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Arturia Trance Delight Presets FOR Arturia Analog Lab Arturia CZ V Arturia Pigments UNLOCKED screenshot
11.01.2020 | Presets For Arturia Analog Lab Arturia CZ V And Arturia Pigments UNLOCKED | 3 MB


An essential tool set for Trance producers, putting the iconic bright, airy, saturated synth sounds that gave Trance its sonic signature right at your fingertips.

Trance Delight contains 34 presets from audio gurus Solidtrax, in a great mix of strings, polyphonic keys, bass sounds, cool effects and atmospheres, and even a few percussive elements. Straight from the heart of pioneering 90s Trance, this pack gives you all the biting tone you’d expect from razor-sharp digital synths. If you want to easily recreate those authentic Trance tones or just want to add some bright, powerful, emotive sounds to your tracks, Trance Delight is a must-have. Thanks to the advanced FM, wavetable, and virtual analog engines available in Analog Lab, these sounds truly come alive with easy to perform macros and tweakable parameters.

Contains sounds for:
Analog Lab

1. Install presets pack using provided installers
2. Overwrite developer's presets with provided one's UNLOCKED.

Presets are stored by default here
On Win

On Mac

It works with R2R and VR Collections 7

Thanks for the material to out member Boober

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  Resident 14.05.2017 348
Anyone here knows if it works with R2R V collection 7 or you need the most recent VR synth collection? On site they only say "Compatible with the latest version of Arturia Analog Lab." but i can't find any date release info about this presets pack.
  Member 8.01.2011 6818 1927
UPD: It works with R2R and VR Collections 7
  Member 11.12.2019 156
the Comment has been Removed
  Banned 8.10.2018 2 290
the Comment has been Removed
C'est mon avis et je le partage.
  Member 8.01.2011 6818 1927
the Comment has been Removed
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1647 13515
smokingweed This is off topic to say the least. You've been doing way to often.

From the rules:
Comments are open to discuss the release, ..... not to post requests... You will be freezed from comments for this violation.

We have been flexible about this rule lately, but at least request something related to the post content.

Please when you see this sort of comment just report, there is no need to answer.
All off topic comments cleared.
  Resident 14.05.2017 348
Ok, i tested it, you don't need the latest version by VR, presets works even with R2R V collection 7 version.
  Member 8.01.2011 6818 1927
Great news! Thanks for testing it mate!
  Resident 12.03.2014 623
Let's say this could only be opened in a legit V collection.

What about opening the preset, in cubase, and then save the file as a .fxp.

Now, in theory, that .fxp file could be opened back by a cracked compatible V collection.

I imagine when we save a cubase project, the settings of a vst/vsti are saved as ..fxp... so the different settings can be recalled, next time we open that project...?

When we use a vsti and load an 'encrypted' sound, the moment we export it as a ..fxp, I guess no warning 'hey, you can't save this as a ..fxp because it belonged to an encrypted library's is passed to the save subroutine...

Maybe someone with cubase and legit V collection could try it out?
  Member 30.03.2014 1 55
Thanks for sharing, mate! Cool sounds!
  Member 30.03.2014 1 55
Any chance of seeing more Pigments soundsets released here? I noticed Arturia is running a 50% off sale on their store.
  Member 30.03.2014 1 55
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 22.11.2019 1 8
Great sounds in this one. Really lush like the trance anthems I used to love

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