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fresh releases

Samples » instruments
BITLEY Beyond Synclavier 1&2 ReFill screenshot
BITLEY Beyond Synclavier 1&2 ReFill | 357 MB
Way Beyond Synclavier 1 – Synthesizer Kings introduces our amazing Synclavier synthesizer sounds with entirely new programming, patching, combinator design and more. The refill weighs just below 360 Mb and contains 231 NNXT patches, 700 Mb of samples, 18 FX patches, about 120 bonus patches for rack extensions (A series, Ivoks, Polysix, Predator, Pulsar, PX7 and Revival), Midi out templates for Unitor 8 / AMT8 as well as 9 carefully designed and programmed Combinator patches. All instrument samples are perfectly looped and everything was multi-sampled at 16/24 bits at 44,1 Khz. The sample content is much larger than the patch content, so there is plenty of room for creating even more patches.
Samples » instruments
BITLEY Way Beyond Fairlight R2 ReFill screenshotBITLEY Way Beyond Fairlight R2 | 1.71 GB
Way Beyond Fairlight R2 is one of the deepest and most advanced sound banks ever made for Reason. It all begins with the basis of the Fairlight CMI, the first uncompromised instrument for digital sampling and manipulation. WBF R2 contains ultra rich layers of extravagant pads, a multitude of drum banks, bass patches, mallets, guitars, strings, high end synthesizers, special effects and more. Technically speaking: Over 5 Gigabytes of data. Over 4,000 individual patches. More importantly, it sounds absolutely fantastic.
Samples » instruments
Jiggery Pokery Retro Organs v1.5 For Reason ReFill screenshot
P2P | 04 May 2017 | 272 MB
Updated for Reason 6, the three defining organs of the pre-synth era: the B3, the Vox Continental and the Farfisa Combo Compact, in one exceptional ReFill for your Reason racks. With default organs, effects and template patches from all three organ ReFills gathered conveniently into single folders in the ReFill root, this could be all the organy goodness you'll ever need! Save nearly £20 on the price of all three ReFills separately, and get all this exclusive new content as well!
instruments, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Fabrizio Poce J74 Progressive v4.0.2 Max for Live-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | April 30 2017 | 7 MB
74 Progressive is a set of Max for Live tools for Ableton Live specialized in chord progression making and harmonic editing. J74 Progressive allows you to create and edit chord progressions as MIDI clips or real-time MIDI, making use of composition techniques modelling (such as diatonic scale and chords exploration methods) as well as performance styles (arpeggio, humanized timing and dynamics).
instruments, sound effects, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Warp Academy Future Bass Project File ALP FXP-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | April 23 2017 | 102 MB
Synthesis & sound design expert by day, double 00 secret agent by night, Dan Larsson flexes the full power of his cutting-edge synthesis and sound design techniques to bring you Warp Academy’s Future Bass Project File. Selecting and sculpting from an arsenal of fresh and diverse techniques, the Future Bass Project File is guaranteed to offer new ways to synthesize sounds for your own music!
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Flatpack Analogik Waves v1.1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | April 23 2017 | 435 MB
Flatpack Analogik Waves provides a range of mono and poly synth analog sounds, from raw and dirty synth leads to beautifully ethereal pads. This Pack was painstakingly sampled and chromatically tracked across the keyboard, to bring rich and harmonically arresting analog synth sounds to your fingertips.
Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Flatpack Analogik Drums v1.2 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | April 23 2017 | 420 MB
Flatpack Analogik Drums is a collection of unique drum kits, constructed from recordings of highly sought-after analog modular gear. This Pack combines the old-school flavour of analog drums with fresh and colorful snares, kicks, cymbals, toms, claps and percussive elements, making it perfect for a variety of productions.
Windows, Samples, instruments, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses
TM88 Nightmare Drum Kit V2 WAV VST PRESETS FLP screenshot
P2P | April 19 2017 | 342 MB
TM88 NMV2 - Create Beats like TM88 with his famous perc and grossbeat style and btw this has 808 mafia deepest secret grossbeat presets bank which overall contains 88 presets. This drum kit we are giving you has rare samples from tm88 like his Voxs and all that other weird shit. We also added some custom made wav files that we think you will enjoy such as new custom sounds like 808s, Snares, Claps, FXs and 9 EXP. Today we give you the tools to create beats exactly TM %100.
instruments, sound effects, presets, patches, impulses, MIDI, SF, Akai
Adam Florin Patter v1.1 for Ableton Live v9.7.1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
SYNTHiC4TE | April 13th 2017 | 1.9 MB
Get to grips with Patter, a creative MIDI effect for Max for Live that creates truly surprising musical ideas. Its ability to generate unique rhythms and melodies, and deft control over randomization elements make it an exciting tool for those looking for inspiration and experimentation.
Samples » instruments
Ueberschall Neo Soul ELASTIK screenshot
FANTASTiC | 12 April 2017 | 1.52 GB
Neo Soul delivers the smooth, down-tempo, grooves and beats that cross-over between soul and R&B but adds a contemporary feel with some subtle electronic elements that, if desired, can deliver a modern take on the genre. Drum and percussion elements are inspired by the classics while newer sound elements are drawn from hiphop and jazz sources.


