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fresh releases

Samples, Kontakt, instruments
Soundtrax Minipoly v2 KONTAKT screenshot
The Minipoly contains amazing raw analogue and tape oscillator samples, great filters, a chord system and six effects.

The TAPE SAW OSC are long sawtooth waves recorded for each key on tape of a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo. You can hear wow and flutter and even tape dropouts - quite similar to a Mellotron. The SAW OSC, Square OSC and White Noise waves are directly recorded minimoog samples - and sound much crisper than the ‘taped’ waves.
Samples, Kontakt, instruments
NoiseAsh Audio Tools Epic Piano KONTAKT screenshot
Wellcome to NoiseAsh Epic Piano Library! Now you have a Real Piano, just like in the movies...

Epic Piano is one of the most versatile & amazing Piano Instrument in the world. Naturally full and rich sound, that’s the motto! It has thousands of premixed multi channel samples with analog gear that sounds incredibly great for any productions.
Samples, Kontakt, instruments
FrozenPlain Phoenix v2.0 KONTAKT screenshot
Phoenix is a powerful tool for creating string and choir sustains with movement and character. The samples are from synthetic and granulised sources, yet they are rich and organic sounding. The presets vary from realistic strings and choirs to sci-fi beeps and pads. This versatility is due to some unique scripting, such as the LFO engine; which lets you draw your own waveforms and actually see the modulation happen on the controls.
Samples, Kontakt, instruments, sound effects
Global Audio Tools Realm KONTAKT screenshot
Global Audio Tools is very pleased to bring our fellow producers across the globe this all new futuristic tool we call “Realm Kontakt Library“. Designed by world class producers for producers of all genres as Realm Kontakt Library contains an array of instruments ranging from futuristic banjos ,guitars , to glassy plucks, saw sub low bass, pinch harmonics, crazy FX and more!
Samples, Kontakt, instruments
Global Audio Tools Tonal Chimes KONTAKT screenshot
Global Audio Tools is bringing a unique and one of a kind tool we like to call “Tonal Chimes Kontakt Instrument”. We have sampled a unique chime instrument that has outstanding sustaining tones and tempered metalic values. What we went ahead and did for you guys is sampled and made this unique instrument playable for all to enjoy in Kontakt 5 format for a very affordable cost.
Samples, Kontakt, instruments
Resomonics Reflection v1.71 KONTAKT screenshot
Reflection is an inspiring Cinematic Sample library and toolkit for composing Soundtracks and trailers. Perfect for anything from a subtle underscore to driving action and a whole let more.

It contains 435 presets with everything from Evolving Soundscapes & Distorted ambience, to Lush Pad & complex Rhythms. It has a highly flexible interface with a multitude of tools for designing your own sounds, rhythms and arpeggiations.
Samples, Kontakt, instruments
Alden Nulden Productions Micron Vol. II KONTAKT screenshot
Micron vol. II is a Space Ambient Cinematic library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

The main idea is to design your multis by combine single preset instruments and create unique instruments.

Micron vol. II contains 90 single preset instruments, and 30 multi preset instruments. It has 5 categories of instruments such Cinematic, Pads, Space, Percussion and Bass for easy navigation.


instruments, loops
Power FX 2raw Uptown Breaks ACID WAV REX2 RFL-CHiC screenshot
TEAM CHIC | ACID WAV REX2 RFL | 19.3.3 | 640 MB
PowerFX drops the BOMB with Uptown Breaks! Features new breakout beats and hip hop samples for the NOW feel in R&B/Hip Hop/Nu Dance Pop. Wicked beats and syncopations with variations for butt moving connotations. Ultra modern-futuristically hip, Power FX Uptown Breaks is HOT!!!
Samples » instruments
Sonic Flavours 2 Track Archives REFiLL-DYNAMiCS screenshot
Team DYNAMiCS | Jun 2014 | 378.98 MB
2-Track Archives for Reason 4+ features hundreds of analog orchestral and instrumental performances sampled into great clips and stabs plus 200 rex files as a bonus!

