU folder, only as VST...
  Resident 22.07.2016 61
Just reboot.
  Member 1.05.2013 51
Thanx Looms... it helped...
  Resident 27.09.2013 17 213
OMG!!! Finally angry sausage is here !

Thank you so much!!!!
EDM is my life.
  Member 9.04.2019 15
omg!! thank you so much
this was the only plugin i was using with jbridge which was so would overload the cpu all the time!
  Resident 22.09.2015 2 423
It would overload everything.It's a mediocre plugin,I don't understand why people like it.
These same people would probably love "Carnage" from this same developper....
  Member 3.02.2014 33 18
this thing just boost low end +666 db
  Resident 22.09.2015 2 423
Yeah,and a limiter at -666 dB too.And perhaps a hardcore waveshaper on top of that.
  Resident 22.01.2012 213
holly cow :D thank you
  Member 27.01.2014 27
Not showing in cubase 9.5 is ithe vst 64 bit ?
  Resident 27.08.2013 4 227
did you reboot?
  Member 27.01.2014 27
Yes I did not show im guessing its not 64 bit? Can anyone confirm
  Resident 9.06.2013 4 475
a great classic, thanks
  Member 12.09.2018 9
Ah feels sooo good to download this. i actually bought a legit copy some years back. after my macbook was broken and i got it back from service all my plugins was deleted. Dadalife was the only company that didnt renew my serial , even tho i had the recite and everything.
Damn swedes. but thank you soo much hidera!!
  Member 28.09.2014 14
Nice. I need this for marto garrets synth basses. See u at ultra bitches.
  Resident 7.02.2014 13 1743
I have been waiting YEARS for this man...

I forgot about it... thank you!!!!
those fricking little hats
  Member 2.09.2016 392
Lo digo en castellano: la gente que tira mierda con esto me da que no sabe usarlo
  Resident 7.02.2009 1 308
Jajajaja... sinceramente, sólo por el nombre y el aspecto me dan ganas de probarlo xD
[2009] Sorry for my English. I'm working on it
[2017] I'm beginning to improve. Hell yeah, I'm a fast learner :D
  Member 2.09.2016 392
Es simplemente un compresor multibanda con un knob jajaja. Pero que puede llegar a ser muy util. Es genial para controlar picos en un chain, ahora bien, no es la mejor herramienta para conseguir loudness en un mastering que es lo que la gente cree por aqui. Saludos
  Member 23.10.2016 1 39

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