Samples » instruments
Point Zero Productions Roar Order REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
Team DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 10-07-2013 | 20.22 MB
Point Zero Productions and Nucleus SoundLab present Roar Order – a ReFill built to take full advantage of Thor's Step Sequencer! Compatible with Reason versions 4.0 and above, this ReFill contains a huge amount of sequenced patches to get your song started or to provide a concentrated shot of sonic inspiration. Inside you'll find light ambient and crunchy synths, deep sub basses, subtle tech synths, strong trance leads and dubby wobbles.
Samples » instruments
Nucleus SoundLab Retrospective REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
Team DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 04-07-2013 | 971.98 MB
Jiggery-Pokery is pleased to present the HollowSun archive of classic and esoteric electronica in an exclusive package for Propellerhead Reason 4 The Retrospective ReFill has been four decades in the making!

Retrospective includes 550+ NNXT patches with nearly 1GB of samples. The ReFill covers a range of analogue and digital sounds, including large sets of sounds from the PPG Wave, Oberheim M1000, Korg M01 and Yamaha FS1R. Samplesets from the following instruments are included.
Samples, instruments
Skint Loops Tech House Drums Vol.2 WAV REX Reason REFiLL screenshot
WAV REX Reason REFiLL | 438.07 MB
Skint Loops Presents Tech Drums Vol 2-following the popularity of our debut Drum & Percussion release Tech Drums Vol 1.we offer up the second installment in the series…Tech Drums Vol 2. Over 900Mb of content,packed full of all the upfront drum sounds you’ll hear in todays deep and funky,dark and shuffley twisted Underground Tech dancefloor bombs! Instantly useable in any D.A.W of you choice.
Samples » instruments
Nucleus SoundLab Performance Stratocaster REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
Team DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 04-07-2013 | 1.40 GB
For nearly 60 years the bright tones of the Fender Stratocaster have been the go-to electric guitar sound for thousands of guitarists.

In a guitar-filled first for Propellerhead Reason 6, Jiggery-Pokery now presents a stunning, keyswitch-enabled Stratocaster sample set - Performance Stratocaster ReFill. The product has been sampled in pristine 24-bit, to sit right alongside the Propellerhead Studio Combo range.
Samples » instruments
Nucleus SoundLab Filter Research 3 REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
Team DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 04-07-2013 | 336.15 MB
Propellerhead Reason 6 has finally brought together audio inputs, live sampling, and loop playback together in a single product. With all this new audio content flying through the Reason ecosystem, now is the perfect time to introduce Filter Research 3 - Nucleus SoundLab's third product in their innovative series of effects ReFills. This package of evolved effects once again goes beyond the ordinary. Filter Research 3 is packed full of effects that are not only useful production tools, but are often musically inspirational as well.
Samples » instruments
New Atlantis Audio Lost Found REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
Team DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 04-07-2013 | 163.89 MB
Based on several years of late night NYC field recording footage, Lost & Found takes you on an unusual sonic trip through the streets of the Big Apple. Haunting carriage rides through Central Park, tourist chatter in Times Square, traffic, trains, and lots more orignal material power this unusual collection of dreamy sounds from the city that never sleeps.
Samples » instruments
Garritan GEM General MIDI v1.0.0-R2R screenshot
Team R2R | 2013.05.03 | 279.3 MB
The Garritan General MIDI collection is a library for those who like to work in General MIDI. General MIDI is a specification that's almost universally accepted that provides for a industry-standard soundest to make music with. General MIDI follows a standard that almost universally accepted that provides for a industry-standard soundest to make music with. General MIDI follows a standard that assigns 128 instrument sounds that are assigned to specific numbers. The idea behind General MIDI was to allow files to be used among different synthesizers, sound modules and devices with predictable results.
instruments, loops, presets, patches, impulses
The Loop Loft Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Collection ACID WAV AiFF REX2 RMX-SYNTHiC4TE screenshot
To produce our latest Loop Loft Artist Series release, we enlisted the talent of acclaimed guitarist, Doug Wamble (Wynton Marsalis, Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux, Branford Marsalis). Recorded over the course of several days in NYC on Wamble's signature Amistar resonator guitar, this collection of tracks covers a vast range of styles, from traditional Delta blues, to front porch folk, to singer-songwriter strumming, to dirty and distorted rock. The result? One of the most eclectic and inspiring loop libraries we've ever released - The Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Collection.
Samples, instruments
FatLoud Urban Orchestra Vol.2 SCD-AudioP2P screenshot
Team AudioP2P | 04-09-2011 | 924.80 MB
'Urban Orchestra 2' from FatLoud puts the power of a virtual orchestra at your fingertips, containing 100 Urban Orchestral loops, 25 one-shot samples and various hits. With over 1GB of content, this pack is a must have for the modern Hip Hop, RnB and pop producer.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

Samples, instruments
FatLoud Urban Orchestra Vol.1 SCD-AudioP2P screenshot
Team AudioP2P | 04-09-2011 | 717.91 MB
'Urban Orchestra' is a collection of 100 urban orchestral loops plus 30 one-shot chords / hits. Includes over 800MB of multi-format material for hip-hop, r&b and modern pop producers. Love "Lean Back" produced by Scot Storch? This pack is ideal if you want to make orchestral bangers!
Samples » instruments
SoundCells Thor Source REFILL-AudioP2P screenshot
Team AudioP2P | 10-06-2009 | 36.56 MB
Thor Source is adequately emulating a well known classic from Moog: the Source. Thor’s modular design gave us the chance to rebuild the Source’s details with great accuracy. Then we copied our favorite Source patches with great ease into Thor and after this we managed to take those sounds numerous steps further. The sounding results however stayed amazingly close to the Source’s character. In this ReFill’s documentary folder you’ll find proof of this.

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