2-Track Archives includes hundreds of samples taken from unique instrumental performances that were once used on albums that the Sonic Flavour's producers made over the past 20 years. Please note, 2-track archives is also included in Sonic Flavour's giant Hip Hop Flavours Refill!
Samples, instruments, MIDI, SF, Akai
SSL Productions Urbanic Praise 2012 Hitz WAV MiDi Reason NN-XT NN-19-KRock screenshot
Team KRock | October 08 2012 | 154.02 MB
'Urbanic Praise 2012 Hitz' is coming on strong with that Urban energy that you are looking for. This product is inspired by Kierra KiKi Sheard. This is an incredible artist that has gone beyond the chasm of tradition and been able to cross over into mainstream Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Urban, Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Gospel and many more styles.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

multi-libraries, instruments
Best Service Choir Colours EMU-TZ7iSO screenshot
Team TZ7iSO | 01.04.2004 | 81.87 MB
From the heart of Czechoslovakia comes the most haunting and inspiring set of vocal sounds ever captured by a sampler. Wait till you hear the awesome vocal power, the range of rich timbres, and the sheer human emotion of this beautifully sampled 70-strong ensemble - working with a library like this is a moving exprerience. Peter Siedlaczek's Classical Choir is an absolute masterpiece which crosses all musical dimensions.
multi-libraries, instruments, loops
Sonic Stop Icebox Downtempo Drums Acid Refill Rex2-CoBaLT screenshot
Team CoBaLT | 06-17-2003 | 522.88 MB
A versatile collection of "downtempo" drum loops. With a distinctly Electronica style, these drums can either accelerate or "chill out" rock, pop, dance, hip-hop and electronica genre's.

Over 185 world-class Electronica drum loops and 60+ one-shots featuring Hats, Kicks, Snares, Percussion and FX for superior loop construction.
Samples » instruments
New Atlantis Audio Krush Reason Refill-SONiTUS screenshot
Team SONiTUS | 10.2012 | 12.97 MB
Tape, tubes, turntables and top-secret “krustification” processes bring you this beefy set of gritty drums for Reason. With over 100 original samples and 140 Kong .drum presets, Krush is a beatmaking toolkit overflowing with authentic oldschool vinyl sampling character.
Samples » instruments
New Atlantis Audio Pressure Reason Refill-SONiTUS screenshot
Team SONiTUS | 10.2012 | 82.55 MB
Add a distinct sense of suspense, pressure and dark atmosphere to your music and scoring projects with this unique set of Combinator instruments for Reason.Powered by a brand new set of hand-crafted 24 bit steam recording soundscapes, Pressure is bursting at the weld seams with a diverse set of dense and intense playable atmospheric rack instruments, with loads of tweakability and hands-on control.Use the 100+ MB of sample footage to create even more steamy new instruments of your own, or drop them directly into the timeline in Record and go nuts.
Samples » instruments
New Atlantis Audio Beast Reason REFiLL screenshot
Reason REFiLL | 18.60 MB
Pure analog bass, with a twist! Beast captures the raw, low-end sonic power from an arsenal of classic analog synths, and turns them on their ear them with the high-tech sophistication of Reason. The result is killer authentic vintage tone, brought to totally new places with the power of the Combinator and your imagination. Beast also doubles as a powerful filter, effects and modulation workstation for any of your Reason devices.
multi-libraries, instruments
Hollywood Loops Dark City 2 Cinematic Loops and Ambiences MULTiFORMAT-MAGNETRiXX screenshot
Team MAGNETRiXX | 09 February 2013 | 3.03 GB
'Dark City 2: Cinematic Loops & Ambiences' is the follow up sequel to Hollywood Loops' hugely successful first Volume in the series'. This library contains an incredible collection of Cinematic drum loops, eerie echo pattern loops, alien soundbeds, dark pads, deep, dark bass phrases, Cinematic guitar phrases, melodic instrument phrases, string phrases and Cinematic percussion loops.

REUPLOADED. alexfduch

Samples » instruments
New Atlantis Audio Healing Hands Reason REFiLL screenshot
REFiLL | 44.92 MB
This addition to the acclaimed Physical Therapy series is packed full of one-of-a-kind exotic percussion sounds to take your Reason 5 tracks to totally new places. Using a variety of acoustic modeling hardware and software, along with an assortment of real live hand percussion instruments and drums, we designed a diverse and sonically rich set of tools to inspire your musical adventures.

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