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Samples, multi-libraries, sound effects, loops
Galbanum Synthesism 01 MULTiFORMAT screenshot
Synthesism 01 is the first member of a new series of products in the Galbanum Sample Line. The Synthesism series is the harmonic and melodic cousin of the atonal-percussion-based Abstraction series.

Synthesism loops are designed to be mixed with existing drum and percussion loops to symbiotically fill in the rhythmic gaps, provide a tonal melodic identity, and co-formulate futuristic grooves that are more infectious than a viral marketing campaign. Synthesism 01 focuses on chunky negative-space baselines, angular melodic stabs, ill-behaved electro rudeness, oblique synth heretics, minimal polyrhythmic ostinatos, and asymmetric tonal clusters.

Synthesism 01 loop content is produced at native tempos of 128BPM & 106BPM and is designed to effortlessly stretch from 90BPM to 140BPM and beyond to fit all tempo ranges used in current dance, electronic, and urban music sub-genres. Synthesism 01 is particularly suitable for:
Progressive House, Electro, Tech House, and Techno,
Experimental Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, and Dub Step
Breaks, Electronica, IDM, Synth Pop, and Abstract Rock
Film Scoring, Game Development, and Sound FX
and any other cross-genre music style that borrows from these influence

768 new unique loops! 128 loops in C-minor at 128BPM. 128 loops in F-minor at 128BPM. 128 loops in G-minor at 128BPM. 128 loops in A-minor at 106BPM. 128 loops in C-minor at 106BPM. 128 loops in D-minor at 106BPM. All loops are unique--no repetition! All files are 44.1K/24bit content.

All loops are 2 measures long and are designed to allow using partial segments of the full loop to give thousands of variations. Loops are available in Apple Loops, and Acid Loops formats. Due to the nature of these loops, REX2 format is not available for this product.

All 128BPM loops are designed to be played together with standard 4-to-the-floor Kick-Snare-HiHat patterns. All 106BPM loops are designed to work well with various break grooves. Synthesism loops do not include percussion elements. This allows users to use their own favorite drum samples, or to combine Synthesism loops with other percussion loop libraries such as the Abstraction Line

All loops are provided without additional auxiliary Reverb or delay effects. This keeps the loops pristinely clean and sharp, enables easy custom slicing and editing, and allows high quality reverb such as 2CAudio's Aether and other send effects to be added as needed at the mix stage by the producer to perfectly suit the needs of the given project. The result is more flexibility and better coherence between Synthesism loops and the other additional elements of the project.

All individual samples are made in stereo and make use of extreme spatial processing techniques at the sample level to produce sounds that literally jump out of the speakers. This produces loops which are very active spatially while keeping perfect silence in-between hits when desired. The result is loops that can cut and punch through even dense mixes without taking up huge amounts of mix space.

Synthesism 01 takes creative cues from the Hegelian Dialectic: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis is provided by the omnipresent musical norms of popular styles such as the 4-to-the-floor groove of dance music, or the snappy 2-4 snare and syncopated bass drum rhythms of urban music and down-tempo breaks. Synthesism fulfills the philosophic role of the antithesis, rebelling against these norms and filling in the negative space. It leans over the edge of the outer bounds of sensation and perception and delivers all tonal groove elements as tweaked-out performances which set an eccentric and sometimes hyperactive mood that can serve as the impetus for modern electronic music chart-toppers.

The synthesis of Synthesism and standard 3rd party drum loops provides a creatively rich array of undiscovered country in which the artist may find his creative identity and personalize his journey with his own unique message. Synthesism serves more chunk than Ben and Jerry's or Cambell's, and is certain to move not only the creative juices in the studio, but also the most stubborn wallflowers at the club!

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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